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In Chicago Illinois On June 6, 2002 my beautiful grand-daughter Jasmine Vidol Mitchell entered the hospital, little did we know she would not leave alive, Jasmine passed on June 8, 2002, from blunt head tramua associated with "Shaken Baby Syndrome".

Jasmine's death was caused by her state licensed day care provider Versie Elaine Ramirez-Carr. We have recently learned this woman was released from prison, after being sentenced to Fifteen years. Correct me if I am wrong but this is 2007 she has not even served 1/2 of her time. As far as my family was concerned 15 years was not an appropriate sentence for taking the life of a child, rapists get more time than that.

We need help, as far as we know she is still licensed to care for children in the state of Illinois. At the time she was approved for the license she had a police record for gun charges, drug charges and was in violation of her probation. Has she never been granted a license in the first place, Jasmine would still be with us. I have provided her information below. If there is anyone out there who can help us start Jasmine Mitchell's Law please let us know. The main purpose of this law is to make sure candidates for child care provider licenses are carefully screened and follow-up screenings are provided to ensure no other family has to suffer the pain and injustice our family has.

We need someone to help our family since the justice system did not. To make matters worse my daughter's civil rights were violated, she signed up to be informed when Versie's parole hearing was due, needless to say the state failed yet again and she was not informed. The only way we had knowledge of this woman's release was by accident. My oldest daughter is attending college online and she was doing a story on capital punishment and decided to write her paper on Jasmine, to our shock and dismay we discovered this child killer had been released.

We, call on the U.S. Senate and House of Representative to pass a comprehensive Federal Law that would protect children from Child Abuse of any kind and would put more restrictive measures on those agencies whose job it is to protect children.

We, the undersigned are requesting that all states within these United States require all persons seeking a child care provider license be finger printed nationwide. Anyone that has a criminal record of any kind must be determined ineligible from receiving a child care provider license.

Child killers should be placed on a watch list and this list made public just as we currently provide for sex offenders.

Finally, the following MANDATORY SENTENCES should be applied for anyone found guilty of abusing a child:

*Minimum 10 years for serious injury to a child; no chance of parole.

*50 years to life for injury to a child that results in the death of child; no chance of parole.

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