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1. Give us the Spongebob Deleted Scenes

We've all seen the removed scenes from "Procastination" and "Just One Bite", but there are MOAR Spongebob scenes that were deleted from several other episodes like in "Fools in April", Before Squidward speaks to Patrick (who he mistakes for Spongebob), he speaks to Sandy, In "Truth or Square", Sandy got a theme song too, In "Sandy's Rocket" a part with Plankton stealing a krabby patty but Spongebob captures him was removed, but that isn't all of them... (

If you want these scenes released to the public, Sign the petition and help reach 10,000 or even 100,000 signatures.

2. Keep CCHoA email notification system

I received these excerpts from a CCHoA BOD e-mail on July 18th. The BOD will soon destroy the members e-mail notification system:

"...District Judge Jeanne Meurer ordered: that Defendants must produce for inspection and copying upon a request by a member of the CCHoA, the list of e-mail addresses of the members of the CCHoA used for communication of CCHoA business as it exists 10 days after the entry of this order and thereafter (July 26, 2003, and thereafter)."

"...the Board has decided to ask all whose addresses are on the e-mail list to ascertain whether they want their e-mail addresses made available to any member of the Association upon request. In order to determine the homeowners' preference, the Board has elected to delete all e-mail addresses UNLESS specifically directed by a homeowner to retain a homeowner's e-mail address on the official list. If you want your e-mail address to remain on the list, please so advise the writer by return e-mail. Otherwise, your address will be deleted from the list.

...the Board will likely produce and distribute monthly to each home a paper newsletter containing all of the pertinent information previously contained in "blast e-mails" to our neighbors. Sincerely, CCHoA Board of Directors"

3. Ban Lollercoaster

Lollercoaster (16:23) (gen) is a known cheater and must be deleted, who is with me?

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street {Special Edition} box set

The Nightmare on Elm Street films have been an icon in the horor world, New Line has already given us a box set (with bonus DVD), but I have found the deleted/ alternate scenes. What I'm asking is for New Line to make a new box set with a deleted scenes section. I'm sure all "Nightmare" fans would like to see Nancy survive at the end of part 3, well if the deleted/alternate scenes were put in you would.

5. Fallen Angels CS - Unban Diab and Darkrage from CS division.

Unban Diab and Darkrage from CS division.

They deleted almost the entire division. The division all wants them back!!!

6. A Better Hocus Pocus DVD

Hello, This petition was started for the fans of the movie Hocus Pocus (1993). Were you very impressed with the features of the Hocus Pocus DVD released in June? Nope, neither was I. I started this petition in the hopes of getting a big amount of people to sign saying they want a better Hocus Pocus DVD with special features such as Deleted Scenes from the movie featured in the theatrical trailer, Behind the Scenes featurettes, or Interviews. Please sign here with a small note if you feel a Special Edition Hocus Pocus DVD or some recognition to the movie is something you'd like to see done. The Nightmare Before Christmas, also made in 1993, was made into a Special Edition DVD including the deleted scenes, trailer, behind the scenes documentary and a lot more. The things the movie fans would love. Thank you for your time! ~The people of Hocus Pocus Online.

7. Save Your Favorite Stories On!

The website has as of today, September 12th, deleted a high-rating bracket and several whole sections, including and not limited to, Music Groups, Sports, and several others. For the ratings bracket, they cite complaints from people too stupid to hit the 'back' button. As for the genre deletions, they have for some reason decided that writing stories about famous people can damage them in some way. Although others could see it as a sincere form of flattery. Should this injustice continue or be rectified? Should countless people lose their beloved stories? Should countless authors lose the product of their creative stimulus?

8. CTV_Warhorse Resignation Demanded

The Official Court TV Club was a club where justice, court cases and other legal issues were supposed to be discussed among members. It was a community comprised of people worldwide who come together to discuss many issues and where friendships were formed and debates were the norm of the day.

However, this is no longer the case.

For many months, it has instead become a place where the moderator, CTV_Warhorse46, a paid CTV employee of The Official Court TV Club, deletes posts because someone does not care for a CTV anchor and says so; deletes posts because someone posts Clintoon instead of Clinton; and deletes posters because they believe in 1st amendment rights of Free Speech. It is a place where you can be sent to the corner if you even hint that Nancy Grace is not your favorite person or because a CTV anchor might become offended. Political figures may NOT be discussed in unflattering terms. It has become a place, not where you can discuss issues important to you or the community, but where what you have to say is censored and you are chastised.

It has become a CTV Anchor Fan Club.

Then it became even worse.

This week, after apparent years of posting photographs belonging to others, the moderator was actually caught red-handed by the actual owner of copyrighted photographs. When asked to remove the photographs, the moderator complied, only to later post a fraudulent email purportedly coming from the owner of the photographs. This was done purely to cover up her illegal activity. The photographer had to return yet again to let the members know she had not sent the fraudulent email and that the moderator did not have her permission to use her material.

Since then, dozens of posts have been deleted in order to hide what happened and other posters have been deleted as members. As of today, CTV had yet to see fit in removing CTV_Warhorse46, a CTV employee paid to be the moderator of The Official Court TV Club.

Do adults have to be monitored in such a way that they are nothing more than mindless robots or a group of sheep? Must they only post what is acceptable to a few? Is this how Court TV runs things? We certainly hope not. We need a moderator who is unbiased and fair. We need a moderator that can head off trouble before it happens. Bashing and flaming of posters should never be allowed, yet freedom to discuss our beliefs on any issue should be a right – one afforded to us by the Constitution.

We Demand the Resignation of CTV_Warhorse46 and the Club returned to it’s stated mission. A place to talk about crime and justice issues. A place to form friendships and exchange ideas on every subject important to us. A place to become “our community online” once again.