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December 18, 2005

In a statement on thursday HRW said that the acquittal of all defendants charged of killing 27 Tamil detainees in Bidunuwewan camp in october 2000 "demonstrates the failure of justice system to address crimes againts alleged Tamils tiger members."
On the night of october 25, 2000 an angry sinhalese racist mobs back by JVP, AND Present President Mahinda Rajapaksha stormed the detention centre.

In spite of the presence of armed police, the Sinhalese mobs killed 27 of the inmates, hacking and clubbing them to death.

The attack was internationally condemed. Saying about above incident UN General Secretary Kofi Annan called on Sri lankan government ealier to conduct impartial inquiry into the massacre. But what happend. Government appointed Human right commission white wash the racist sinhales eliments. Then member of the commision Fayes Musthapa, become High commisioner to London.

Sinhalese justice system only protected sinhalese people. Where is the justice for others? Please sing this petition asking international community to conduct the investigation regarding this massacre.

Intikab Idrees
Greenwich University

We, the undersigned, are asking the international community and UN to force the Sri lankan government to conduct an impartial investigation regarding the Bidunuwewa child soldier masacre.

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