#Human Rights
Gina Gamage

To my friends and global family,

It is time to join together to declare a new vision for our world. My intention is to have ten million people add their signature and energy to help transform human consciousness.

If you feel moved to help in this endeavor, please share the following declaration with others.

Thank you.

Intention for the Well Being of ALL:

It is my sincere intention to join now with others to co-create peace, love, light, harmony, equality, gratitude, joy, compassion, forgiveness, unity and abundance for all life on this beautiful planet.

I pledge to do my part to heal my own anger, negativity, and judgments toward any person or anything including myself. I choose to awaken from ego based consciousness that causes so much suffering. I am willing and ready to be transformed and I ask for Divine guidance and assistance.

I choose to focus my attention on gratitude as I become a more caring, loving, generous and kind person. I rejoice that so many of my global sisters and brothers are also awakening to their full enlightened potential.

I agree to spend at least a few minutes every day to affirm and visualize peace, equality, joy and abundance for all people on Earth.

I sign this petition as a declaration of my desire for global well being.

(Please note: Your name will not be sold or used for any other purpose. You are only being asked to join your intention consciously with others, not to join an actual group or organization.)
I add my signature below for the highest good of ALL:

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