#Human Rights
New York State Division of Parole

December 24, 2005

John Lennon Human Rights Memorial Tribute for Prisoner Rights and fair objective consideration.

Being that one of the few people in the world who has been introduced to John Lennon, and then later also meeting Mark David Chapman, and have had for a long time had a memorial to John Lennon online I have strong interest in anything related to both.

Upon reading the petition to keep Mark David Chapman off of parole, and in prison/s that are called correctional institutions I thought it was bizarre and a travesty that John Lennon's name was invoked in the manner it was against Mark David Chapman, considering that John was such a strong avid believer of civil, human, Native American, and prisoner etc rights.

WHEREAS Imagining John Winston Lennon developing as the rough young man who some would of once considered a roughneck greaser hoodlum punk, into a decent loving husband, peace loving father and enlightened person he was distinguished from the person he was once thought of early in life:

WHEREAS the land of John Lennon's England and Wales, ended capital punishment ended in 1965, has taken a view that differs from the punitive one in America we as enlightening people like Mr. Lennon must consider that in regard to the punishment of Mark David Chapman who had been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for his murder of John Lennon upon confession to the bizarre crime.

WHEREAS incarceration in the instance of Mark David Chapman's should serve as punishment for some rehabilitative corrective purpose, not a punitive one in retribution that defined ultimately as cruel and unusual punishment that is forbidden under the US constitution prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.

WHEREAS we take notice that Mr. Lennon of beloved memory had made numerous efforts in support of justice, peace, freedom as a progressive person; and,

WHEREAS, in this instance we would think it is bizarre to have John Lennon remembered as the pretext for reactionary actions that seem to go against everything Mr. Lennon believed; and

WHEREAS, being that already since incarceration December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman has served twenty-five years, and now has been eligible for parole for approximately five years, and has been turned down twice for parole, we petition as follows:

We, the undersigned, petition that Mark David Chapman should be given fair objective consideration for parole.

We recognize that for Mark David Chapman's living under parole in public that would be no easy task, and a difficult one that we must be honest about as we wish no man harm by saying he might be safer staying in prison but if given the chance he should be afforded the opportunity to live on parole with suitable consideration for his release.

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