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1. Petition Against Racist, Sexist, Ageist Comments by Federal MP Linda Burney

On 8 November 2016, Ms Linda Burney, a Federal Member of the House Representatives in the Australian Parliament made public comments designed to offend, humiliate, insult, intimidate, silence and discriminate against her constituents and many other Australians and their political views based on their age, gender and skin colour.

Ms Burney stated publicly to reporters, "It astounds me that the people that are advocating for the removal of 18C are basically white men of a certain age that have never experienced racial discrimination in their life..."

2. Protect the Marriage Act and the Natural Family

For centuries the institution of marriage is both a symbol and protective legal framework for the natural family. Marriage is the special bond between a man and a woman to the exclusion of others.

Marriage is entered into with intent to hopefully produce and raise children, to support each other in times of need, to bring together families and to ensure the future of our people. Marriage and the natural family are the basic building blocks of civil societies in East and West.

In Australia, as in most other nations, legal marriage requires both partners to comply with a set of biological characteristics and laws: A bond of marriage cannot be formed between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, certain other blood relatives, underage partners, persons otherwise married or partners of the same sex. These partners may love each other and decide to live together, but they cannot form a union in marriage.

If a mutually expressed feeling of love would become the sole qualification for marriage under the law, how can parliamentarians reasonably reject demands to recognise polygamous marriage, marriage with children, or marriage between relatives? After the Italian parliament recognised same-sex unions in June 2016, lobby groups are already demanding equality for polygamous unions to reflect the cultural norms of certain migrant communities.

The possible ramifications are far reaching for children deprived of natural parents: Claims of biological and genetic discrimination, accusations of creating more stolen generations and the consequences for our demographic fabric with severe fiscal implications are most obvious.

De-facto partnerships and civil law arrangements are readily available to homosexual couples. There is no need to unsettle the special bond of marriage and abandon the natural family. Marriage is rightfully defined as the union of a man and woman, formed with the intent to create a natural family and to preserve the right of children, wherever possible, to be raised by their natural mother and father. We hold this to be a self-evident natural right deserving of its special status and ongoing legal protection in our society.

3. Keep Wentworth Prison on Channel 5 in the UK

HD TV was invented for a reason - to give viewers the ultimate viewing experience.

The Australian TV drama Wentworth Prison and its huge fandom deserve this viewing experience so please do not move it to Channel 5 Star that does not offer this.

Please do not deprive fans of the ultimate viewing experience.

4. Australian Steel only for Projects in Australia, Government and Private

My petition is simple: use only Australian Steel for ALL projects in Australia wether it be submarines or buildings.

So wherever steel is used it must be Australian Steel. Government projects and private projects should use oz steel.

It must be Australian Steel.

5. Rerun N "Against The Wind" an Australian Mini series with Jon English starring

Against the Wind was an historical Australian mini series starring Jon English , based on a real couple Jonathan Garrett & Mary Mulvane. Both are also descendants of my family.

With the recent passing of Jon English we would love to see this mini series rerun.

Thank you.

6. Keep My Husband Guy In Australia

I met my now husband Guy in 2010. He had already applied for Australian Residency after completing a $20000 Tafe Course on a student Visa supported by his immediate family, who are all Australian Citizens.

All was well till a glitch in process ruined all our plans for the future. He only received an email letting him know he was an illegal immigrant in 2012. Our world was falling apart, my mother who had been battling cancer since 2010 had to have another operation and my Aunty who was a huge part life was diagnosed with terminal cancer. All the while Guy and I had 3 teenagers (my beautiful children) to try and keep going. Guy was there for me. We were allowed to put in another application and were given options that would could quite possibly been approved but would have involved him having to leave my side. We chose the partner option and have had it refused.

I truly believe it was our age difference that has swayed the decision. Our Appeal goes to the Migration Review Tribunal on the 26th of Oct and I am pleading for SIGNATURES to add to our evidence

7. Help sign WYO for a distribution deal!

We the people, simply want to hear more music with a relatable and positive message.

We are tired of hearing arrogant and negative influences on the radio.

We want to hear 'Go Getta' music, for example:

Please sign 'WYO'!
( Singer/ Rapper/ Songwriter/ Producer/ Model/ Actor/ Sound Engineer )

8. Public Say - Review NSW Fishing Reform

Australia is an island continent with the ability t source seafood through regulated Australian Licensed Fishing and Farming. Our country prides itself on our seafood offering and generates significant tourism on both our seafood industry and historical reefs and lands.

The Department of Primary Industry has proposed a series of documents to the Commercial Fishing Industry titled Commercial Fisheries Reform which outlines new methods of regulating the Fisheries Industry. An industry that is already highly regulated, with significant reduction in the last 10 years.

The impacts that require consideration are not limited to the following:
- significantly reduced Australian Commercial Fishing availability
- significantly reduced Industry job loss
- significantly reduced and limited sources for Australian seafood
- increased farmed fish with reduced species variety and range
- decreased quality seafood that is Australian produce
- the increased level of imported seafood that do not have Australian health and safety standards
- proposed $9m expenditure on building a reef off the South Coast between Jervis Bay and Kiama
- significant impact on our tourism trade generated through Australian seafood produce

This is just the beginning - we need our government to consider all of these issues and more

9. Stop Islam influences in Australian schools

Stop Islamic influences in Australian Schools.

Our children should be able to sing OUR anthem at our schools. They should be able to say Merry Christmas at our schools.

Stop Islamic teachings to our children.

10. Help Change Australian Food Labelling Laws

Current Australian labelling laws don't even allow consumers the opportunity to know the origins of the food they are purchasing and consuming. In fact, in many cases, these laws are less than useless -- they are downright misleading.

Under the current rules you can describe a product as 'Made in Australia' so long as 51% of the value of the product has been 'substantially transformed' in Australia. That includes the packaging, so you could have 'Made in Australia' orange juice with 90% Brazilian concentrate in it. What a joke!

Similarly, Palm Oil -- which is a leading cause of deforestation in South East Asia and the death of Orangutans -- can be labelled as 'Vegetable Oil'. This means consumers have no way of knowing if they are purchasing a sustainable product (as there is sustainable palm oil available).

I believe the current labelling laws are bad news for consumers and even worse for our farmers.

Source -

11. Restore Federal Government Funding to Roebourne Art Group

Until the end of the 2011/12 financial year, Roebourne Art Group - which supports indigenous artists working in the Pilbara - received funding from the Australian Federal Government under what is now called the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) program.

However since the Group resolved to introduce a true partnership model wherein management of the Group is shared between a white Administrator and an Aboriginal Co-ordinator, the Federal Office for the Arts has indicated that this does not fit "the model" created in Canberra, some 5,000 km away.

When RAG refused to revert to the old management structure, in which a white person held sole authority over the workings of an indigenous organisation, the Government ceased its funding support.

With the art market in decline and indigenous art in particular being very difficult to sustain, Federal Government support is more vital today than ever before. Without this funding, the future of Roebourne Art Group is in grave jeopardy and the many benefits it brings to the indigenous communities of the Pilbara may disappear.

For an expert analysis of the many benefits of indigenous art centres, see:

Note: We're collecting state and country data so the Australian government knows how many of its citizens support this cause. Your information will never be shared or sold, and you're not obliged to give us exact address details.


PERMITS to kill thousands of native animals, including black swans, kookaburras and more than 1500 wombats were issued by Victoria's Department of Sustainability and the Environment last year in a move that has outraged animal rights activists.

Authorities also gave the nod for more than 32,000 kangaroos and wallabies to be killed.

In two cases, permits to kill up to 300 parrots were issued to protect golf courses.

Authorities also granted permits for wildlife officers to kill up to 10 Australian fur seals.

Other Australian animals marked for death included eastern rosellas, rainbow lorikeets and sulphur-crested cockatoos

13. Extend Discretionary Leave to Remain for Glendon Llewellyn Lloyd

We came to the UK from Australia for a family holiday in July 2004. I fell in love with UK and decided I wanted to stay (many asked WHY !!)

My loving wife and children Eddie, Ben and Lucy are English, I am Australian (a Commonwealth county)
I made the mistake of not lodging a formal application to stay immediately I fell in love (but then who says I love you straight away!) although I had discussed with the UKBA my desire to stay and how to best go about this - I was born under a British and Colonies passport in Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe). Following lengthy discussions I lodged an acceptable application in July 2006.

3 years of being stateless (unable to work and support my family, paid for and missed 3 family holidays) I was finally granted Discretionary Leave to Remain in July 2009.

I willingly give (and love) the 10-12 hours a week I give to my local community coaching youth rugby and football teams and acting as business manager for a local rugby club. My businesses export on behalf of the UK and pay £10's of £1,000's in VAT.

Learned my lesson and lodged my extension to remain for the next 3 years within specific, stipulated guidelines on the 15th June 2012.

Booked (and paid for) what will be our first holiday in years and am now fighting to get my visa ratified in time to allow me to go with my family.

They are telling me to wait 6 months before even contacting them to discuss it........?

Please help me!




This is a petition to ban all size 0 models and also models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) within Australia from the fashion catwalks and magazines.

We live in the 21st century where we are able to travel to space! It only makes sense that we do not take a 'one-size fits all’ image approach when it comes to our appearance and body image. Out of the worlds 7.017 billion population no two people are identical. Therefore why should we as both men and woman be exposed to an extremely influential fashion industry that tells us as that 'this' (size 0, which is an Australian size 4!) is what we need to look like to achieve 'that look' which is defined as so called 'beauty'.

Why should curvier women feel intimidated by these designers and this industry? We shouldn't! We are all different shapes & sizes, and if you believe that the fashion industry should portray a realistic body image of the Australian woman instead of underweight models that pursue us into believing that the size 0 image is how we need to look to achieve beauty than please sign this petition so that the Australian Government can ban these models and their associated health risks such as anorexia and bullemia.

Anorexia is most prevalent in adolescent girls who idolise these stick thin models that are flaunted to us in almost every magazine and fashion catwalk. Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents. 40-60% of high school girls are on a diet, 50% of girls between the ages of 13 – 15 years old believe they are overweight and 80% of 13 year old girls admit to dieting. Almost 50% of suffers with anorexia also suffer from severe depression. This is a vicious cycle that is not only physically unhealthy, but it is mentally exhausting. This petition is going to be presented to local media, national media and eventually the Australian Parliament and government to demand a policy be put in place that bans these underweight models, and also ensures that as a legal procedure all models need to have a full health check before undertaking any modelling assignment.

If you believe that change is due and wish the help prove that we as Australians embrace the ‘real’ and healthy woman than please sign this petition.

15. Cancel the Circle on Channel Ten

On the 28th of February Yumi Stynes and George Negus made comments about Corporal Ben Robert-Smith calling him brainless and a "dud in the sack" this was so offensive especially since Corporal Robert-Smith doesn't deserve this kind of treatment since he went above and beyond his job description even when having one of the hardest jobs out there being in the Australian Army and fighting for our country.

He well and truly earned our respect and we should give him that. By making sure silly hosts like Yumi Stynes and George Negus being taken off the air. Cancel the Circle. Make a statement, people who fight for our country are not to be made fun of.

16. Change Australia's flag to green and gold

We should change the Australian flag to something green and gold... our national colours.

All our sporting teams wear green and gold... so should our national flag.

17. Bring Home Our Troops

As a result of the news of more casualties in Afghanistan I want Julia Gillard to bring our troops home asap!! I think that our position and our presence there is no longer sustainable and that the ramifications for not only our soldiers, but there families, is totally underestimated, and that it is now a moral issue.

How can Julia Gillard continue our commitment there when the other coalition countries are withdrawing theirs? What is underlying this decision? Who is going to win in this situation? Certainly not the children whose lives will be effected by the PTSD that they will live with, for the rest of their lives.

These soldiers presently in Afghanistan are unwittingly participating in a game of Russian roulette and this is not fair on them, or their families. You are a mother ... put yourself in this position please and imagine for a minute how this must feel ... you are also a daughter ....again put yourself in this position and imagine how it must feel to have your father or mother on a mission in a country where they are, on a daily basis, wondering if they will become the next target!!!

PLEASE PLEASE do what it takes to return our troops home before more are killed in a war that is no longer
our concern and our presence can no longer be justified.

18. Our police officers deserve better pay

For far too long our police officers and their unions/ associations have been battling the Government for better pay.

It's time the community backed the police and demand they get a better wage.

19. Our Government should Support Australian Manufacturers

The Australian Government is awarding contracts for the manufacture of uniforms for Government Agencies such as Defence, Fire, Police and Emergency Services where either the fabric and/or garment is made overseas. In most cases the products purchased overseas are inferior in quality to what can be produced in Australia.


Example links below:

Blue Collar work lost to Chinese Manufacturing

180 Times cheaper if Bruck won

Navy Badges misspell country's name

Police Uniform Bungle

Contracts are often awarded to overseas manufacturers based on price, however the overseas manufacturers do not have to meet the same strict manufacturing standards as enforced on Australian based companies e.g Compliance to EPA and OHS Legislation, Government legislated taxes and entitlements such as Minimum Wage Rates, Payroll tax, Superannuation, Sick Leave, Rural Fire Service Levies, Long Service Leave, Maternity Leave. Compliance with all of these requirements comes at a cost that the Australian Government does not take into account when comparing value for money in their contract decisions.

Dirty Laundry - Greenpeece Article


Buy Australian at home and abroad

Opening of Australian Made Campaigne Office

Note:- Date of Article - October 2008

20. Support Rugby Merger Talks (League & Union)

Rugby league and rugby union are currently battling it out in a downward spiral of falling popularity, relentless tales of off field barbarism and vulgarity, scarcity of financial resources and a shrinking base of on-field talent.

The two codes are also beleaguered by inherent flaws, which detract from them as spectacles in an ever increasingly competitive sporting market.

Ironically, many of these flaws, such as scrums in Rugby League and constant kicking in Rugby Union, are unique to each code. However, attempting to rectify these flaws would require the game’s administrators to make rule changes which would bring the codes closer together.

The separation of Rugby League and Rugby Union represent a 110 year old pay dispute.

The source of this dispute is long gone. Both codes are now fully professional at their elite levels and are paid large sums from the same source in Foxtel.

Of course, it would be difficult to come upon an agreed set of rules for the game, as well as the acceptance by other countries. But change is difficult to accept.

Sometimes it just has to occur.

A combining of the codes would assist the following problems for Rugby League;

* lack of international appeal and meaningful international fixtures
* risk in expansion within Australia
* it’s lack of professional media presentation
* need for a more revitalised and more entertaining style of play

Benefits for Rugby Union in its present form would be;

* domestic club rugby would be re-born using a revamped NRL structure as the base
* large expansion of junior territory and resources
* improved pool of players at international level
* a more revitalised and entertaining style of play

21. No Carbon Tax

Whereas the current government went to an election promising not to impose a carbon tax. And, using the current numbers in Parliament as an excuse to renege on that promise, after several days of obfuscation.

Whereas the government is making all sorts of reasons, with changes in this almost daily to explain the reasoning for the tax.

Whereas the government has resorted to name calling and question-begging epithets to denigrate ordinary Australians opposed to the carbon tax.

The government does not have the mandate to set this tax. It doesn't have the moral ground, as they claim, either.

A tax this big should be referred to the people, after all the Howard government did it for GST.

And, finally quoting dubious authorities to justify a tax that will burden the whole of Australia for very little effect on the environment. Hey, Tim Flannery said that if the whole world stopped emissions, it would take 1000 years to make 1 degree of difference.

The tax is based on a lie and should not proceed.

22. Letter to PM Julia Gillard regarding Carbon Tax

The Australian Prime Minister introduced a Carbon Tax after being elected on the back of a promise to the Australian people that "there will be no Carbon Tax under any Government I lead".

Besides the tax being a horrendous imposition on the Australian electorate, without ANY Scientific evidence of man polluting the atmosphere with Greenhouse Gases and in particular Carbon emissions. The Prime Minister of Australia LIED to the Australian Electorate purely to get herself elected.

We MUST show her this is not acceptable to the people of Australia.

23. 100% Australian made and owned product at the supermarket

Foreign owned and made products have invaded the supermarket shelves taking away Aussie jobs.

24. Defend WikiLeaks – End the Secret Wars

We believe that WikiLeaks (founded by Julian Assange) and those whistleblowers who declassify documents in a time of secret war should be welcomed as defenders of democracy, not demonized as criminals.

We support their First Amendment rights and welcome their continued disobedience in response to a long train of official deception.

25. Alyawarr Intervention Walkoff Support

I write on behalf of the Alyawarr people of Central Australia, as authorised by their kinsman and nominated spokesperson, Richard Downs.

The Alyawarr are leading a gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Alice Springs during 6-9 July 2010 to protest against racism and the Intervention, and discuss ways of approaching these issues. They seek your support.

Three years after the Intervention was hurriedly implemented without consultation on the back of the Little Children Are Sacred report, and without incorporating the vast majority of the report’s recommendations, there is little evidence that the Intervention has achieved or will achieve its stated outcomes. The Alyawarr people are protesting against the Intervention as it has worsened their lives and community, and is clearly a racist policy.

The Alyawarr have walked off their prescribed community of Ampilatawatja and set up a protest camp on country. They are fighting for the Intervention to be rolled back, and for Aboriginal people to be allowed to direct their own lives with dignity and respect. They are resisting being pushed from pillar to post by government actions that, whatever their intention, result in further disadvantage, the indignity of compulsory income management and loss of control of their own community.

The Alyawarr elders are seeking your support for the Alyawarr people and the Intervention Walkoff. You can support them in two ways:

· attending or sending a representative/s to the Alice Springs gathering
· writing a letter of support, or agreeing to be a signatory to either of the ones enclosed

The Alyawarr people appreciate your consideration in this matter. Their action is a grass-roots movement, and your support will be significant. As anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “A small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Find out more:

· Alice Springs gathering, 6-9 July 2010

· Alyawarr Intervention Walkoff

· Contact Richard Downs on 0428 611 169

Take action:

· Attend the Alice Springs gathering 6-9 July 2010

· Express your support:
- Write a letter of support. Please email to tammiedavidson17 [at] by Monday 5 July 2010 if possible.

- OR be a signatory to the below letter of support - please click on the blue 'Sign the Petition' button below.

Again, thank you for your consideration of this request for support from the Alyawarr people. You can make a difference in the fight against Indigenous inequality. I hope that you or your representative/s will attend the gathering in Alice Springs. I look forward to seeing you there and working together toward achieving equality and justice for Indigenous peoples.

Yours sincerely,

Tammie Davidson
on behalf of

Richard Downs
Alyawarr spokesperson for the Intervention Walkoff
Phone: 0428 611 169

26. Save Former Australian Soldier Robert langdon

Robert Langdon, 38, a private security contractor, formerly employed by Four Horsemen International is currently on death row in Pol e Charki prison in Kabul, Afghanistan for killing an Afghan colleague during a heated dispute while on convoy duty on 4 May 2008.

Mr. Langdon shot the Afghan, known only as Karim, 4 times in the head and body. Mr. Langdon is a decorated veteran of the Australian Army who served as a corporal with the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in East Timor in 2000. He served in the Australian Army form 1989 until 2004 when he switched to the Army Reserve and is a holder of the Australian Active Service Medal.

On May 4 2008 Robert Langdon was the foreign team-leader escorting a supply convoy protected by 60 guards. Karim was the Afghan team-leader. It was night when the Taliban attacked and at about 3.00am the convoy reached Maidan Shar, 40 kilometers from Kabul where Karim refused to proceed claiming the road ahead was too dangerous. A heated dispute arose between Karim and Robert Langdon and Mr. Langdon claims that when Karim reached for his pistol, he fired in self-defence. Langdon then tried to cover up the killing by lobbing a hand grenade into the truck containing Karim's body and ordering the convoy's Nepalese and Afghan guards to fire in the air to fake another Taliban attack in which it would appear Karim had been a victim. Langdon then ordered the convoy to carry on to their destination while he returned to Kabul and bought a ticket to Dubai. He was arrested as he tried to board his flight.

Robert Langdon's trial in the Afghan Court of Appeal took less than 2 hours including a 7 minute decision by the three presiding judges to decide he should hang. Robert Langdon did not deny he killed Karim but raised the plea of self-defence. In reaching the decision the court relied heavily on the written statement collected during the pre-trial investigation of Nepalese guard Chandra Singh who claimed that Karim was unarmed. However, Singh was not present at the trial and was unavailable for cross-examination as he had left Afghanistan. Judge Abdul Khalil Modafe made a mockery of questioning Mr. Langdon by answering the questions he put to him, himself, and the proceedings were interrupted when the Judge took a 5 minute phone call in court.

In handing down the death penalty to Robert Langdon, Judge Abdul Khalil Modafe told him that if he could obtain forgiveness from Karim's family by way of payment of ibra or financial compensation then this would be looked at favorably by the Supreme Court.

The latest news as of June 1 2010 is that Mr Langdon's legal representative has stated that an agreement with the victim's family has been reached as to the payment of ibra. The next stage will be to have Mr Langdon's appeal against his conviction heard by the Afghan Supreme Court. Generally, the payment of ibra which signifies the forgiveness of the victim's family is regarded favourably by Islamic courts. However, even if the Afghan Supreme Court in reviewing the case decides to commute the death sentence this is not a get-out -of jail -free card. Robert Langdon would be subjected to serve a term of imprisonment in Afghanistan which depending on its length would likely amount to a death sentence given the appalling conditions of prisons in Afghanistan. Only the Prime Minister of Australia can ensure Mr Langdon's early return to Australia by putting pressure on his Afghan counterpart, President Hamid Karzai.

It should be noted that although Robert Langdon did not deny shooting Karim, he did not have a fair trial or receive an appropriate sentence. His plea of self-defence was not given proper consideration as the Court relied entirely on the written statement made during the pre-trial investigation by a Nepalese guard who was not available for cross-questioning by the defence. The statement claimed Karim was unarmed but given the nature of the security guards presence to protect the convoy and also that the convoy has just been attacked by the Taliban - is this statement believable? The statement by the Nepalese guard amounts only to hearsay evidence and would not be admissible in any properly constituted court of law.

There is no death sentence in Australia and while there is an argument that if an individual commits a crime in a foreign country then they must abide by the consequences Robert Langdon did not have a fair trial. Robert Langdon is being held in a small cramped cell with 22 other prisoners many of whom are Taliban who frequently threaten him. He is in a very poor state mentally and physically having lost 10 lbs in weight due to the scanty and inedible rations. He is dependent on a few friends to bring him food and other necessities. Robert Langdon must not be executed. He must be immediately returned to Australia where if necessary he could serve a term of imprisonment.

Despite Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's stated intention to intervene in the case the New York Times reported that the Afghan Government has told them that they have received no official protests on behalf of Robert Langdon. During his term in office the Prime Minster Kevin Rudd has proved to be long on rhetoric, short on action. The Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has been actively stifling attempts to help Rob or even contact him. I had to enlist the assistance of the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs here to ascertain whether Mr. Langdon was receiving my letters and have met nothing but deliberate attempts to stifle my voice from speaking out on his behalf. DFAT instructed Mr. Langdon's family to "do nothing" and that is what they are doing - nothing; they are too afraid to upset DFAT in case it takes umbrage and refuses to help. As a result of the Australian government's negative attitude as far as I am aware, I am the only person actively lobbying support for Robert Langdon. This is in total contrast to British security contractor Bill Shaw imprisoned on fraud charges in Afghanistan on the back of a gross miscarriage of justice and who has a great many supporters campaigning on his behalf. Robert Langdon's plight is virtually unknown.

This year is an election year in Australia and Kevin Rudd will be going to the polls soon. He has already indicated to his Indonesian counterpart Sushilo Bambang Yudoyono in the case of the Bali Nine ( young drug-mules some of whom are under sentence of death) that he would appreciate it if the Indonesians would not execute any of them during an election year as this would be bad for his public image. I would imagine a similar quiet word has been whispered to Afghan President Hamid Karzai requesting he refrain from drawing any attention to Robert Langdon by holding off his hearing at the Supreme Court and possible hanging. A case of no political embarrassment now please and he's all yours after the election. The best case scenario for Robert Langdon would be the election of a new Liberal government under Tony Abbott; the worst case the re-election of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Labour government. Every vote counts.

Meanwhile few know about Robert Langdon's situation and even fewer have shown support for him so far. What the Australian government needs is a huge wake-up call from the international community expressing suitable outrage and exerting serious pressure on Kevin Rudd to take immediate action to bring Australian citizen Robert Langdon home. If people do not speak out now how easy it will be for the Afghan government to quietly hang Robert Langdon under cover of Kevin Rudd's utter indifference?

Robert Langdon's fate has implications for all private security contractors in Afghanistan - if the Afghan government gets away with this execution a precedent will have been created. Today an Australian - tomorrow who knows who will be next?


27. Support the promotion of a cashless society

A future cashless society will have several benefits for the community. Firstly, it will increase the detection of crime and be a catalyst for its reduction. As a consequence, it will lower violence in the community.

Secondly, it will reduce the black market that is based on cash and promote the integrity of the income tax base. This will give governments the funds to implement social welfare programs, pay off debt, as well as increase spending on all forms of needed infrastructure.

Thirdly, it will promote greater efficiency in the economy by eliminating the costs of managing cash in terms of counting, securing, and transporting it to banks and other commercial establishments.

The privacy of all Australians is currently protected by national privacy laws. National privacy legislation can be strengthened if needed before the introduction of a cashless economy.

There is absolutely no need for any person or business to apply for any form of credit from any institution, in a proposed Australian cashless society, in order to execute day to day transactions. All Australians can currently apply for and obtain Eftpos Cards, Visa Debit Cards, or Mastercard Debit Cards from any bank or credit union.

The technology for cashless transactions for the visually impaired can and will be developed so that they are not left-out of the means to excecute cashless transactions.

The use of the internet and mobile phone to perform cashless transactions are with us already, or in the case of mobile phones, will be further developed in future using currently available technology called radio frequency identification (RFID).

Australia currently has the technology to become a cashless society. With future research, current cashless methods can be refined while new cashless methods of making purchases can be developed.


Reasons are as outlined in the petition.

29. Australians Reject Beef Imports From BSE (Mad Cow) Affected Countries

On 1st March 2010, the Australian Government lifted the ban on Beef imports from countries which are affected by BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease). On 8th March, an Import Risk Assessment Analysis (IRA) was announced in response to public outcry and a lack of supporting scientific consideration.

The IRA could take up to 2 years to complete and will only focus on implications for animal - not human - health.

30. The Australian Defence Medal Eligibility Criteria

In 2006, the Australian Federal Government announced that "1,000,000 Australians would be eligible to receive the Australian Defence Medal for an initial enlistment period, or four years efficient service" - To date less than one quarter of that number has been issued to current and former serving regular and reserve forces personnel.

The reason for this is that the eligibility criteria for this medal has been set too high by the Federal Government. In a recent review of the medal's entitlement criteria, the Australian Honours and Awards Tribunal made no recommendation for the change of service time eligibility.

Going on the Federal Government's own information, there are still several hundred thousand former serving defence personnel who will never receive any form of official recognition from the Government and people of Australia, whom they served, due to their inability to meet the current eligibility requirements.

Let the Australian Defence Medal be issued to those personnel who have completed their basic and employment training, and served for a minimum of TWO YEARS in the Australian Defence Forces.

This should be satisfactory and recognisable service for those who signed on to take the same risks, follow the same orders, serve under the same military justice system, and endure the same unique demands of military service as those who have served for the current minimum of four years service to be awarded the Australian Defence Medal.

The Anniversary of National Service Medal recognises former National Service men and women for their commitment. Some commitments, due to Government policy at the time, were as short as three months in duration, yet former National Service personnel qualify for both the Anniversary of National Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal.

It's time to re-examine this issue, and make good the commitment made by the former and current Federal Governments, and reduce the eligibility service time criteria of the Australian Defence Medal to TWO years efficient service.

Please sign this petition to show your support.