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Hepatitis C is an incurable, non-preventable blood-borne virus which damages the liver. It can be fatal in almost 85% of infected persons, most from cirrhosis, others from liver cancer and autoimmune disease.

The many people who are infected are not sick, or are unaware that they even have it until, for instance, they donate blood. Some people have had it for 25 years.

Infection can not only be passed by blood transfusions or by sharing needles but, ALSO, by sharing razors, toothbrushes, or nail clippers, from nail salons, barber shops, and tattoo/piercing parlors.

During the Vietnam Era, military persons were vaccinated in assembly line fashion. It is now being debated whether or not the government should be responsible for testing, medicating, and counseling all Veterans.

Most people associate Hepatitis with IV drug use, unsafe and promiscuous sex, or by drinking unclean water. (It is extremely rare that Hepatitis C is passed on by sex).

The public needs to know ALL the facts.

Did you know that nearly 5 times as many people are infected with Hepatitis C than those infected with AIDS/HIV? And that experts believe that, this year, 9 million, in the U.S. alone are unaware that they are infected?

This petition asks that public service announcements be frequently heard and that the announcements should NOT only be targeted at blood transfusion recipients, IV drug users, or AIDS/HIV victims, but, to all Veterans and, ALSO, to the "Average Joe", who might share a razor with their spouse.

How many husbands shave their pregnant wive's legs because she cannot reach her ankles? How many teenagers decide to shave for the first time, using Dad or Mom's razor, unsuspecting that the razor may be contaminated by blood of a parent who, unknowingly, has been infected for at least 25 years?

The facts need to be heard about this epidemic.

We, the undersigned, urge David Satcher, U.S. Surgeon General, to frequently televise public service announcements regarding the many possible ways of being infected with Hepatitis C. We want warning signs in barber shops, nail salons, and tattoo/piercing parlors.
We want Surgeon General warnings on razors, nail clippers, and toothbrush packagings.

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