Hayden @ DeBees Music Bar, Winsford, Cheshire, UK

I'm starting off this petition as a huge and epic request not just from a huge metallica fan but a fan of metal. I run and organise a rock/metal night at DeBees Music Bar in a small town of Winsford, Cheshire, UK and i am opening up this offer to James, Lars, Kirk and Robert to play this venue before taking the stage at the Download Festival, Donington, UK.

You may have heard this from thousands of fans from around the world but at least acknoledge this petition to say yay or nay, i don't have much money but will do ANYTHING to make this happen, so please respone to the e-mail address and will give more info on request.

Thank You.

We, the undersigned, request the band "Metallica" to play a warm up event before Download Festival 2012 at

DeBees Music Bar

requested from Hayden, a huge fan of "Metallica" and metal.

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