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1. Let the Chagos Islanders return home

In the early 1960′s, the US government, concerned about Soviet expansion in the Indian Ocean, asked the British government to find an uninhabited island where the US could build a naval base. Returning the favour, the US would be willing to give $14 million in research and development fees for Britain’s Polaris missile program.

The first island located was Aldabra, near Madagascar. Aldabra fitted the bill in terms of it’s location and vitally it was uninhabited. However, the island was a breeding ground for a rare species of tortoise and their mating habits may have been affected by a military base. Looking for an alternative, the US decided on Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago. This had the benefit of leaving tortoise mating undisturbed but the island was home to 1,800 Chagossians, or Ilois, who had inhabited the islands for over 200 years.

The Chagossians were employed, grew their own food and fished and had built their own stores and a church. However, the courtesy for tortoises evidently didn’t apply to human beings. The government soon began a campaign to deal with the “population problem” to “maintain the pretense there [are] no permanent inhabitants.” This appalling attitude persisted and rather than seeing Diego Garcia as the society it was, it was regarded as a nuisance, summed up by the British diplomat Dennis Greenhill who said: “unfortunately along with the birds go some few Tarzans or Man Fridays whose origins are obscure and who are hopefully being wished on to Mauritius.”

They were “wished on to Mauritius”, as well as the Seychelles and the UK. This began in 1968 when residents who left Diego Garcia merely to visit Mauritius were refused return to the island. They were stranded in Mauritius, without any assistance in resettling or any compensation. To this day, the Chagossians in Mauritius still live in poverty. Soon after, the Americans began to arrive and the rest of the indigenous population were forced to leave. Only allowed to take clothes, their homes and possessions had to be abandoned and their pets were killed amidst threats that if they did not leave, they would otherwise be “bombed” and wouldn’t “be fed any longer.” All this was with the full knowledge and approval of Harold Wilson, Roy Jenkins and Denis Healey.

The inhumane treatment was compounded by the compensation later given to the Mauritius government. The £1.4 million only covered the debts incurred from resettlement and when it was dealt out to 595 Chagossian families, it was years later and significantly reduced by inflation. Another £6 million was paid in compensation but when the Chagossians claimed for it, they were required to endorse a renunciation form, written in English though they speak Creole, that forfeited their right to return home. This wasn’t even translated for them.

Injustice after injustice, finally in 2000 it was ruled that the forced removal was illegal and the right to return to the outer Chagos Islands was returned. This slight progress was then reneged when Jack Straw issued two Orders in Council in 2004 and the right to return was take away again. Even as soon as April this year, the Foreign Office proposed plans for a Marine Protected Area in the Chagos Archipelago that erects a barrier to any return to the islands. The outright dismissal of their rights continues.

That’s the story. Tragic, inhumane and unlawful. We desperately have to make amends and the best place to begin is by changing our policy on Chagos and campaigning for their right to return. To achieve this, we need your support.

2. Keep Dr. Robert Epstein teaching Psychology at UCSD

The Psychology Department at UCSD has come to the decision of declining Dr. Robert Epstein his position teaching infamously beloved classes, not for any budget reasons, but because the Department has expressed a manner of discomfort at the amount of press coverage and popularity of his courses.

The UCSD Psychology Homepage boasts, "The Department of Psychology at UCSD consistently ranks among the top experimental psychology programs in the country. From its founding in 1965 by George Mandler, the department now names among its faculty many of the world's leading experts in cognition, learning, memory, perception, attention, language, autism, emotion, and social relationships." To anyone that knows even the slightest bit about Dr. Epstein, whether they've noted how he effortlessly pulls off wearing a Beatles Abbey Road shirt underneath a casual suit or they've known about his 14 books or numerous television appearances, it's evident that they're talking about him when they post such a statement. Losing such a valuable asset would be devastating for not only the school, but it's students as well.

Just a few of the accomplishments of Dr. Epstein include; editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, contributing editor for Scientific American Mind, columnist ("The Skeptical Psychologist") for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, founder and Director Emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts, host of a number of psychology-related radio programs(particularly Psyched!®), author, father of four, and longtime psychology researcher and professor.

Dr. Robert Epstein has brought life to learning and creativity into classrooms. His impressive accomplishments and flawless feedback from students only solidifies the reasons why UCSD needs Dr. Epstein. The University would gain no benefit from denying him his position here at UCSD.

"During my tenure as Department Chair,
our staff in charge of undergraduate
affairs were virtually inundated with
students coming to them raving about
Epstein's class, and asking that he be
hired to teach future classes."
Ben A. Williams, Professor of Psychology,
University of California San Diego

3. Bring Back Booker!!

In May 2008 Chris Booker, Angi Taylor, and Blaire Galaton were wrongly fired from the top rated morning show on WIOQ Philadelphia ( "Q-102").

During his stint at Q, Chris Booker brought new energy and charisma to morning radio in Philadelphia and became a much loved personality in the city. During this time Booker was elected one of the city's top bachelor's, hosting many gatherings, and opened up and shared his thoughts and opinions about things most DJ's would steer clear from.

The press said that this termination occurred because Clear Channel wanted more music played in the morning, but there is not more music being played - there is a radio show being funnelled out of NY, by a guy who lives in NY. The Billboard we had with Booker on it now shows a guy from New York.

We want someone who lives in Philadelphia - and not just anyone. Booker was local and funny and intriguing and energetic. We want Booker back on our morning show along with Angi, Blaire, and Diego.

4. Jonas Brothers In San Diego

So the Jonas Brothers are on there burning up tour and they are not coming down here to San Diego. Usually groupps come down here on there tours but not this time.

We really want to brothes to come down here again cause san diego really does love them.

5. Get the Jonas Brothers to San Diego

The Jonas Brothers - what teenage girl or parent doesn't know they exist? The Jonas Brothers, made up of Nicholas, Joseph, and Paul (Kevin) are the wonders of the world. Girls scream while they play their hits including, S.O.S. and When You Look Me In The Eyes.

The Jonas Brothers made a stop in San Diego in 2007. The venue was almost sold out - in one day. So why not get them back to San Diego? I'm sure hundreds and maybe THOUSANDS of fans would drive if they didn't live in the valley.

6. Retiro de Diego Maldonado de Mapfre

Lleva muchos años de tortura y ya es tiempo.

Es casi un Anibal Acevedo Vila pero en Mapfre administrando

7. Theatre 525: STAGE COMBAT

We, the undersigned registered students of San Diego State University (SDSU), hereby petition the Theatre, Film and Television Department of SDSU, to submit to the students request to have Theatre 525 also known as Stage Combat offered in the next school year 2005-2006.

Stage Combat is a highly popular class for all classmen in the major Theatre Arts. Theatre 525 has been utilized by students in their forever attempt to improve on their skills as actors and professionals in the Theatre industry at SDSU and after graduation.

This personal enrichment is a great addition to ones confidence, health and mind.

8. People Against A Big Middle School For Scripps Ranch

Are you aware that the property for the proposed Scripps Ranch middle school site is significantly smaller - half the size of Wangenheim - even though the number os students is greater than Wangenheim?