The Community of Fort Worth
United States of America

The Fort Worth Stockyards is home to many traditions that make it a trademark for Texas pride and historical enthusiasm. It has stood the test of time, survived many disasters both natural and man-made.

For over twenty years one tradition has stood unopposed until today, the legendary Cowtown Shootout featuring three individuals, a law man, and two criminals, both armed with the iconic weapons of the western age; the revolver. During an extensive and immersive dialogue that attracts both regulars and newcomers alike, the two sides simulate an almost-real experience that explodes into a shootout that ends in the demise of two outlaws.

People, in light of recent and tragic events, have proposed we cancel this tradition in the name of ''sensitivity'', and as a resident of the great state of Texas, I am aware that I sign this petition in order to preserve this tradition and keep the historical district of the Stockyards protected as it should be.

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