Citizens in Lafayette, CA
United States of America

Lafayette has seen an alarming increase in the number of "home parties" or "lock down" parties. These parties are one of the ways minors gain access to alcohol.

Many of these parties can be particularly problematic because of the large number of drinkers involved and the large quantities of alcohol consumed.

Reports of alcohol poisoning and traffic accidents involving minors who have attended these home parties have become a regular occurence in the Lamorinda area.

The proposed Ordinance does not change any criminal laiblity laws for the possession and/or furnishing of alcoholic beverages to underage persons. Rather, a Private Party Ordinance gives the police an administrative remedy i.e. a fine rather than requiring prosecution through the criminal justice system which is expensive and time consuming for the local police department.

This type of Ordinance is a further tool to be used by law enforcement to reduce the number of private parties in our community where alcohol is consumed by minors.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Lafayette to immediately enact a City Ordinance which would prohibit the hosting of private parties or gatherings where alcohol is consumed by minors.

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