#Human Rights
Sharee Vale

Australian Idol is the Australian version of the UK's "Pop Idol." It showcases a large array of 'talent' and then allows the audience to vote for their favourite contestant. The overall winner is then awarded a recording deal with Sony BMG, and expected to release multi-platinum records.

As some of you may note, this petition falls under the category of "Human Rights." Basic human rights. We, as humans, have a right not to be bombarded with fat, emo teenagers who can't sing, and through a detestable manipulation of the voting results, win Australian Idol. And yet, our rights as citizens of this great nation are being violated. I shudder to think what would happen should another similar 'singer' win Australian Idol next year. That is why we must force Sharee into auditioning. Also, I want to be able to say, "Hey! I know the Australian Idol!" and whatnot. And all you people could say, "Hey! I signed a petition to make that Australian Idol girl audition!" Or something similar.

So sign. Sign it...*OR DIE!!!

And give me pie. Seriously...I want some pie.


Force Sharee Vale into auditioning for Australian Idol 2005.

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