#Roads & Transport
Herefordshire Council
United Kingdom

Since the beginning of the new college term (11th September 2006) there is a distinct lack of seats on the bus number 802 that runs from Leintwardine, via Mortimers Cross, Kingsland, Canon Pyon to Hereford.

This has resulted in a number of students being refused on the bus as it is already full, by the time it gets to Kingsland. There are still another 20 students to be picked up from Canon Pyon.

The result of this is that students are forced to take an earlier or later bus, resulting in arrival at college before it is open or arriving late.

We, the undersigned, call on Herefordshire Council to implement a larger bus with the correct capacity to accept all passengers on this particular route. Or run two busses on the same route at the same time.

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