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1. Intention for the Well Being of ALL

To my friends and global family,

It is time to join together to declare a new vision for our world. My intention is to have ten million people add their signature and energy to help transform human consciousness.

If you feel moved to help in this endeavor, please share the following declaration with others.

Thank you.

2. Abolish/Repeal The Felony Murder Rule

Jusin 5yrs 001

What’s Wrong With The Felony Murder Rule - Common Sense:

1. It is fundamentally unfair and in violation of basic principles of individual criminal culpability to hold one felon liable for the unseen and unagreed-to results of another felon’s action.

2. The felony murder rule operates as a matter of law upon proof of the intent to commit a felony to relieve the prosecution of its burden of proving intent to kill, which is a necessary element of murder.

3. The intention to commit a felony does not equal the intention to kill, nor is the intention to commit a felony, by itself, sufficient to establish a charge of murder.

4. The felony murder rule violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of due process, more specifically, equal protection of the law, because no defense is allowed on the charge of first-degree murder, only the underlying felony.

5. The purpose of creating degrees of murder is to punish with increased severity the more culpable forms of murder, but an accidental or unknown killing during the commission or attempted commission of a felony is punished more severely than all other murder charges with exception to first degree murder.

6. The felony murder rule erodes the relation between criminal liability and moral culpability in that it punishes all homicides in the commission, or attempted commission, of the proscribed felonies, whether intentional, unintentional, or accidental, without proving the relation between the homicide and the perpetrator’s state of mind.

7. Holding one or many criminally liable for the bad results of an act which differs greatly from the intended results is based on a concept of culpability which is totally at odds with the general principles of jurisprudence.

8. The basic rule of culpability is further violated when felony murder is categorized as first-degree murder because all other first-degree murders (carrying equal punishment) require a showing of premeditation, deliberation, and willfulness, while felony murder only requires a showing of intent to do the underlying felony.

9. While the felony murder rule survives in California, and other states, the numerous modifications and restrictions of it by some states courts and legislatures throughout the United States reflect dissatisfaction with the basic harshness and injustice of the doctrine and call into question its continued existence.

10. The felony murder rule can be used by prosecutors in a manner so as to cause grossly disproportionate sentencing, depending on the circumstances of each individual case.

11. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because the presumption of innocence is thrown out. The prosecutor must only prove intent to commit the original felony; once done, first degree murder attaches to the underlying felony even though intent, (mens rea,) to commit murder does not have to be proved.

12. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because it violates the Eighth Amendment: cruel and unusual punishment, grossly disproportionate sentencing to the crime(s) actually committed.

13. The felony murder rule bears no rational relationship or equity in its two penalties, with the penalties of other California murder laws, including, at times, the charge of first-degree murder.

3. Medal of Honor Online Anti-Cheat

We as consumers and part of the international online "Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM)" gaming community, express our intention of boycotting the PC CDROM title "Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead(TM)" published by Electronic Arts.

Since the initial release of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM), a thriving
community of players has developed. This community has now grown to include
thousands of online gamers who regularly join multiplayer servers via the in game browser, GameSpy Arcade or any other 3rd party software.
Despite this, the Publisher/Developers of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM)
have declined to include an Anti-Cheat for this game, which is riddled with
many 3rd party cheats and hacks such as aimbots, weapons no recoil, see
through wallhacks, no fog, no bushes and trees, and many others...

Punkbuster (, a developer of anti-cheat software
is willing to develop an anti-cheat system, but only can do so if EA is
interested in PunkBuster.

We understand the Expansion pack (which includes multiplayer maps) doesn't
include any official form of online anti-cheat, the reason for expressing
our intention to boycott this title.

4. Release Aaahh!!! Real Monsters on DVD!

This petition's intention is to help bring 'Aaahh Real Monsters' to DVD!

If you are a fan of the series please sign today and hope Nickelodeon brings us dvds!

5. Abolish H1-B and F-1 status

The petition is to abolish H1-B and F-1 visa categories in the Immigration and Naturalization Act.