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Did you know that currently, if I were to sit on my backside all day watching day time television and drinking and smoking my life away, I'd be able to claim more in benefits than most people who are working earn. Is that right? Is that the sort of person you want your taxes to support?

Or would you rather your taxes go towards helping someone support themselves through college so that they can get a decent job at the end of it and pay back what they've claimed?

I am a young person living independently and trying to put myself through full time college whilst support my family at the same time. As it stands, I am not entitled to any money to help pay the bills or pay for household essentials, and what is this going to lead to? It's going to lead to me and my partner dropping out of college and claiming benefits for a lot longer than our 2 year college courses.

This isn't about being greedy. This isn't about trying to claim everything we can. This is about claiming what is necessary to support ourselves through college so that in 2 years time, we can be hard working tax payers like a lot of other people.

The problem is that there are far too many people in similar situations. If a teenager is estranged from the family home, how can they continue in further education without money to feed themselves? Young mothers are encouraged to go back into education but how can they when they have no money to support their family?

There are so many students in who are finding it far too difficult to carry on with college because they are in difficult situations and their financial situation is so poor.

Someone needs to do something about, so please support us because someone as insignificant as me cannot do it on my own.

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