#Community and Safety
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The Howard Beach Citizens Safety Patrol is a official non-for-profit organization that works on quality of life issues and patrols our Howard Beach community. For three years we have been in contact with the NYPD expressing our need for safety amber lights, to protect the community and our members, we patrol in marked organizational patrol cars and assist all first responders in emergency situations. For example when assisting at a car accident, we need to secure the scene until emergency personnel arrive by using our amber safety lights. We have continuously been denied the use of our amber lights, by the NYPD, even though we have given ample examples of our assistance and meet all qualifications by law in their use.

Please assist us by signing this petition that you are in agreement with the use of our safety amber lights. The use of these lights are of the upmost importance in emergency situations and we, The Howard Beach Citizens Safety Patrol, should be not restricted from keeping our volunteers and community safe by being denied the use of our amber lights.

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