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1. Don't Buy! Adopt! Save!

Hello. We are Jenny, Keith and Rhythm. We are doing an English project to where we would like to raise awareness about stray animals because there is an large amount of them in Okinawa, Japan. We go to the school OCSI (Okinawa Christian School International) and are 13 years old. Signing the petition will say that you agree that less animals should be euthanized and more should be turned into shelters.

2. DO NOT have an EU refurendum Re-vote

Our country voted to leave the EU. 48% voted to stay and 52% voted to leave therefore we should not have a revote as in my opinion the country has spoken and we SHOULD now leave the EU.

To allow a second vote would go against the point of the vote in the first place.

3. RKA Highschool Dances

Recently we've had more events during the school year. These events help boost the happiness of students that attend RKA.

A lack of events can really hurt the health of the school. I was told to fight for what I think is right. This is definitely right.

4. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

5. Do Not Cancel the TV Show "The Game"

The Game is an American comedy-drama television series that was created by Mara Brock Akil and produced by Kelsey Grammer. Premiering on October 1, 2006, the series debuted as the only new comedy series chosen for The CW's prime-time schedule. The show is a spin-off of the long-running sitcom, Girlfriends.

Although it has been not made official there have been rumors concerning whether or not this show will remain apart of the CW's line-up come Fall 2009.

6. Miley isn't a slut

If u support Miley sign this! She is not a slut.

7. Junior School Uniforms Should be Abolished

Do you think that children in junior schools SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY WEAR? To show their personality and to show that you can be any one as long as you believe in who you are?

8. Help Stop Horse Slaughter

Each Year Hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered in United States and are transported to Canada for inhumane consumption.
Wild horses, ponies, race horses, pleasure horses, sick, old, even healthy are all unwanted or no longer needed will be slaughtered because owners demands change.
Sold through auctions horses will then be sold from the killer buyers by the pound.
The fatter and bigger the horse it's chances are at higher risk to go for meat.
The horses are then packed in double decker trucks which should only be used for pigs and cattle.
The ceilings do not meet there needs as they are to low for the horses to lift there heads comfortably.
The horses being transported for slaughter are not properly rested, fed or given water.
The long rides are approx 36 sometimes more.
Alot of times when the driver reaches his destination most of the exhausted horses end up being injured or dead from cramming too many horses in the trucks.
The dead ones end up being left behind.
The law states that horses be unconcious before having this awful practice done but in most cases that doesn't happen.
Many investigators have witnessed horses still consious and were improperly stunned.
Usually with a device called a captive bolt gun which shoots a metal rod in to the horses brain.
The conditions in the slaughter house are stressful and frightning.
France, Holland, Mexico, Europe, and Japan are just some of the countries that eat horse.
The over breeding such as race horses and pleasure horses has got to stop it has made a higher risk for slaughter.
In the states 92.3% of horses are still in good condition alot of people lie and state there sick, old, or injured but again thats not always the case.
Owners selling there school horses or ponies to auctions are not always aware what happens after they are sold.
Do you really know where there going?
I don't get horse people any more once there horse gets sick or can't do the job anymore the owners give up on them people should be ashamed of them selves and wake up and realize whats happening.
These horses were not meant for meat.
These living loving animals have done so much for us like win the race bred beautiful foals.
They all deserve a second chance and better lives for people to love them for them instead of being sent for slaughter.
These horses suffer a painful death.
I believe there's a home for every horse out there.
My heart will never stop until this ends in happiness for them.
If I can save one horse I made a difference.

9. Say No to NPR's Anti Labor Firing of a Union Negotiator

In 1997 the engineering Unit of NPR began the process of Unionization. NPR management hired a large outside law firm to attempt to thwart these Unionization efforts. NPR filed many costly appeals. Finally, after the appeals and two votes, NABET-CWA was certified as the Engineering Union of NPR in 1999. After long arduous expensive negotiations the first contract was signed in 2002.

NPR violated the contract and a large amount of grievances had to be filed. NPR continued to pay their inside legal team and outside hired expensive law firms. For the second contract negotiations, NPR management hired an additional outside large expensive law firm. One of the negotiators who had also been involved in the Union mobilization efforts and a staunch supporter of workers fair rights was then fired by NPR management. That same negotiator was also utilizing the provisions of the FMLA at the time of her firing.

After the negotiator made her thoughts clear on the then current contract non favorable to workers rights proposal, the negotiator, was brought in to meetings and told she would be terminated for any absences FMLA or not and/or any inadvertent errors. The Negotiator had had an excellent professional record and had been an employee of NPR's for 12 years, and with a family and a young child.

NPR Management concurred that the Union did not agree with what they were doing, NPR was told by Union officials that NPR management was in violation of the contract. However, NPR Management fired the negotiator anyway and the workers voted for NPR's contract. Further resulting in another labor violation and insult: a Union worker would not want to volunteer to be a negotiator unless that volunteer made sure to agree with (NPR) Management.

NPR continues to violate their worker's rights and contract, and still resulting in more and more legal costs from their inside legal team and additionally hired expensive outside law firms.

10. Bring the Football Team Back to CSULB!

UPDATE as of 7/20/2009: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I do check the petition regularly.

Thank you everyone for signing. Please continue to let others know of our petition! Our goal is to get as many signatures as possible, so please tell others about this petition! We need at least 5,000 signatures before I will submit the petition to President F. King Alexander, which I believe is absolutely possible, as there are 35,000 students on our campus.


Simply put, having a football team will not only bring unity to our school, but will also bring in money for our campus, as well as putting our campus on the map.

Reasons why there should be a football team:

1. We are sick of having to cheer for another school.

2. We are sick of seeing people wearing other schools' jerseys/shirts on our campus.

3. Our school has 35,000 students, which makes it a large campus, yet it doesn't have a football team?

4. Bringing football back will benefit the whole school, not just the football players, as people previously have thought. For instance, having a football team will bring back the marching band, and the money earned will benefit the WHOLE school. We'll be able to afford to improve our campus, which will boost our students' morale.

Sign the petition if you haven't already, and forward it to your friends and family, even if they don't go to our school!


11. FC not PLC

It has come to my attention that Manchester United have no longer got F.C. on their crests. We are a football club are we not, so lets get F.C. back on the crest!

12. Keep CCHoA email notification system

I received these excerpts from a CCHoA BOD e-mail on July 18th. The BOD will soon destroy the members e-mail notification system:

"...District Judge Jeanne Meurer ordered: that Defendants must produce for inspection and copying upon a request by a member of the CCHoA, the list of e-mail addresses of the members of the CCHoA used for communication of CCHoA business as it exists 10 days after the entry of this order and thereafter (July 26, 2003, and thereafter)."

"...the Board has decided to ask all whose addresses are on the e-mail list to ascertain whether they want their e-mail addresses made available to any member of the Association upon request. In order to determine the homeowners' preference, the Board has elected to delete all e-mail addresses UNLESS specifically directed by a homeowner to retain a homeowner's e-mail address on the official list. If you want your e-mail address to remain on the list, please so advise the writer by return e-mail. Otherwise, your address will be deleted from the list.

...the Board will likely produce and distribute monthly to each home a paper newsletter containing all of the pertinent information previously contained in "blast e-mails" to our neighbors. Sincerely, CCHoA Board of Directors"