Dr. Gary Wihl, Dean of Humanities, Rice University
United States of America

March 20, 2006

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December 24, 2004

As many of you may have read in the Thresher, the Dean of Humanities has decided not to retain Drs. Fernando Casas and Jill Carroll as the lecturers of HUMA 101 and HUMA 102. Dr. Casas had such an impact on my education at Rice that I felt I should do something about it.

I know that Dr. Casas and Dr. Carroll have made an impact on so many students at Rice and I feel that it would be a huge loss ot the university if they left.

This is a petition to Dean Wihl to rehire Drs. Casas and Carroll as lecturers of the HUMA 101 and HUMA 102 classes. If Dr. Casas or Dr. Carroll has made an impact on your education, please take a moment and sign it.

If you have time, write a personal letter to Dean Wihl and tell him about your experience with Dr. Casas or Dr.Carroll. His email is gwihl@rice.edu. If you do, CC President Leebron (president@rice.edu), Dr. Eugene Levy
(provost@rice.edu), and Dr. John Hutchinson (vpsa@rice.edu)

We, the undersigned, have had Dr.
Fernando Casas or Dr. Jill Carroll for
Humanities 101 or 102. We feel that
Drs. Casas and Carroll have had a
positive impact on our education at
Rice. We believe that their dismissal
would be detrimental to the quality of
education at Rice University.

Therefore, we request that Drs. Casas
and Carroll be retained or rehired as
lecturers in the Department of

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