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Hi. Welcome to my page.
This may be a little long winded, but please if you have the time to read this.. PLEASE do so.
I will shed light on the most corrupt system in existence. This needs to be told. I will no longer be silenced by all powerful corrupt officials.


I was a normal happy 30yo guy doing what normal decent 30yo guys do. I downloaded DECENT images of teen girls. Images were clothed and carried a disclaimer saying that they were non nude and 100% LEGAL. I mean come on there's a whole top shelf in newsagents dedicated to club 18.. tasty teens etc. I did retrieve some indecent images via hyperlink and deleted the images immediately. (Being by hyperlink i can't see what they are until downloaded).
A young girl who was a friend of my children was in my house and lay on sofa watching children’s television programmes. She placed her feet on my leg, where she kept them as she watched television.
I was arrested for indecent images. At a later date I was visited by police again and was arrested for sexual assault. When I was questioned, the police claim that the girls foot on my leg was sexual assault.
I was forced to leave my home and was kept away from my partner and my children.
Spent a few nights on the street with no place to stay. I then stayed in a box room at my father’s old house. He married and moved to live with his new wife. His old council house was empty. His house was like a landfill site, crawling with maggots. I had no belongings and the room had no furniture whatsoever. No carpets or even wallcoverings. I slept on bare floorboards with no duvet or any type of covering at all, throughout the winter at temperatures as low as -3 degrees C.
Received threats including death threats from people who heard rumours claiming I had sexually abused a child. Father received threats and was assaulted by someone even though it was nothing to do with him. Couldn’t and still can’t enter Farnworth, and have to keep looking over my shoulder even walking to local shop.
Former friends have even been took in by rumours and turned against me. I am also receiving abuse and once received a threat at my place of work by a FAMILY member.
My designated social worker has gone way too personal with her approach to the situation. Going beyond her powers to make things as hard as possible for me. She told me to IGNORE my bail conditions and tried imposing her own on me.
I sat through supervised visits with my children where other social workers scribbled away in a pad at EVERY move I made. When I hugged them, they noted it. When I kissed them, they noted it. When one of my children mentioned they needed the toilet, the supervisor would literally JUMP out if their seat and say they’d do it because I’m not allowed! I haven’t seen my 1st child since Christmas day which was supervised. And now I have no contact with him at all. I don’t have an address for him or any contact number.
When I went into hospital with my partner as she was in labour with my 4th child, we had no one to look after our other children. This was a very stressful time which made my partner very ill. I couldn’t go and have my kids and we didn’t seem to have any other options. My partner told the midwives she was going to discharge herself DURING labour, because we had no other option! The midwife advised against this, saying it could be FATAL to both my partner and our unborn child. My partner never had any support from her family and called my mother mum, because she was so ashamed of her own. She asked both her mum and her sister if they could watch our other children while she was in labour. They BOTH refused claiming they were TIRED! Partner explained there’s no other option but to discharge herself which could kill them both. They still refused saying sorry love, can’t help you!
Our social worker continued to be especially awkward towards me. At just a few weeks old, H our latest child was seriously ill in hospital. He had something wrong with his heart. It got so serious at one point they phoned my partner to say he’s in such a bad way, it’s touch and go whether he makes it through the night. She rung me and I said I’ll pick her up and we’ll go up to the hospital. She said she’ll let the social worker know we are going first. Then she rung me back saying the social worker said I WASN’T ALLOWED! Even though this might be the last time I see my son alive, I’m not allowed to go and see him. Apparently I was a high risk of sexually abusing him, while he lay ill, in a hospital FULL of people. I sat at home on the freezing floorboards crying and waiting for any phonecall I might receive. Luckily he pulled through.
My partner since then was constantly badgered and pressured into leaving me for good. Even though we lived apart, we stayed in a relationship. The social worker told her she wants my partner to split up with me and have nothing to do with me anymore. Constant torment finally became too much for my partner, and she called off our relationship. After speaking to my solicitor, I have been told that the social worker wasn’t allowed to pressure my partner the way she did. She also had no right to keep me from my son that night in the hospital. I have been treated this way for over 18 months now and still I’M the monster. I’m still receiving death threats and all this because a child put her FOOT on my leg! Who’s the monster? WHO has been ABUSED?
At my appearance in court I was spoken to by my solicitor and barrister, who told me I’m definitely looking at time in prison. I prepared myself for the worst. In the courtroom the judge asked what I was being charged with, prosecution replies “sexual assault”. After reading all the paperwork in entirety the judge asks.. but where’s the assault? The prosecution explain that the foot on my leg is sexual assault. The judge said he had a choice to make. Whether to send me to prison or give me some kind of community order. I was advised to plead guilty to the child having her foot on my leg, which I did, because the fact is it happened. I NEVER sexually assaulted her and I NEVER said it was sexual. Even the judge was absolutely dumbstruck that I was being done for sexual assault. But he said that because of my guilty plea he has no option but to hand out a punishment. He said if I’d have gone “not guilty" he'd have laughed it out of court. For this reason only he said he cannot send me to prison. He opted for the MINIMUM he could give me which was a 3 year community order. I have to attend probation and a sex offenders program. The probation has ONE goal. To FORCE me to say I’m a risk to children. To say I MITE sexually assault a child unless I receive their help on their offenders program. I will NEVER admit to anything that I know will NEVER happen! The catch is, if I don’t show “progress” I may end up back before the judge who could then send me to prison after all. I will be placed amongst prisoners who have done UNMENTIONABLE things to children, things you'd never want to think about let alone discuss. I’ve been FORCED to sign the sex offenders register, which will mean I’m tarred with the same brush as all the REAL offenders on there.
Since being in court I have spoken to my ex partner who said she had been threatened by one of her neighbours. The neighbour threatened her for the simple fact I didn’t get sent to prison. That is the mentality of some people. How are those people going to feel when they read this and finally learn the truth.
I want to get on with my life after all that has happened, but I’m STILL getting threatened because people don’t know the TRUTH!
So I wanted to let everyone know the truth, but once again I was warned that if I go to the papers with my story, I will be more at risk of going to prison. To be honest though, a clear conscience in prison is more appealing to me than a life on the outside being branded a CHILD MOLESTER!
For having a foot on my leg!
So once again, who is the abuser here?
Me? . . Or the SYSTEM??
I ended up having to move out of my father’s old home and ended up homeless. I mentioned my predicament to a friend who happened to be looking for someone to move in with him, to help share the bills. I stayed there 3 weeks until I was asked to leave because the council told him I wasn’t allowed to stay there. His sister A used to call there with her friend L. A had a young son, but L had a flat with a spare bedroom and had no children. L offered me her spare room which I accepted having nowhere else to go.
I started a relationship with A. I let her know all about my circumstances and she was willing to give me a chance, and give our relationship a go.
I was visited by a police officer called Glen*. He told me he was going to take up my case and call in on me from time to time. Told me that everywhere I go and everything I did he would know about. Told me that if he wanted, at the click of his fingers he could put out a surveillance order on me with cost being no object.
He was working closely with my probation officer and social services. Glen and my probation worker Gaynor* visited me at L’s and hit me with a problem straight from the start. L had a photograph of her 2 young nieces on her windowsill. These girls never came round and I had never met them. Glen and Gaynor told L that if she didn’t ask me to leave her house, they would put her nieces on child protection register even though I had NEVER met them, and was highly unlikely to. They did this because A lived in the flat above and they didn’t want me anywhere near her. Given no choice L had to ask me to leave.

I got a one room bedsit of my own, but still visited A and L. The authorities weren’t even happy with me going to visit them and they wanted to split me and A up. They had a meeting with A and L with the intention of telling them all about me and getting A to end the relationship. A refused to split up with me and told them that she was giving me a chance.
Glen resorted to lying to A about me to make things sound a lot worse about me to make her leave. Glen started a campaign against me, trying everything he could to split us up. He lied about me, then told A she HAD to leave me other they would take her child away from her. We knew he couldn’t do this, but he kept pressing insisting he could do ANYTHING HE WANTED!
He told me what I could and couldn’t do, even though he wasn’t LEGALLY allowed to do so. Everything he told me I knew was wrong, but he said if I contested it I was looking at going to prison. He was abusing his power. When I DID contest it and proved him wrong he would just throw something else at me. I beat him EVERY time and he knew this. He was powerless to do anything but he said he’ll win in the eld because he’ll just put me in a hostel and stop me seeing A that way. Then the relationship will end.

After talking to my solicitor I was told that Glen, Gaynor and social services are ALL out of order in the way they treated me. Also they have ALL abused their powers and were not allowed to dictate my life. Even though I have told the authorities this, they continue to punish me, knowing they are BREAKING THE LAW in doing so.

I went to see mt solicitor who at the time was a man called Colin. I told him how Gaynor was treating me, and with each thing I told him he said, "no she can't do that, and she can't do that, and she can't etc etc". I said but she IS! He gave me instructions on what to say at my next meeting with her. I was due to see her that day. When the session started, sessions last one hour. I said I have something to tell you, she butted in and didn't let me speak. I said again I just need to tell you.. Once again she butted in and didn't let me speak. I said wat I have to say will take 30 seconds. The session lasts 1 hour. If I can say wat i came to say, she can rabbit on for the next 59 and a half minutes. She said I am not there to dictate to her how the session goes. SHE is in charge, so SHE decides who talks and when. I lost my temper a bit and raised my voice a little, I said MY SOLICITOR TOLD ME TO TELL YOU.... at this point she put her fingers in her ears, and started to go LA LA LA LA LA... this is a "professional", probation officer! A woman id have put in her late 50s to early 60s.. and she acted like a complete child who wasn't getting her way in the schoolyard! . I hit the roof! I flung the chair across the room and booted the door open. I was LIVID... once again. Clear abuse of power!
I went back to my solicitor and literally broke down in front of Colin. I couldn't help but cry my eyes out I felt so helpless.
I went home that night and had a few drinks, then chased them down with a load of pills. I felt completely helpless. I had no other way out.
The moment I had taken them, that very moment was instant regret. All I could picture in my head was my children asking where dad was. And them being told daddy's never coming back. I felt so ashamed at what I had just done. I immediately phoned emergency services. An ambulance arrived and took me to hospital. I was treated and given a charcoal drink to soak up anything I had ingested. Kept in overnight for observations, then released home. I was ill for a while and during this illness I missed an appointment with Gaynor. Then I received a letter saying I had to attend court, because of breach of order for non attendance. Wen I got into court my solicitor explained I was unable to attend due to hospitalisation. The court was adjourned to gather evidence. Wen I got back into court my solicitor provided evidence to the matter, so I was found not guilty of breach. However prosecution solicitor stood up and said Gaynor feels she can work with him better if I was placed in a probation hostel. The judge agreed. So even though I was found NOT GUILTY. I was punished anyway?? So not only are police, probation and social services playing at little Hitler, even the judges are backing them up. Since when do people found NOT GUILTY take a punishment anyway?

I organised a meeting with Glen and social services. A and L were present. I proved in that room about the lies that Glen had told about me and he pathetically tried to worm his way out of it. I informed him I was going to press charges against him and he just laughed and said bring it on. He said that I cannot get him in trouble as he is ABOVE THE LAW! He can lie about me, abuse his position and break the law and there’s nothing I can do about it.
I have been manipulated, abused, lied to and treated in this way yet I am still doing all I can to be open and honest and he is still threatening to get me into as much trouble as possible.
Glen, Gaynor AND social services have all broken more laws than me, yet I’m still the one who’s being punished over and over again.
Once again.. who is the abuser here?

Met Becki.
Started a relationship with Becki. At this time I was still on probation and attending appointments with Gaynor. I mentioned my new relationship to Gaynor (which was mandatory), immediately she demanded to see Becki and asked if I could bring her with me to my next appointment. Gaynor spent the whole appointment talking to Becki rather than myself. She was asking Becki what she knew about me and my conviction. Becki said I had gone into depth with her, but Gaynor was insistent I had probably left stuff out and went into detail about my conviction. Then she spent the remainder of the appointment suggesting to Becki that a relationship with me was a bad idea and she would be best to end the relationship. Becki said she was sticking by me and Gaynor said she will do all she can to make sure the relationship ended. (where have I heard this before)?
Gaynor then went ahead and contacted Beckis family, telling them EVERYTHING about me. What I had been convicted of, and the restrictions that I was living with. Now Becki was legally an adult, What right did Gaynor have to do this? Becki wasn't in a good relationship with her family to start off with, but this gave them the opportunity to start a hate campaign against me.
Becki was also forced to quit her job. Becki worked in a nursery and had done since school. She had gained qualifications in the position and enjoyed her work. I had no impact on the situation. I never went anywhere near her place of work. Becki is NOT subject to an order, Becki does NOT have any conditions or limitatons, yet she was being told what she can and can't do.


Early 2017 Becki and I tried to start a new venture and we opened a chipshop. We rented the premises, paid bonds, paid fees, set it up, bought stock, advertised. We put everything we had into the business. We started on a limited budget but we pulled it off. We opened the chippy and was starting to build it up, started to recognise the same faces and had regulars. I had previously suffered with long terms of unemployment, so this was a fantastic opportunity for us both.
We found out Becki was pregnant. We had appointments to attend, doctors, midwife, scans etc. We managed to work these around the chippy, but it was hard work. Long hours.
Somehow Beckis family found out information about the pregnancy and about the shop, even though we have no contact and we are in different areas. They contacted the police and social services. By this time Becki was heavily pregnant. Over 8 months, almost term. We had a visit from my SOMU manager who told me I am not allowed in the shop. I was never to enter the building again. This left Becki over 8months pregant holding the reins in the chippy. She obviously couldn't manage this alone without me. We were forced to close the shop. We have never returned. We are fully expecting one day to find bailiffs hammering on the door to collect, as we were in a contract with the rental of the premises.
Now in the conditions of my order, it specifies that I may not be in the company of any female under the age of 18 UNLESS in the purpose of transactions within a retail environment. So even if a minor did come into the chipshop, my conditions permitted me to engage in a transaction. So what grounds did my SOMU manager have to tell me i am not allowed in the shop? Clear abuse of power!
Stacey (SOMU manager) speaks to me saying I need to apply to be removed from the order. This has been mentioned many years ago but nothing came of it. She said my solicitor is the one dragging his feet on it. I have a meeting with Mr Robinson (solicitor) asking him to help me remove my order. He said he's contacted SOMU and they haven't responded. They are dragging their feet. I told him that is exactly what SOMU are saying about him. He wasn't happy at all and was visibly annoyed with SOMU. I later receive info that SOMU agree that if I undertake a lie detector test, they will consider my removal. Stacey told me that it will be carried out by a 3rd party that are nothing to do with police, probation etc. They will be straight down the middle and totally unbiased.
I attend Atherton police station to undergo the test. When I arrive a lady plugs me into the machine and describe what is going to happen. THEN she says to me, "you don't have to worry about disclosing very personal things and some very embarrassing things that you may think you can't say to a stranger.. but don't worry, I am used to hearing these sorts of things.. this is what I do for a living, I have the same job description as Stacey.. I AM A SOMU MANAGER"!
After researching this further I find out that lie detector test evidence is NOT admissible in a court of law, because.. they are unreliable!
Becki gave birth to our son H.
Social services called and told me I MUST leave my address. H was 8days old. They said they need to run checks on me, but until the checks are carried out I am not to have ANY contact with my child.
I was distraught, I was thinking here we go again. Am I going to have another child that I may never see again? I spent the 1st couple of nights asleep in my car, during the christmas period. I missed H’s 1st christmas and couldn't even see my wife. It was cold but it's not like I haven't been here before. My mum found out I was sleeping in the car and gave me some money to book into a hotel. I spent a couple weeks there, then my mum said money was running out and she couldn't afford to keep paying for hotel. She helped me to find a flat. She paid the deposit for me and the 1st months rent. I signed a 12month agreement (the minimum available).
I received a phonecall off social services and they asked me to meet them at my house where Becki and H were. My SOMU manager will also be present. I met with them, the first time i'd seen both my wife and child since I left. They said they had completed the relevant checks needed and I was free to return home to my family.
Now I have 6 sons. 5 of which I haven't seen since 2007. Yet my order restricts my contact with FEMALE minors! Are SOMU and social services really having trouble distinguishing the difference between males and females?
I ring the landlord from the flat I rented apologizing and saying due to very extreme circumstances I no longer need the flat. I know I only been there 3 days and I realise I was in a contract, but is there anything we can do? He asked about the property, I said it is in exactly the same condition I only went there to sleep 3 nights. He said it's fine, don’t worry about it he will relist the property. I had only been there 3 days, but I’m paid up for the month, and keep the bond. We left the conversation on a positive.
Some time later I have a phonecall from Becki, she was panicking because we had bailiffs at the door. Because I wasn't present and my name was on the order they left, but left a contact number. When I got home I called the number, spoke to the bailiff. Turns out the landlord from the flat that I spent a total 3days in, has taken me to court to pay the full 12months rent as I was still in a contract. Ongoing.
We have the news we are expecting another child. We have sent blood off to a private company who have informed us we are having another boy. At 20weeks scan the sonographer confirmed we are having a boy. I inform my SOMU manager, and also social services. They are currently running the same checks as last time.. Yet I am residing at home with H.


Both Stacey (SOMU) and Laura (social services) attend my home. Stacey said I need to have an upto date assessment done.
I spoke to my solicitor and he said I do NOT need to complete any such assessment and advised me not to take it.
I attended Atherton Police station and spoke to Stacey in the foyer. I told her on advice from my solicitor I will not be taking the assessment. Stacey said my solicitor is probably unaware of what the assessment is for, he must have it confused with something else.
In her 1st sentence she said the assessment is nothing to do with SOMU or my SOPO, it's for social services to determine the risk to my unborn child. She expressed how important it is that i take it immediately as we were so close to baby due date.
In her 2nd sentence, she said that as I am not far from being due in court to have my SOR/SOPO removed, I will HAVE to have it done, or I'll have ZERO chance of being removed. Yet in her previous sentence she said the assessment was nothing to do with SOMU/SOPO. She blatantly lied to me in consecutive sentences! I pulled her on this and said you've just lied to my face. She backtracked and said it's for social services risk assessment.
So why was I there? Why was I in a police station? Why were the police doing the assessment? Social services make their own assessments.
Laura (social services) phoned me and said that it's good news. They have done their assessment (funny eh?).. and they have no more concerns, and sign me off. Also signing off my child H and my unborn child from their care.

My wife Becki gives birth to our child whom we name C. I am present during birth by Caesarian and later with Becki and C on the ward. Then I leave to be with our other child H. Becki and C stay on ward overnight.
I get a phonecall off Becki. She says that the staff have moved her onto a sideward (private room), because they have received a phonecall to say that I am not allowed on ward with the other newborn babies. Becki was very angry and embarrassed! No we had already previously had the phonecall from Laura (social services) to say that no further checks or action was needed and my file was closed. So obviously the phonecall couldn't have come from social services. That only leaves Stacey (SOMU).
Stacey (SOMU) rings me and says she is aware I have applied to the court and listing is imminent. She then said she is aware my solicitor has advised me NOT to agree to another lie detector test, but she HAS to offer me one anyway. After the last shambolic affair of course I refused. She said it would go in my favour at court. I had to remind her that lie detector tests are NOT admissable in a court of law! So of course she's just lying AGAIN!
I am given a court date of 29th Dec 2020 to hear application to have my register and sopo removed. But before the date I need to have an assessment done by Stacey. Stacey attends my home during the middle of December. We have an in depth chat for a couple of hours. Also she takes my mobile phone and checks the device. All images and videos are checked. Also devices browsing history is checked. Also checks laptop for same. She says everything was fine. Devices are clean. And she will write up a report to support my application to be removed in court.
I attend court on 29th December. Report from Stacey is read aloud. Judge agrees that I am to be removed from offenders register and sopo.
Finally on the 29th of December 2020 my nightmare is over! I am finally a free man!
Now everything you have just read has been documented over the last 14 long hard years of my life. I kept this record so that once I am removed and a free man, I can use these writings to press charges on all the people who have gone way beyond their power in abusing me. I have had to wait because I cannot pursue this while under their control. I had to wait until I was free.
After I was given my freedom on 29th Dec, my only mistake was I was VERY vocal. I let it be well known that shit was about to hit the fan.
On 4th January 2021 Stacey attended my home with other officers and social services. FIVE DAYS AFTER RELEASE!
I was arrested on suspicion of having indecent images on my phone. I was taken to station and interviewed. Apparently they received information I had images sent to my phone in November. But…. How can this be? My device was checked by Stacey herself after this date in December? And all my browsing history was present.
Stacey has taken my threats of prosecution seriously. And she is scared. And so she should be. So how can she protect herself? By putting ME back in the spotlight.
It is now 14th May.. I have been away from my wife and children since 4th January. My children are on child protection with social services. My wife is going through hell dealing with almost daily visits from social services. All the while looking after my 3 year old and my 6month old.

I am now homeless. I am sleeping in my car wherever I can park without arousing suspicion.
The first week my 3 year old said, Where’s daddy? He’s staying with grandma while he helps her decorate
Days later. Where’s daddy? He’s staying with grandma while he helps in her garden.
Day later. Where’s daddy?. .
A couple of week ago my wife phoned me and wat she told me ripped my heart out.
Instead of his usual question of Where’s daddy?
He said, daddy’s not coming home anymore is he? Is it because he doesn’t love us? That was the final straw. My heart broke.
It is ongoing.
The biggest problem is it’s the big organisations versus little me..
I need to get this far and wide. PLEASE..
Please share this as much as possible. If the authorities get hold they will try to take it down. I have just had to rewrite all of this because Stacey confiscated my written copies of this, claiming its “evidence" as to my state of mind.
If its shared many many times, it will stay out there. Would I broadcast this all over the Internet if I had anything to hide? I just have no other way of defeating these bastards, but to get this out there with support. They can silence me, but they can’t silence many.
Please, please help, I’ve nowhere else to turn, and my family don’t deserve this. They are being abused on a daily basis by the system.
I don't for one moment believe that I'm the only one this can be happening to. These people MUST be stopped. They need prosecuting And removing from their positions of power. It may be a little too late for me. But they can't be allowed to do this to anyone else too. There's such things as human rights. They shouldn't be able to treat even a guilty person like this. Let alone someone guilty of nothing more than someone putting their feet up on his leg.

My wife Becki is currently housebound, and has taken H out of school, because she is terrified after receiving threats. She sits in the home with all doors locked. I am not allowed at home to protect my family.

If you got this far, thank you for reading.
Deepest thanks and love.


Please sign this petition to have the police, probation and social services made accountable for their actions. They have ALL broken laws in their dealing with me and my family. We cannot allow them to continue to abuse their limitless power against the little people. It needs to stop. And it needs to stop NOW!

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