#Human Rights
United Nations

We live in a world where violence is increasing. There are more wars being fought around the world then at any other point in history.

MY goal is to get as many signatures from people around the world who would like to tell our international representatives to stand up for life and recognise that killing another human being is never necessary, justified or even legal under any circumstance.

I want the United Nations to know and remember what they represent; Peace.

We need to make a stand and go on record as telling the United Nations war does not work and we want it to end.

We, the undersigned, as human beings of planet Earth, irrespective of class, color, religion, political, economic or geographical boundaries, do not believe war is a moral, ethical or viable means to influence political agendas onto foreign and soverign nations.

We wish to use this petition to represent the voice of the global community, and ask the United Nations to make war illegal.

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