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The Psychology Department at UCSD has come to the decision of declining Dr. Robert Epstein his position teaching infamously beloved classes, not for any budget reasons, but because the Department has expressed a manner of discomfort at the amount of press coverage and popularity of his courses.

The UCSD Psychology Homepage boasts, "The Department of Psychology at UCSD consistently ranks among the top experimental psychology programs in the country. From its founding in 1965 by George Mandler, the department now names among its faculty many of the world's leading experts in cognition, learning, memory, perception, attention, language, autism, emotion, and social relationships." To anyone that knows even the slightest bit about Dr. Epstein, whether they've noted how he effortlessly pulls off wearing a Beatles Abbey Road shirt underneath a casual suit or they've known about his 14 books or numerous television appearances, it's evident that they're talking about him when they post such a statement. Losing such a valuable asset would be devastating for not only the school, but it's students as well.

Just a few of the accomplishments of Dr. Epstein include; editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, contributing editor for Scientific American Mind, columnist ("The Skeptical Psychologist") for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, founder and Director Emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts, host of a number of psychology-related radio programs(particularly Psyched!®), author, father of four, and longtime psychology researcher and professor.

Dr. Robert Epstein has brought life to learning and creativity into classrooms. His impressive accomplishments and flawless feedback from students only solidifies the reasons why UCSD needs Dr. Epstein. The University would gain no benefit from denying him his position here at UCSD.

"During my tenure as Department Chair,
our staff in charge of undergraduate
affairs were virtually inundated with
students coming to them raving about
Epstein's class, and asking that he be
hired to teach future classes."
Ben A. Williams, Professor of Psychology,
University of California San Diego

We, the undersigned, call on the University of California San Diego to retract their decision of declining Dr. Robert Epstein his position under the Psychology Department so that he may continue teaching his students.

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