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Nickeldeon INC. and Vicaom International

Recently, Nickeldeon has been making many stupid descisions. It really ticks me off how Nick decided to cancel their best and most popular show, Spongebob Squarepants, had they kept on they would make a fortune, but for reasons unknown they want to cancel it, in turn, Nicks other greats, such as Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, and Fairly Oddparents have dark futures ahead of them as well. These are the shows that are holding Nick together, but Nick just can' see that.

In the mean time, you probably have a question, if Nick isn't paying attention to it's good shows what is it paying attention to, Nick is paying attention to it's bad shows. Like heck-awful Rugrats! Oh my god, seasons 1-3 were great, but Nick had to get rid of the good writers and replace them with their cruddy writers, and the show became retarded! Now they are still showing new episodes after 10 stinking seasons! Haven't we had enough of those stupid little babies! As well, it even has a spinoff! All Grown Up, which nobody watches, but they act like it's their best show! Please, in fact, every show made by the Klasky-Csupo company EXCEPT The Wild Thronberry's reeks! As well, even Nickeldeons so-so shows, like Chalkzone, are beggining to become annoying. I would like Nick to change a few things.

1. Save Spongebob from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

2. Save Invader Zim from Cancellation and make new episdoes written by original writers

3. Save Hey Arnold from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

4. Extend Fairly Oddparents air time by a few more seasons and give the show back to Butch Hartman so he can make good new episodes instead of Nick's writers cruddy ones.

5.Cancel Rugrats and All Grown Up, and DO NOT even show reruns!

6. Cancel All other Klasky-Csupo Shows EXCEPT The Wild Thorberry's (which from what I here is already cancelled)

7. Chalkzone was only good in it's first season, please don't ruin it!

We would like nick to do the following.

1. Save Spongebob

2. Save Invader Zim

3. Save Hay Arnold

4. Extend The Fairly Oddparents
(all of these shows willl have new episodes written by original writters, not Nicks cruddy ones)

5. Cancel Rugrats

6. Cancel All Grown Up

7. Cancel All other Klasky-Csupo shows EXCEPT Wild Thornberry's.

7. Stop making new episodes of Chalkzone (but do show reruns of frist season episodes).

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