Kevin Rudd, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trading

The learning of the Indonesian langauge and culture is of great importance to us in Australia. They are our neighbours, we can't ignore this issue.

The Australian Education Departments from all states do not allow travel for secondary school students to Indonesia due to a travel warning from DFAT. Private schools go. This is a another disadvantage for our state school students.

Travel possibilities for secondary students is the biggest motivator to learn a language. The study of Indonesian is being further marginalised to the detriment of students and their teachers.

We believe:

• Indonesian language learning in our state schools is suffering dramatically through reduced motivation in both students and teachers due to the perceived limitations of the DFAT travel advice.

• Government school students are disadvantaged further because private schools can do as they please and have not stopped visiting Indonesia.

• It’s the ultimate motivation for secondary students to be able to visit and experience the land and society of their target language.

What we request:

• We want, at minimum, policy change that allows government secondary students to visit areas of Indonesia which have an official body willing to cooperate in managing and maintaining an exchange program.

• Action taken to employ resources into re-establishing official links at the secondary school level between Victorian and Indonesian schools.

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