Local Magistrates and Police
United Kingdom

The Highway public house in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire is at risk of losing its license to trade because of a recent police drugs raid.

The raid resulted in only 2 arrests, both of which were for possession of illegal substances and were later released by the police.

The size of the raid and resulting action was disproportionate to both the size and character of this family oriented pub. The pub licensees, Ian and Sue Bradford have never condoned the use or dealing of drugs of any kind on their premises and would immediately bar anyone caught doing so.

The Highway is a responsibly run, friendly, non violent venue, which accommodates family clientèle with their children, including the licensee's own.

Action resulting in closure of the pub would be tragic, as it is a pillar of the local community and would ruin their continuing work for the Royal British Legion charity.

We, the undersigned, declare that we are regular customers of The Highway public house and that it should not be closed down as a result of recent circumstances.

Drug abuse is a continuing problem that blights our nation and closure of this local public house will not help in the struggle against it.

We declare that the licensees, Ian and Sue Bradford, have always done their utmost to rid the premises of undesirable behaviour and people, and will continue to do so with the full support of the community, should they be given the opportunity.

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