#Civil Rights
Government of the Republic of Ireland

The purpose of this petition is to re-dress the suffering that the people of Donegal have suffered since the government of the UK took the very wise step of partitioning the island of Ireland to ensure that the right of self-determination of the people of what is now called Northern Ireland was respected.

Unfortunately, when Northern Ireland was created, Donegal was not included in the part of Ireland that wished to stay in the UK. The problem since then has been that although Donegal is a large part of the geographical north of Ireland, it is not part of Northern Ireland. This causes great confusion as the people of Donegal are excluded from the commonly used term 'northerners' despite many of them living in the most northerly parts of the island. 'Northerners' is commonly used to describe the people of Northern Ireland.

This petition demands that this suffering should be put to an end, by making Donegal part of Northern ireland. The government of the Republic of Ireland should take immediate steps to hand over Donegal to the government of the UK, so that all the people in the geographical north of Ireland will become 'northerners' - ie citizens of Northern Ireland.

Note that this petition only calls for action re the county of Donegal. The people of Northern Ireland do not want county Monaghan because it is full of troublemakers.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of the Republic of Ireland to free the people of Donegal from their suffering by immediately taking action to hand Donegal over to the government of the UK, so that Donegal will become part of Northern Ireland, thus enabling the people of Donegal to become true 'northerners'.

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