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In response to the recent tragedy at Newtown, Ct. we as parents (and taxpayers) believe there should be a military presence at every school across the country until appropriate security measures are taken.

As secure as the current systems may seem, the holes have been exposed in this latest act of violence. In order to stop an armed gunmen, they have to be met with the same at the front door. Recent census shows that there are approx. 3 million total (active & reserve) U.S. Service Members and approx. 100,000 schools.

This ratio shows that this is possible with 30 members per every school and in all reality, to ensure safety there is only 1-2 needed. Our troops as well as our government are funded through our tax money and it is about time we have a say in where it goes.

We, the undersigned, call for government action in the form of deployment of military personnel to every school across the nation to ensure proper security from violent acts against our children until long term safety measures can be constituted in every school.

It is understood that many schools have taken required security measures to reduce the likelihood of such acts, but many in comparison have not which commonality should be a Federal Requirement for School Districts across the Nation. Not one school or child is any less valuable than the next and wealth in a neighborhood or school district should not be a factor when it comes to security in our schools.

We send our troops to other countries to fight wars for their freedoms meanwhile our children are under attack in our own country with their freedoms of education and parent’s piece of mind being picked apart year after year. Given the current situation, there is no time for lack of partisanship on the issues in the Forefront (gun laws, mental illness, violent video games, etc.) as our children are vulnerable and at risk every passing minute.

It is time for action…and not one that involves a long drawn out process of Politics! This is a Homeland Security issue, diligent action must be taken to ensure the safety of our children in places of education.

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