Mayor of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
United States of America

The new chief of police in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has ordered that all law enforcement officers remove the United States flag from their uniforms.

We, the undersigned, ask the mayor of Pine Bluff to rescind the aforementioned order. The flag is a symbol of freedom: freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is a symbol of the personal rights that each person living in this country has even, and especially, when they have committed a crime.

Ordering these men and women to remove this emblem is contemptible to say the least. This emblem is a symbol and a testimony to all of those who died to make this country great. If any of us go to another country, we learn their ways, customs, and language. They do not remove their flags/symbols to please us. If only one person makes people give up what they believe in, are they any better than Hitler? Castro?

Please sign this petition and bring the flag back to our law enforcement team. Don't let this spread.

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