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1. Stop enforcing drivers to use uniforms!

Ubermoto Vietnam is using false reason to enforce Ubermoto Driver wearing Uniform.

Uber is a sharing flatfrom service which is well-known in the world. And Driver from everywhere don't have to wear uniform while driving. But in Vietnam, Ubermoto driver (moto-service) are enforcing in wearing uniform for "security" reason. Mean while, UberCar driver don't have to wear uniform, so why only Ubermoto Driver?

Besides, Ubermoto's uniform costs 400.000 VND each person. Drivers have to agree with the policy from the start, and the money is non-refundable even the driver stop working for Uber.

Uber is enforcing Ubermoto Driver to wear uniform for marketing reason but they said "customers want it". Driver have to wear uniform or they will face "account suspension" for "cheating"

Please support us, and let the world know that in Vietnam, Ubermoto Driver have been using as a Marketing tool for free.

2. No Uniforms for Osceola

I believe that we, the students of Osceola County , should not have a dress code. I've heard many excuses of why we should have uniform such as "kids are being bullied because they can not afford name brand clothes that others have." or "certain clothes are distracting." I feel that making us buy a colored polo is not really changing the issue of so called "bullying" because either way it goes , not everyone's budget is the same and the only thing different is the colored polo's. I also do not understand how my clothes could be distracting to another student. High Schools grades aren't the best because, i feel, teachers are too focused on every student being in the right attire and less worried about the child"s grade. There are many students who get into trouble because of uniform and have to deal with the consequences of in school suspension. This is taking away a students learning time because of ripped jeans or the wrong shirt. Osceola is the only county in central with a dress code and if other county's function without a uniform I believe that we can also.


3. Restore the American Flag to the Civil Air Patrol Uniform

In reference to The National Uniform Committee of the US Civil Air Patrol HQ's decision to remove the USA Flag emblem from field uniforms, we determine that the duty of CAP is to foster patriotism to the United States of America among its cadets and civilians. Honoring our flag is consistent with the patriotism the cadets express in their service to their country. Furthermore, the cadets are proud to display the flag on their uniform and find do not find it inconvenient. CAP is comprised of those who willingly volunteer their time and effort to help their communities and nation, Thus, displaying the flag is considered an honor that should supersede any concern for strict USAF compliance and hypothetical points of contention.

4. No New Uniforms for senior level students at St. Thomas Aquinas SS Students

In the 2011/2012 school year, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School (STA), will require that all students wear the new school uniform. The 2010/2011 school year required that all new grade 9 students purchase the new uniform and it was optional for all other grades.

It is unfair to require that the senior level students spend hundreds of dollars on new school uniforms when the more logical solution would be to do a slow transition requiring all new grade 9 students to purchase them.

This requirement would be most unfair for all students entering into their final high school year in the next term.

5. Female students attending King’s Baptist Grammar School should be allowed to wear trousers as part of their Winter uniform

There is not an option for female students attending King's Baptist Grammar School to wear trousers as part of their Winter uniform, which is rather sexist.

6. Keep the Flag on our Law Enforcement Officers

The new chief of police in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has ordered that all law enforcement officers remove the United States flag from their uniforms.

7. Oppose Uniform Dress Code for Public Schools

We are a public school yet we want a uniform, and we don't want it for upper classmen, we want it for PreK - 6th grade, Now that does not make sense.

Why didn't the parents and the people of Burlington City get to vote on it just like any thing else. Its our kids and i vote no to the Uniform dress code and if you are against it as well sign my petition.

8. Support Pants on Formal Days

Each Tuesday, and on school outings, all students of Carver Christian High School are asked to wear the formal uniform. This includes a white school shirt, the burgundy created sweater, black dress shoes and socks, for men black dress pants, and for females the school kilt.

The separation between the male and female uniform is both unnecessary and unjust. The purpose of a formal day and school uniform is to, "Assist in creating a positive learning environment that is free of distractions and disruptions and to encourage students to represent the school in a positive light while fostering a sense of community." This goal is not being met if female students are being forced to dress differently on formal days.

Many female students are being forced to feel uncomfortable, and feel as if they are being exploited. This is not fair, as no school should make important members of the student body feel like they are not welcome.

All female students of Carver Christian High School should have the option to wear Halpern's black dress pants on formal days.

9. No to Aberfoyle Park High School's Uniform Change

Basically for anyone who disagrees with the inappropriate new aberfoyle park high school uniform change..... Unfortunately it effects everyone there at the moment except year 12's.

10. Girlguiding UK needs a cohesive uniform

Firstly we have been experiencing many problems with the quality and the lack of consistency in sizing of uniform particularly considering the price of the uniform this is the source of comments and complaints from parents and is something we are largely powerless to remedy.

Under current trading standard rules an item must be fit for purpose, something we are keenly aware of and I do not feel it is unreasonable to expect a uniform to last a girl her whole time in any given section.

Anecdotal evidence from parents suggests they are more amenable to the current prices if the uniform was of better quality, this would also mean second hand uniform would still be wearable which is in keeping with the current messages to reuse things where possible and would be a viable option to members who find the financial impact of starting Guiding particularly difficult.

It is important to us as members of Girlguiding UK that it is clear that all sections of Guiding are part of the same movement. There are a numbers of ways we feel it would be beneficial to combat this problem. Introducing uniform navy trousers, sashes and neckerchiefs for all sections would help, by having the same trousers throughout all sections it would also help spread the expense of uniform. With particular reference to sashes we would like them to be thinner material to enable younger members to sew on their own badges, fastening using poppers or velcro and with something to help younger members keep their sashes from falling off their shoulders.

Another way to unite the different sections would be to have the same designs available for each section but using the sections personalised colour and accent colour.

A smaller selection of options would also allow girls to look more uniform. Currently all Guidance says girls must be allowed to choose from the full range of section wear, for guides this if 4 tops and three 2nd layers. This could easily be limited to a jumper, one long, one short sleeved top and a smart blouse for Guides and Senior Section. This would make us more recognisable to the public, how can we have a good public image if we can't be recognised?

11. Abolish LLS Uniforms - UK

Our school uniform is truly rubbish. It is a bottle green jumper (that we have to wear in winter whether we want to or not), a yellow and green tie (ew), black trousers or skirt, white shirt, and plain black shoes.

They are so strict on shoes that shoe shopping is even more of a nightmare for me, because I have very narrow feet, a half size, plus I don't wear real leather, so with all these extra unnecessary rules, it's an impossible task!

For some reason, the administration seems to think if we look "smart", we'll work better. This isn't true. If we're clever, we're clever. If we're not, we're not.

Another common excuse is that we won't get bullied for not having the latest trends. No one in my tutor group are that shallow. Actually we get bullied more for doing well at school. So are they saying we should all flunk so we don't get picked on? Or should we just ignore the bullies and carry on, in both cases? Duh.

And how are we supposed to make political statements with such a harsh dress code? If we can't just dress all in black and write "Greenpeace Rules 4Eva" on our T-Shirts, we'll be driven to do more drastic things, like shooting out windows with a BB gun. Not that I would ever do this, being ethically opposed to guns, but hey, it was an example. I'm sure other people have and will be driven to do things like this simply from having no other way to express themselves.

Please sign to show LLS how we feel about their oppressive dress code! Thanks!

12. Employee Dress Code at Peppers Beef and Seafood

Peppers Beef and Seafood has a very comfortable atmosphere. Our customers come here for the great food, friendly service and over-all enjoyment.

By asking many of our regular customers how they feel about the uniform change, some have no opinion.

However, most have stated that having such a professional look for the employees will bring the comfortable atmosphere that most come here for.

13. Dress Code for Tolland Public Schools

This petition is to suggest a change in the current dress code policy for Tolland Public Schools. Specifically items g, h, and i of Policy 5100. Read this policy in it's entirety at:
The current dress code only speaks of what is not allowed, and is difficult to enforce.

There has been a lot of supportive talk about having a defined dress code in Tolland, this petition is to let the Tolland Board of Education know exactly how much support there is one way or the other.

Please only sign the petition if you reside in Tolland, Connecticut, and have a child currently enrolled in Tolland Public Schools. Please also feel free to sign if you are a teacher in Tolland, and live in Tolland. (Even if you do not have children currently enrolled in the schools).

Please only sign the petition once.

14. My school wants us all to wear school uniforms...

My school wants to force its students to wear the same boring uniform. At the
moment the school is quite liberal about what we wear but as of September 2007
the dress code will change.

We will be forced to where dull uniforms consisting of a black suit, white shirt and black trousers. This will bring a stop to our self-expression. No one wants the new uniforms in our schools and none of the teachers will listen to us..... Please help!

15. School uniforms should not be dress for schools

Im sure everybody is excited to go to a new school..But when you here"OH and it is a lovely uniform"Your thinking EWWW I want to wear my own clothes not a uniform.

I think there should be absolutely NO uniforms because individuality,Just think.. How you dress is a reflection of your personality. And Im sure you wouldnt want to be stuck wearing the same thing over and over again.

16. Petition against mandatory school uniforms in UK state run schools

Campaign Against Mandatory School Uniform (C.A.M.S.U.)
Website coming soon
A campaign by gen:Now

It has been a long upheld belief of the UK Government and school authorities that wearing school uniform boosts morale, prevents bullying, improves the learning environment and provokes pride.

Not one of these claims has any discerning scientific evidence to promote them, and the sad fact is that mandatory school uniform is a practice of totalitarianism embraced blindly by school authorities in the United Kingdom.

Even the faintest notion that forcing students to adorn uniform, especially as restricting and inconvenient as it is in the majority of cases, promotes morale and respect for a school is the most preposterous thought that could cross any persons mind. Obviously, forcing anybody to do something they don’t wish to will breed strong disrespect for the body inflicting that thing upon them. This is only amplified by the fact that that thing is so painfully and blatantly non essential and efficiency would be monumentally increased if that thing was nullified.

School uniform in fact neither provokes pride nor boosts morale, but instead breeds hatred for the authority the student is being dictated by. States of mind spawn like “I was born on this Earth and already have been made to go to school by others essentially equal to me, and am even made to wear a ridiculous uniform – why should I do either? I have a right to lead my own life,” and “If this world is dictated by such old fashioned and ignorant dictators, how am I helping by doing what they say?” spread like wildfire and problems like truancy and vandalism occur as a direct result.

School is an institution designed to teach young people, after all, and although discipline is an essential element in producing generations that are productive during their life, there is a fine line between discipline and denial of human rights. The idea that young people should have their time taken from them, in the form of a detention, if their parents do not purchase a uniform is absurd.

Here is what a parent can expect to pay for a uniform for an average secondary school student. These prices are from School Uniform Direct (, a popular school wear distributor.

- Blazer : £59.99
- Sweatshirt £6.99
- Trousers : £8.99
- Shirts : £2.99
- Socks : £3.00
- Tie : £4.00 (Ricara)
- Shoes : £45.00 (Russell and Bromley)

That adds up to £130.96 per student, usually per year because this clothing just doesn’t last. That means in one students school life, about £1440.56 and above can be spent just on uniform. Guess why? Because a school just isn’t the right environment to be wearing such ridiculous garments of clothing.

Now we come to the most outlandish statement of all; school uniform improves the learning environment. I actually laughed when I was told this was one of the reasons school uniform was compulsory in the UK. How old fashioned! How short sited! How completely disregarding what schools are all about; young people and their education! The UK’s schools bear a disconcerting likeness to Hitler’s Germany; the stern belief that any smidgen of individuality should be smashed.

It has been scientifically proven that young people learn best in an environment they find comfortable; something school uniform most certainly isn’t. It doesn’t keep you warm in the winter, and in the summer you roast; this makes concentrating extremely hard.

In addition to this, the government actually believes that wearing a school uniform will prevent bullying because students from lower income families and social classes cannot afford fashionable clothing. This is nonsense. I have several t-shirts, shirts, fleeces, jackets, jeans and a perfectly good pair of shoes for out of school, and all together none of them cost as much as £130.96 – and each of the garments I wear at home have a lifespan of several years! They are also perfectly fashionable!

17. Resolve New Houseman Uniform Conflict

The new mandatory uniform for the Housekeeping- Houseman, has been a "thorn in the side" of each of the following mentioned houseman from the day it was implemented.

We have recieved random insults from fellow employees and some laughs from department managers, and feel completely uncomfortable wearing this uniform.

The insults, snickering, and the feeling of inequality to other employees (due to the new uniform), has risen to the point where many houseman are becoming stressed and embarrassed while working on the job.

In addition, the design of the t-shirt resembles that of the female housekeepers and doesn't represent the Housekeeping department in a flattering or respectiful mannar. We were not given a fair choice for this new uniform and feel it would be unjust to leave this issue unresolved.

18. Presdales school coat should not be mandatory

Presdales school have made it mandatory to wear the hideous and impractical school coat.

We now have regular coat checks and letters are sent home if you cannot produce a regulation school coat.

At a ridiculous £51.00 for the smallest size you can understand why people are reluctant to buy them !

They also expect you to wear them out side of school, another ridiculous assumption.

19. Abolish School Uniforms at Greenville Schools

July 24, 2006

Kids,parents, and teachers alike do not want school uniforms.

Let me begin by saying that I am not fundamentally against uniforms. I am against uniforms being mandated in free public schools.

Private schools are not part of this petition, as they are private and can make their own rules. Therefore, you do not have to attend a private school if you do not agree with their policies, where as you do have to attend a public school.

This policy is not only a direct violation of First Amendment rights to free expression, it violates a parent's right to decide, individually, what is best for their child and their family.

The decision of some parents to send their children to school in uniform is not the problem. The fact that there decision is being imposed on there child without there permission is the problem. Children are being punished and shunned because of minor violations of these uniform policies. In most cases, the selling point of a uniform policy was to avoid this problem, yet it is now being taught and practiced by the educators themselves.

The education of the children has eroded terribly in this country. Yet time and effort is being wasted on whether or not a child's clothing is the right color, or whether or not they are wearing the correct fashion accessory. We need to stop allowing ours, and our parent's rights to freedom to be so easily taken away.

The children themselves will feel like just a number to the teachers with no individuality. A child's clothing is an expression of his/her personality. Nobody wants to go to a school that infringes on their rights and the parents' pocket books with total disregard for the parent and child's feelings in this matter.

I'm absolutely sick and tired of people ridiculously claiming that school uniforms somehow uphold respect and discipline when there is not one shred of evidence that this is the case and plenty to support that it isn't.

Secondly, the equally preposterous statement that they apparently reduce bullying is INSANE. Nowadays, perfectly decent fashionable clothes can be bought at a fraction of the cost to that of a standard blazer. Therefore it's nonsense to suggest that poorer children will get picked on for there supposed "rags" that they apparently wear to school.

I understand that there are bullies out there that will pick on anyone about anything, whether you are wearing walmart brand jeans or a more expensive brand of jeans. Kids have to learn how to deal with these situations, it's just another step in life. And if these bullies cant pick on you about clothing there is always where your family went for spring break, and what kind of car your mom drives. They will always be able to find something, uniforms don't solve that issue even the slightest bit.

In short, I'm taking up this campaign because of the false example and "standards" that are meant to set by wearing uniforms, but mainly because of its complete irrelevance to our society. The idea that teenagers and those even younger should dress and act as mini adults is laughably absurd! So come on, please support this campaign.

Please sign this petition it will be a great help in getting rid of uniforms.

20. Petition against 3 strike policy and uniforms policy

Hi, at my school (Koonung S.C) they have made a new rule about uniforms and detentions. If u are caught 3 time out of uniform (like having your shirt out) you get an after school, 45 min detention. Also they may suspend you if you are a major offender.

Also I wish the school to change the uniform so that the students can express them self freely, my school dose not allow any make up, jewellery, some hair styles and, a limited of 2 piercing. I wish to change this so we can express ourselves (our own bodies) freely.

21. Ban Uniforms at all Hope-Academies

Hope Academies are charter schools that force children to were uniforms. I, as an 8th grader is speaking for all hope academy children that we should have the choice to were uniform. Clothes do not make a person as most adults say, therefore we should show our uniqueness.

22. Change the Meden School Uniform

This is a petition for all the people that want the Meden School uniform to be changed for the summer.

23. Abolish Compulsary School Uniform

We (the majoraty of students at the school) think that there should be a removal or a change to the compulsary uniform rule, therefor we have started this (and other) petition(s) to show support for this.

The reason for this is for freedom of individualaty which we feel has been taken away from us and we would like a change.

24. Reinstate bulk mailing to OPMALE!

Reinstate bulk mailing to OPMALE.

We do understand your position on bulk mailings, but find it hard to understand how opmale comes under any of those said rules. The people receiving e-mail from opmale have asked to be added to the mailings. So those mailings are not unsolicted random mailings, which we believe your rules were intended to cover. We do not believe AOL intends to halt support for our men and women in uniform, but if this is the case I'm sure many people will consider changing to another provider.

25. Reinstate the Nurse's Cap

The graduating class of 2003 of the School of Nursing- S.I. would like to add to our school catalog the Cap as part of the official graduation uniform to be owrkn for graduation cermonies only.

26. Abolish Mandated Uniform Policies in Public School

Let me begin by saying that we are not fundamentally against uniforms. We are against uniforms being mandated in public free schools. Private schools are not part of this petition, as they are private and can make their own rules. You do not have to attend a private school if you do not agree with their policies, you do have to attend a public school. This policy is not only a direct violation of First Amendment rights to free expression, it violates a parent's right to decide, individually, what is best for their child and their family. The decision of some parents to send their children to school in uniform is not the problem. The fact that their decision is being imposed on our child without our permission is the problem. Children are being punished and shunned because of minor violations of these uniform policies. In most cases, the selling point of a uniform policy was to avoid this problem, yet it is now being taught and practiced by the educators themselves. The education of our children has eroded terribly in this country. Yet time and effort is being wasted on whether or not a child's clothing is the right color, or whether or not they are wearing the correct fashion accessory. We need to stop allowing ours, and our childrens' rights to freedom to be so easily taken away.

27. Abolish school uniforms in public schools

We the parents Of the Lowell School System would like to abolish the uniform policy due to the fact they are not economically possible.