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1. Warburton Highway needs a safe crossing.

Warburton Highway between Seville and Woori Yallock is a 90 km/h stretch of road with no safe crossings between the two towns apart from a single cattle bridge.
At the entrance of Old Warburton Highway (Seville East) there are bus stops, used every day by dozens of school children and other locals, with no crossing within a half hour walk.
People have no choice but to cross the dangerous highway, which has inevitably resulted in a 21-year-old woman with special needs being hit by a truck in May 2016.
Although making an almost full recovery, her injuries at the time were life threatening.
Warburton Highway falls under the jurisdiction of VICROADS rather than the Yarra Valley council, and they have listed a safe crossing as a low priority, however, a clearer sign has been placed in the area, informing motorists of crossing pedestrians.
Although a lower speed limit may improve the situation, it does not solve it. Perhaps an island crossing would be the safest and most cost efficient method if traffic lights are too inconvenient.

2. Save National Highways of Manipur

The conditions of National Highway 39 (now National Highway 2) connecting Manipur and Nagaland; and National Highway 53 ( now National Highway 37 ) connecting Manipur and Assam are getting worse day by day. These two National Highways have been damaged beyond normal service due to the lack of maintenance by the Manipur and central governments.

These two highways are the only lifeline of the 2,855,794 people of Manipur. These two highways are also the only ways to reach Manipur in the hilly regions of north eastern India from the remaining part of the country. More than 2 millions of lives suffer to access the basic needs whenever these highways are blocked. Help us to revive these two lifelines of the Manipuris. Give us a new lease of life and connect us to you.

3. Remove the Danger: Highway Intersection at USF and Tampa Veterans' Hospital Campuses

Operation Traffic Signal (OTS)

The most dangerous intersection at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital (JAHVAH) and the University of South Florida (USF) Campuses and the Luxury Apartments is at Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Richard Silver Way. There are no traffic signals at this intersection.

Richard Silver Way is the main entrance/exit to the Tampa Veterans' Hospital and across the highway is the entrance/exit to the USF Shimberg Health Sciences Library staff/visitor parking lot.

And next door to the Veterans' Hospital is a brand new luxury apartment, primarily catering to USF students. The luxury apartment reportedly has at least 540 parking spaces.

Again, there are no traffic signals at this intersection in which 50,608 vehicles enter this intersection on an average week day. That is, about 75,000 persons pass through this intersection on an average week day. Highway and road improvements are greatly needed at this dangerous intersection.

USF students living in those luxury apartments are now crossing that dangerous intersection multiple times a day by walking, running and skateboarding.

Why are there no traffic signals? Urgently needed are smart traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks, turning lanes and modern street lights.

If you are a patient, family member of a patient or an employee at JAHVAH or a student, parent of a student or a professor/employee at USF, you are urged to sign this GoPetition anonymously or by name and ask your elected representatives to do the same. And if you just drive through this intersection on a daily basis, please sign the GoPetition. You may also comment on the GoPetition. Also, please post this GoPetition on your Facebook page.

Thank you.

4. Exempt Residents of Murree from Toll Tax on Islamabad-Murree Express Way

NHA is getting toll tax from local residents of Murree on Islamabad-Murree Express Way, which is a great injustice.

This practice should be stopped immediately.

5. Improve road maintenance in the Quesnel area

As is blatantly obvious to anyone driving Highway 97, the current road maintenance provider (HMC) is not up to the task. It is no coincidence that the roads suddenly become much worse at the borders of their maintenance contract.

Their poor handling of these roads are causing accidents, which in turn increase the risk of injury and death.

As far as I can tell, the current contract is up for bidding in 2019. Ideally, that contract should be killing in 2015, but barring that happening, HMC should be prevented from bidding on the contract when it expires, due entirely to their poor performance.

In the event that THAT is not possible, then the road conditions requirements need to be re-evaluated and the current road maintenance provider judged by them. It's highly unlikely they would meet any reasonable criteria.

6. Shortlist Hwy 60 Upgrades

Every day, over 28,000 heavy trucks and other vehicles (Alberta Transportation Traffic Count, 2013) use Highway 60 through the Acheson Industrial Area alone.

Serious concerns range from substantial delay times at intersections to hazardous safety conditions. This is no exception for emergency vehicles either.

Alberta Transportation has a plan for upgrades to Highway 60 including grade-separation for the CN Railway crossing, and increasing from a two to a four lane highway. The Government of Alberta however does not have this project on the 3 year shortlist or even the 10 year plan.

The number of businesses and heavy traffic is increasing every day and the need for proper infrastructure is greater than ever.

We need your support to get this accomplished!

7. Highway of Heroes for Edmonton

Many province have a section of highway named to honor our Soldiers and Veterans.

We would like Edmonton to be included in this honor and show our support not only to the Soldiers and Veterans but their families as well.

8. Tolak EDL

The controversial Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) highway is schedule to open in the coming months. The total length of the EDL is 8.1km and it starts from Pandan Interchange and ends at the Bandar Sultan Ibrahim Building (JB CIQ).

With the opening of this new expressway, the road users in Johor Bahru and surrounding areas are expected to pay a total of RM30.60 for a return trip to and out of Singapore, a far cry from the current RM2.90 and SGD1.20.

The calculation is as follow:-

Toll Charges per way RM7.65 (RM6.20 + RM1.45)@2 = RM15.30.

As the collection booths are located inside the CIQ building, this means all vehicles going out to Singapore through the JB CIQ (Causeway), will be subjected to this new toll.

Last Friday, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore has further announce that if the Malaysian government were to increase the toll charges for the causeway, the Government of Singapore will follow suit and impose a new rate on par with the new Malaysia’s toll rate.

Effectively, users of the causeway would be subjected to the new toll rate of RM30.60 per return trip and increase of 400% from the current toll rate!

Needless to say this will have a significant impact on all Johoreans that commute daily to Singapore and also the economy of Johor Bahru which relies heavily on the Singaporean that patronizes and conduct businesses here in Johor Bahru.

The cost of construction is around RM1 billion and the Government of Malaysia has granted a 34 years concession to MRCB Bhd.


Between 1995 and 2009 more than 400 lives have been taken on the pacific highway. Estimated 10 000 injured during its existence.

The main thing that will lower deaths is a dual carriageway.

10. Campaign To Name The A470 Cymru 'Prif Ffordd Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr

Mae’r A470 yn ffordd gefnol sy’n rhedeg o Gaerdydd yn De Cymru i Landudno yn y Gogledd. Bu I Lysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr lansio ymgyrch yn y flwyddyn 2000 i enwi’r ffordd yn ‘Brif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr fel coffâd teilwng i’n harwr cenedlaethol mwyaf ar achlysur 6oomlwyddiant cychwyniad ei Rhyfel Mawr am Annibyniaeth 1400 - 1421. Bu i’r Cynulliad Cymreig anwybyddu’r apêl yn y flwyddyn 2000 ond nawr, gan fod yna alw o gyfeiriad arall i ran o’r ffordd gael ei alw yn “Y Royal Welsh Way” fel cydnabyddiaeth o’r Catrawd Brenhinol sy’n talu llw o deyrngarwch i Frenhiniaeth a Threfn Loegr sy’n parhau i feddiannu Cymru, mae Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr wedi penderfynu ail gychwyn yr ymgyrch a lansiwyd gennym yn y flwyddyn 2000.

The A470 is a spine road that runs from Cardiff in South Wales to Llandudno in the North. Embassy Glyndŵr launched a campaign in the year 2000 to name it 'Prif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr' in memory of the greatest of our national heroes Prince Owain Glyndŵr and his copatriots who fought a great War of Independence from the year 1400 - 1421. The National Assembly of Wales ignored our request then and now, in the light of a campaign being launched to name a part of the road 'The Royal Welsh Way in recognition of the Royal Welsh Regiment who swears allegiance to the English royalty and the English State who still occupies Cymru, Embassy Glyndŵr has decided to re-launch the campaign initiated in the year 2000.

11. Compensate the Visser family for invasion by government highway

The Visser family purchased their property 41 years ago because it was located out of town in a quiet place. Now, due to a new highway being built on three sides of their home, they no longer have the peace they once had, nor the value of their home. On two sides of the home there are giant ramps and a traffic circle and on the third side there is a giant overpass surrounding the home.

No attempt has been made by the government or any highway officials to compensate or purchase any of the Visser family property.

The government that we help fund has ruined our property and it's value and then tells us “We are perfectly within our rights”. Is it right to devalue a person’s home and property to nothing, let alone to make living there unbearable and dangerous? If we could sell and move we would have already, however we have been advised by our real-estate agent that our home is essentially unsellable. We have never felt so betrayed by our own government.

When we asked the government employee we spoke with how they would like to live where we live (surrounded on three sides of our home by highway), they replied” Mrs. Visser, I wouldn’t live there.”

When the government first mentioned twinning the highway, they assured us that if the noise became a problem, that they would put up a privacy sound wall to protect us. That never happened. Now, they say that they don’t have the funds for that. We have been told that such a privacy wall could cost over a million dollars to construct. Honestly though, which option makes more sense to the tax payers; 1) Buy our property and stop ruining our home life, or 2) spend approximately $1,000,000 to build a wall. It doesn’t seem like that difficult of a decision to make.

We have been very understanding about the necessary construction going on and have tried to be quiet and respectful about the situation we have been unfairly thrown into. However, it has now become unbearable, and simply unfair that we have been left with no options. Surely someone can understand and address this injustice.

Please sign our petition if you support our situation and our request for fairness. Thank you very much.

Links to Newspaper articles about the family's situation:

12. The Heroes Highway Petition

I have been contacted by many people asking me to support the Re-Naming of the Repatriation Route from RAF Lynham to John Radcliff Hospital in Oxfordshire.

I've been asked to carry a petition of names in my pack whilst I run this route and then onto Number 10 Downing Street at the end of July 2011.

Please support by joining this petition.

13. Fund a Mckenzie Overpass-Victoria BC

Removing a critical chokepoint on the Colwood Crawl is both efficient transportation policy and provides substantial relief to long-suffering commuters.

First, the McKenzie overpass is long overdue. It should have been built years ago as part of the Island Highway upgrade project but fell victim to cost overruns. Thus, the overpass would provide quick economic stimulus as the plans are already on the books.

Secondly, the high volume of traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway corridor affects a large number of people.

The plight of car commuters are well-known. However, there are significant number of bus commuters and car poolers. In addition, truckers transport goods and services throughout the Island.

The bottleneck at the traffic lights where McKenzie Avenue and Admirals Road meet the highway is a reminder to the province that the Pacific Gateway extends beyond the Lower Mainland.

Third, the narrow highway corridor on the Colwood Crawl acts as a barrier to modest economic growth. Potential residents in the Westshore and north of the Malahat have to weigh a frustrating commute when making decisions to purchase a home.

14. We Need A Fence On Our Highways To Protect Our People From Hitting Large Animals Like Mooses



Shediac RCMP (District 4 South East) are investigating a fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred Saturday on Highway 11 in Shediac Bridge.

RCMP said a passenger vehicle travelling in the southbound lane collided with a moose around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The driver, a 29-year-old man from Dieppe died at the scene of the crash. His wife, a 26-year-old woman from Dieppe was rushed to hospital in critical condition. She later died in hospital on October 3, 2010. The only survivor from the crash was their 2 year-old son who sustained minor injuries.

An RCMP re-constructionist was called to investigation the crash. The investigation is ongoing.

The names of the victims were not available last night.!/group.php?gid=159544877408840

15. Don't Encrypt The OPP System

There have been many times when the O.P.P has called for tow trucks to assist in situations where there is danger to the public due to a traffic hazard, whether it be broken down vehicle or an accident.

During those times, the Tow Truck Drivers are depended upon to remove any vehicles off the road to a safe location so the safety of the public is the first to be taken into consideration.

To get the drivers that drink and drive off the road before any casualties are caused, these individuals (Tow Truck Drivers) dedicate themselves to help the police find the impaired drivers and make our highways safe for the rest of the public.

16. Liskeard - How many more must die on our roads? Review A38 - B3252

How many people have to die on these 2 junctions at Liskeard before they close the central reservation gaps? The A38 - B3252 (Looe turning) and the A38 - Menheniot turning. They COULD at the B3252 make ALL traffic coming out of the B3252 turn left and go up to Liskeard round-about and turn round.

This would stop traffic being forced to stop in the middle of the A38 because of traffic on the A38 wanting to turn right onto the B3252. As we all know, a local young man lost his life on the A38 - B3252 junction only last week. Let this be the last.

This site is in memory of Richard James Neale and all the other casualties of these junctions. Always in our minds. Never to be forgotten.

17. Repair Hwy 37 Between Calhoun & Fort Depost

The Highway between Calhoun and Fort Deposit is in a state of disrepair and has been this way for too long. The main highway is about to collapse and is about to overtake the detour. Our children rides the buses over this highway two time everyday to get to and from school. We are afraid that someone will be hurt or killed if something is not done to fix it as soon as possible.

Putting gravel on it at this point will not help, it would be like putting a bandaid on a broken arm. This piece of this hughway needs to be repaired and we will not accept anything less.

18. Amend an appeal process for all Ontario Highway Traffic Act infractions

Did you know that the Police in Ontario, Canada have the power to impound your vehicle and suspend your license without any form of appeal process? This in turn will raise your insurance rates, cause you to pay fees to reinstate your license, cause you to pay fees to recover your vehicle from the impound lot (and don't forget the towing of your vehicle there!) and possibly cause you credit and employment problems in the future. Yes, it's true!

All of this because there is no court date, no appeal and no due process for many offences under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario! It's your word against the Police. You have NO rights! This quote is taken directly from the Highway Traffic Act:

"No appeal or hearing

(9) There is no appeal from, or right to be heard before, the suspension of a driver’s licence..."

How is this possible? Where do we live? Read the Act for yourself, you may just be surprised in what you find out. Many acts have been amended and changed in the last year that revoke many of your rights as a citizen of Canada (or Ontario?).

Please sign our petition! Show solidarity that we won't stand for these amendments in a free country where we're supposed to have rights!

19. Pave Hwy 340 Manitoba between Wawanesa and CFB Shilo

The unpaved section of Hwy 340 in the Province of Manitoba (Canada), between Wawanesa and CFB Shilo, is treacherous, unstable, and dangerous. It needs to be paved to improve safety. There are several accidents each year on this small 8 km stretch due to road conditions on this particular section.

In addition, the traffic count far exceeds the required amount of 400 per day to have it paved. This highway is used as a commuter road (for both civilians and soldiers), as well as for transport vehicles, and military training road for off-base driving, and as a main access route for emergency and essential services.

The gravel and dirt not only create visibility issues, but also cause thousands of dollars in damages to vehicles each year.

The gravel is unstable and makes it difficult to maintain vehicle control. In the winter, the stability is far worse due to not only being unable to plow gravel roads effectively, but also as the integrity of the road warps due to extreme weather changes. Were it paved this would not be an issue.

On either side of this unpaved section, the highway is paved and is considered relatively safe. It makes no sense to have a small unpaved and unsafe section.

20. Request for a traffic light at the intersection of highway 33 and Braums

There have been numerous amounts of traffic accidents at highway 33 and Braums/Loves intersections. This takes place in Guthrie, OK.

21. Enforce a minimum speed on all 400 series highways

Different regions throughout the world post minimum and maximum speed limits on their major highways.

Please bring about the same restrictions on all 400 series highways for everyone's safety.

22. Permanent Speed Reducing Measures on New Hirams HIghway

The fatal bus crash that killed 18 on Thursday 1st May, has once again brought into question the safety of New Hirams Highway road design.

Over the years many Sai Kung residents have been victim to or have witnessed accidents to varying degrees on this notioriously dangerous road. It has already been suggested that temporary speed checks are not am adequte fight against speeding drivers.

We aim to challenge the local council until they put in place PERMANENT measures.

23. Keep The Highway Public House in Hoddesdon open

The Highway public house in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire is at risk of losing its license to trade because of a recent police drugs raid.

The raid resulted in only 2 arrests, both of which were for possession of illegal substances and were later released by the police.

The size of the raid and resulting action was disproportionate to both the size and character of this family oriented pub. The pub licensees, Ian and Sue Bradford have never condoned the use or dealing of drugs of any kind on their premises and would immediately bar anyone caught doing so.

The Highway is a responsibly run, friendly, non violent venue, which accommodates family clientèle with their children, including the licensee's own.

Action resulting in closure of the pub would be tragic, as it is a pillar of the local community and would ruin their continuing work for the Royal British Legion charity.

24. Prevent further measures to stop through traffic passing through Hawkinge Village Centre

There are elements of the Canterbury Road Project, that include plans to (despite the existing bypass) actively discourage through traffic coming into the main Village Centre.

The local shops and Businesses have already suffered due to the bypass - through traffic means passing trade - and it is very likely if the junction priority change at Aerodrome Road, the traffic light priority changes and any other measures to reduce traffic volume and encourage everyone to use the bypass, that at least some of the Businesses may suffer, or indeed close down.

Then there will be no Village Centre to speak of.

Width restrictions, or weight restrictions would be a simple measure to discourage the HGV's. Traffic calming measures would be welcomed.

25. SOS from residents of Saket Complex, Thane

August 10, 2007

The Chief Justice,
Mumbai High Court,


Respected Sir,

On behalf of 4000 residents residing in Saket CHS Ltd. and Saket Towers, I am filing this letter to you with an urgent plea to kindly intervene and give us relief for the various reasons mentioned under alongwith facts :

1. Vide its order dated July 26,2006, the Mumbai High Court through its respectable Judges, Justice RM Lodha and Justice Naresh H Patil, restricted the movement of Heavy vehicles in the city of Thane, from Majiwade junction to Meenatai Thackeray Chowk to K Villa up to Kalwa Bridge and onwards towards Vitava and Belapur.

2. Delivering the judgement the Hon. Judges stated that (quote) : Pt. no. 2 : The AGP informs us that a meeting of the Collector, Thane, Commissioner, Thane, Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner(Traffic), Thane and City Engineer, Thane Municipal Corporation took place on July 24, 2006.

3. Pt. no. 3 of the said judgement further states that (quote) : The AGP placed before us a change route map,marked X for identification purposes. As per the said route map, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 now passes through the road marked by arrows from Navi Mumbai to Old Agra Rd. According to the decision taken in the said meeting, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 does not pass through Meenatai Thackeray Chowk ( Castle Mill). We are thus satisfied that the grievance of the petitioner raised through the PIL has been redressed and no further orders need to be passed in the writ petition.(unquote).

4. After this order, the Thane Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police diverted the entire traffic of Heavy Vehicles on SAKET MARG.

5. The area through which the traffic is now passing consists of a cluster of 24 buildings( 7 storied) and 3 Towers ( 19 storied) – all residential premises. There is a School and Junior College in the area which works in 2 shifts. In fact, there are less residential buildings in the so-called city area from Meenatai
Thackeray Chowk to Kalwa Bridge, as the road passes through a big lake on one side, a playground on the other side and a Jail premises later.

6. We would like to stress here that the Hon. High Court does not possess, nor is it expected to possess the specialized knowledge about the effects of the movement of Heavy Traffic from different areas of the City.

7. Looking at the trends seen for the last few years in the High Court regarding PILs, it is noticed that the judiciary is now taking over the role of Bureaucracy without having to take the responsibility and in the course, instead of hauling up the concerned officers responsible for the mess, the Courts are indulging in trying to sort out the mess itself.

8. In the current case, we would like to inform you that there are 4000 people residing in the Saket vicinity who are bearing the brunt of the irresponsible decision to divert Highway traffic through a stretch of a road meant for residential premises and constructed to withstand only LIGHT VEHICULAR movement.

9. This diversion has created daily nuisance to these thousands of people including school going children, pregnant women, senior citizens and office-goers.


11. A survey conducted by the Thane Municipal Corporation, after diverting this traffic on Saket Marg produced a shocking picture. It was found that in 24 hours more than 14,000 vehicles ply to and fro on this stretch of 4 kms – movement which has destroyed the road and left behind huge craters, rubble, pollution and NOISE POLLUTION.

12. Yes, during night time the noise levels due to constant brakeing and honking by these vehicles reaches decibel levels exceeding 130. The Supreme Court / High Courts have been pro-active in barring usage of Loud Speakers or Crackers after 10 pm. So, our plea is ban movement of Heavy Vehicles near Residential premises after 10 pm!

13. Here, we would like you to consider the following :
• Whether all parties present in the July 24 meeting have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act?
• If they have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, whether the diversion of Highway led traffic through an internal residential road can be construed of PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND DOES NOT AMOUNT TO VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT AS GUARANTEED UNDER ARTICLE 21 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA?

• Whether such disowning of responsibility which leads to residents resorting to remedies of Raasta Roko or Bandhs are in the best interest of society?

On this background, we have no alternative but to invoke extraordinary jurisdiction of this Hon. High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India for the protection of the rights of people as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and seeking redress of our grievance to implement the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act so as to maintain and uphold the interest of Public Safety and not allow it redundant at any cost and in any circumstances.
Hence this petition!!


Dayanand Nene
A7/303, Saket CHSL,
Thane 400 601.
# 3290 4315/ 93239 60475.

26. Angle Parking for 61st and 34a ave (cal-de-sac)

Over the last 30 years we have all been parking angled in the vicinity of our coinciding homes, we have never had a dilemma with parking over the years. Our neighbourhood (cal-de-sac) has encountered an issue, the city of edmonton and a plaintiff have enoforced that we must abide by the law that of Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) all subsections. Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) states that:

PARALLEL PARKING (1) When parking a vehicle on a roadway, a person may only park a vehicle

(a) with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the right wheels of the vehicle not more than 500 millimetres from the right curb or edge of the roadway,

(b) in the case of a one-way highway where parking on either side is permitted, with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway,
(ii) the wheels that are the closest to a curb or edge of the roadway not more than 500 millimetres from that curb or edge, and
(iii) the vehicle facing in the direction of travel authorized for the highway.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a person may park a motor cycle

(a) at an angle, other than perpendicular, to the curb or edge of the roadway, and

(b) with

(i) a wheel of the motor cycle not more than 500 millimetres from the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the motor cycle angled in the direction of travel authorized for the traffic lane that is adjacent to the lane on which the motor cycle is parked.

(3) Subsection (1) does not apply where angle parking is permitted or required.

27. Reduce Highway Fatalities and Serious Injuries in West Memphis, Arkansas

Years ago the Arkansas's East and West bound access roads in West Memphis were two way roads that had "Do Not Enter" signs at the end of "Off" ramps.

I have been told that when the access roads were changed to one way roads, the "Do Not Enter" signs were removed. It was the State of Arkansas's belief that the signs were no longer needed because the traffic flow was not going in the opposite direction.

However, this approach left no room for error, creating unacceptable fatalities along with countless accidents. Drivers not familiar with this traffic flow, which appears to be different than in other jurisdictions, are put in harms way.

Recently: Due to construction, the State of Arkansas changed another on/off ramp without posting permanent signs. The on/off ramp (which you would take a left) from Airport Road in West Memphis, Arkansas leading to I40 has been changed to a two lane "off" ramp. Without directional signs, you now have to take a right onto the access road and then take a left onto I40. (Signage has been corrected for this exit)

28. New traffic light for road extending to 212 freeway

June 19, 2006

There are 3 cities meeting within 2 miles on one road. County Road 17. They are Excelsior, Shorewood and Chanhassen.

This road will be extending for several miles to become a connecting road to a new Highway 212. The Speed limits on this road are simply illogical. Toward the south side of the road where the road has a median and turning lanes it is 45 miles per hour. To the North side it rapidly changes from 50 mph down to 45 mph down to 30 mph entering another highway called Highway 7.

Where Excelsior is there are many homes that are close together and has driveways to what was for many years a low traffic road. Now that this highway is coming in the travelers are driving on it like it is a highway even though it is at Lake Lucy Road and Carver Beach Road only two lanes with poor visual sightways for people seeing it from the cross streets.

They are easily in a blind spot unless they drive over a crosswalk area for walkers and bicyclists to also use so they end up partially into the intersection in order to see easily cars on the main road. I avoided a 5 car collision by about about one foot of out car. Experience with this intersection I am afraid to even cross it when the coast is clear as some car might come bounding down it at 70 miles per hour.

There are several residential streets and driveways in that area like in Excelsior though fewer. The County upgraded a Police Officer to a more expensive car to give tickets. But I see the need is greater for putting a traffic light at either Lake Lucy Road or Carver Beach Road to allow for safe entrance and exit out of the road for drivers including many who have children they need to take back and forth to school.

29. Planing and Zoning Board Case # 1605

The undersigned are against the developement of Planing Board Case #1606 request to rezone from A-1 Agriculture district to RR-1 Rural residence district.

Location 7802 North State Highway H, Springfield, Missouri.

30. Petition for Itchy of Shock Therapy

Petition against the Parole Board Michigan and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility Michigan.

Friends and fans of Gregory-John Mc Cormick (Itchy), his band Shock Therapy, fans of Wave, Gothik, Metal, EBM, Punk, Industrial, and music fans in general, I would like to draw your attention to a dreadful situation.

Itchy, head of the band Shock Therapy (best well-known album/single "hate" is (just) a four letter word), is locked up in a Michigan prison for the past 4 years. For the past 20 years Itchy lived most of the time in Europe. At the beginning of year 2000 he was visiting his native America.

After he visited Keith Jackson in Phönix (guitar player and one of the founder of Shock Therapy), he went to Michigan, to visit his father, an old granny, which is like a mother to him, and his brother. Some days, after arriving in Michigan Itchy came back to his father´s house and found the old granny raped and robbed by a drug dealer in here house. The drugdealer beat her hard and broke her arm, before he robbed her. Itchy called the police, because he knew the perpetrator, and he could make help them locate this person who lived in the neighbourhood. But the police were totally disinterested in this case and did nothing. Itchy was pissed off and despaired. Itchy´s relationship with this old Lady was always very familiar and she cared much about him, especially since his natural mother died from cancer 9 years ago. That old Lady looked at Itchys house, when he was on tour, and she cared about his dog and much more. Often people from the neighbourhood broke into Itchys house and stole away his music-equipment. Itchy called to the house of the drug dealer when he was drunk intending to talk to him but the drug dealer was not at home. As a small warning Itchy burned down a tiny pile of trash at the back of the drug dealer's garage-shed. The police arrested him for this.

What would you do, or how would you react in his situation? Just imagine, someone did the same to your father or to your mother. By the way…no life was harmed in this tiny fire because he knew that the drug dealer was not at home ( or at least he did not shows up at the door, after Itchy rang the bell!). Anyway, the drug dealer died 2 weeks later from an overdose.

Since that day Itchy is imprisoned under very bad circumstances . For a comparable crime one would get half a year, or maximum one year, in a German prison. More likely than that one would just receive probation. The Parole Board, which decides once in a year about the prisoner releases and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility, want to keep Itchy in as long as possible. The Parole Board told Itchy´s father lately, they plan to keep him in for the next years.

Itchy shits and pukes blood now every morning for the past year. His guts and his stomach hurt, he has strange blisters all over his skin, one of his eyes is blood red for weeks. He has constant Migraine headaches, nightmares every night, and strong depressions. He suffer from rheumatic fever since one year, and this poisoned his blood. Itchy and I have written to each other for 3 ½ years, often 3-4 big letters a month. I´m his closest friend and he calls me his real "brother". Thus I know all about him and his condition. Itchy is really very ill and he may not remain alive more than another six month. He often writes to me about his thoughts of suicide if his situation will not change for the better.

Itchy is well-known as a hard boiled Elektropunk-musician, but this is just one of his images, he plays for his fans. I know Itchy as the best friend anyone can have, very broad minded, success oriented, and someone who gives his best for a friend and who is always willing to help. Now he remains imprisoned for this crime, for which he has repented several times over for far too long.

I would like to state some other reasons why he should be free a long time ago:

1. Itchy has lived his life mainly in Europe, and after his release from prison he plans to leave the USA forever and he would never return there.

2. As I have already written Itchy has been jailed for too long for this crime. This is also what the lawyer Mr Gary Margosian from Michigan told us. Even this good lawyer could not do anything against the judgements of the Parole Board.

3. Each prisoner held longer than necessary in prison costs lots of money for each hard working American taxpayer. Since Itchy plans to leave the USA forever this is a negligent waste of tax money.

Instead of this the Parole Board could sanction Itchy´s release + immediate expulsion, also through the decision of Jennifer Granholm, Governeur in Michigan. All this is an unjust, senseless and overstated sadistic behaviour on the part of the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility which, in my opinion, is not behaving accordingly with the American sense of fairness.

Itchy has about 100 new song ideas, 3 books are in progress, I sell his paintings to earn money for a lawyer and to pay for his dinner in prison. Since the prison serves old and rotten food to the prisoners I must supply Itchy with necessary requirements. Itchy became as ill as he is now, from the grief, his depression and from his meals in prison. Actually he should be free for the reason he is unsuitable to be detained because of his bad shape, but the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility probably want kill him. Each consultation at the prison doctor costs Itchy 5 dollars and he can´t trust the doctor in prison anyway. Some prisoners have already died after a normal routine check up and they use the ill prisoners as subjects for unregistered medicine. Itchy can´t expect protection from these doctors since he cannot trust them.

The signatures collected will go to a very good Attorney in Michigan, to the mechanism I mentioned (Governeur Jennifer Granholm, Parole Board and Parr Highway Correctional Facility), and to most well-known magazines in Europe and America, to appeal to the sanity of the decision makers.

I've informed Amnesty International London and America, and ACLU Michigan about Itchy´s case and they won´t help us. They told us, they have not enough time for our case, and we shall hire a lawyer, but we have no money to do that. Not one Cent!

Itchy is the best friend one can have and his long suffered incarceration is inhuman and inappropriate. Please support his release from prison.

Captain Ralf Dellhofen
25. September 2004

Itchy´s address in prison is:

Gregory-John Mc Cormick 34 70 89
Parr Highway Correctional Facility
27 27 E. Beecher St. / P.O. Box 18 88
Adrian, Michigan 49221
U. S. A.