Aberdeen City Council
United Kingdom

A soccer team wants to build a giant stadium and associated structures in country land next to a new village. The guy who owns the soccer team also built most of the homes in the village. But when he was selling the homes he didn't tell any of the owners he was going build a soccer stadium when he was done.

The stadium would attract crowds of up to 30,000 in an area surrounded by country lanes. There are no plans to put in any new roads. 389 residents of Aberdeen objected to the Scottish Government's plan to waive the regulations for building in country land. The Government dismissed the objections, saying they were "incompetent." Then 1459 residents of Aberdeen lodged objections with their planning authority and they are now worried that these will also be dismissed.

32 grounds for objection were submitted by 1459 residents. These included :

1) Traffic gridlock
2) No railway link
3) Noise pollution
4) Light pollution
5) The landscape will be ruined
6) Urbanisation of country land
7) A precedent will be created for more developments
8) A better site exists in industrial land next to a highway and a railway line.

We need help to avoid getting rail roaded by the city and national Governments.

I support the residents of Aberdeen in defending their town against a new soccer stadium in country land.

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