Theresa May
United Kingdom

John was attacked 2.5yrs ago he sustained life changing injuries and waited 2.5 yrs to get justice. By the time it got to court his health had deteriorated so much that he was unable to give good evidence. two of his attackers were found not guilty and one guilty and the one who was found guilty was only sentenced to 2ys 9 mths. We would like the justice system to rethink their sentencing on such life changing injuries. John has said if the system changed its sentencing and made it stiffer then perhaps this would set a president and send out a message that the the uk is not a place to be messed with. Come on UK enough is enough lets get this sentencing sorted out once and for all and save someone else going through this ordeal.

For parliament to look at the sentences handed out to life changing injuries and set a sentence that will let them know that the UK has had enough of this mindless crime which is now rife on our streets.
The sentences being handed out is not a deterrent to criminals.
Victims are feeling let down by the justice system.
I hope this petition reaches parliament as I would not like anyone else feeling as let down as i am with the justice system and I hope the uk get behind this and say enough is enough.

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