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1. Release the first Bayonetta on the Wii U

With the upcoming release of Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U, we the Bayonetta, Platinum, Nintendo, and Sega fans as well as game collectors would like for the company to make a port of the first Bayonetta game for the Wii U, this would benefit us all since the Wii U install base would grow as well as to prepare the newcomers for the sequel.

We want to show our support, give us the games and we will gladly get our Wii U if we don't have one already.

2. Bring Beyblade original characters back

I know there are still lots of fans who wants to watch original Beyblade..

Here are some Reason's for the continuation of G-revolution:

1. they'd make twice as much money;

2. g-revolution ended in such a cliffhanger and led everyone to believe there'd be a 4th season.

3. everyone misses the old teams!

4. End the 4th season with a solid ending,tie up all the loose ends!

5. they'd get a bigger audience. original fans and the new fans.

See link below for detailed reasons:

Like my fb page so that we can discuss how will i talk Nihon animedia into making Beyblade again:

Let it Rip !

3. An Island based company should be doing the Charlottetown fireworks for Canada day

In the last 10 years the city of Charlottetown has hired an out of province firework company to do the capital region shows for Canada day and its winter festival. That company has taken work from an island based and owned company who employs islanders trained and certified by ERD canada to do display fireworks.

Do you think PEI should have an island based company doing its fireworks at least once so that it can keep money in PEI and buy local rather then an out of province the company?

PEI Pyro FX has a top notch record in both safety and service, but yet has never been given opportunity to do a pro show in the capital region.

4. More CARTOONS on CN

for years cartoon network entertained families with their humorous cartoons and anime ,but now car ...... i mean CN has changed to one of those lame live action channels i mean is't that why we have disney and nick. any way cartoons are the things that brings family together so sign this petition to draw your family closer to the tv and to enjoy all the oldies but goodies we miss.

5. Bring back The Mask

If you are reading this it is because you know The Mask was one of the greats non-heroes (or hero in movie and TV show) of story. When the original comics ends in 2000 and then they make the worst sequel of history, it's time to playback!

The new generations deserves to meet the original and uncopied Mask, and how it could happen before to this years? Let's sign to the rise of The Mask; like in the original comics or like in the film or TV show, whatever let's do our best to see new stuff of The Mask. Let's put it in someone face!

6. Bring Back All Abouts!

For over 5 years one of my biggest selling cookies has been the All About. Every All About had a unique quality of Girl Scouts written on them; caring, respectful, and many others.

To many buyers and Girl Scouts of all ages, the All About was one of the original cookies, with its simple taste. Simply a flatbread cookie with a thin chocolate bottom, this cookie was a great snack and a commonly known cookie.

I took a vote around my area (Brewster, New York) and now that Girl Scouts isn't selling these anymore, our (Girl Scout) sales have dropped. Not only that, but people are complaining, "Where's my favorite cookie?"

7. Help Save America From Our government


America- Put down your guns and listen to us for a while.

America - I think your wrong.

America- I will turn off my T.V. i don't need your insane messages anymore.

America - I have my own thoughts i would like to explore now.

America - Why do you want me dead.

America - I don't think we should block our borders. I don't want to live like this

America - I think you are the breed of terrorist in the world.

America - Why do you want me to hate man.

America- I know what your up to and i don't want to be know as you

America - If i was god i would look at you as the devil.

America - You have gone to far I can't listen to you anymore.

America - Why do you look at the word love as a four letter word

America - I think it's time we all leave you. We are having a bad relationship it's not good for the children.

America - I hope after we are gone one day you will find all of us and maybe then you will be one of us.

I think it's time we all should start being proactive and assertive in taking our civil liberties back. We can start with that, then we can work on getting other things back from the government. Peace

~ Max The Happy Hippie~


It is time to fire the liars.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is
for good men to do nothing" .
--Edmund Burke
U.S.C. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 § 1001.
(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, WHOEVER, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—
(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by ANY trick, scheme, or device a material fact;
(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or
(3) makes or USES any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry; shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
(b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party's counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding.
(c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—
(1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or
(2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.


The Bush administration and their friends in the media want this story to go away. More than want it to go away, they are in a panic, and will do everything they can to stop it. They will use every dirty trick, every paid shill, every presstitute that they can. Already there is a report that the Michael Jackson jury is "expected" to reach a verdict just before the Conyers hearings.

So, I want YOU to copy this article off, post it everywhere. This article is placed in the public domain. Mail it to your friends. Then send it to your local media and your Congresscritters and have everyone you know do the same. Get on the phones. Flood their offices.

The term is "Viral Marketing" where you get the people who need a product to market it for you. Well, this nation NEEDS this "product". It needs to know that this war was started with lies. INTENTIONAL lies. And they need to know there is something they can do about it, and that is to start pounding on the doors of power.

Because when a flood of such messages reaches the Congress and the media, what they will hear is that there is no more time. Either they will deal with these lies and the liars, in full, or they will lose all credibility as a government and as media.

A government that lies to the people cannot be the legal government of this land. Make sure that they understand that YOU understand that the Constitution does not allow the government to lie to the people. Calling themselves the government does not make it so if they act unconstitutionally and illegally. The Constitution is the original "Contract with America" and a government that lies stands in clear breach of that contract.



“… the Pentagon findings on Halliburton overcharges are likely to fuel the allegations of favoritism, especially since it was revealed that the firm had been granted the contract to manage Iraq's oilfields, valued at up to $7 billion, without competition and without any bidding. Cheney's name inevitably surfaces

“Cheney(‘s)… links to Halliburton… have drawn intense scrutiny because he ran the company for five years and was given a $33 million payoff when he left to run for office. Before joining Halliburton he was secretary of defense, and in a position to know about and grant Pentagon contracts. Halliburton's military work has expanded over the past decade...

“During the decade of Halliburton's extraordinary growth, Cheney was the defense secretary for four years, from 1989-93, and then the chief executive of the company for five years, from 1995-2000.

“As vice president, Cheney has maintained his contacts with energy-industry executives and solicited their views in developing US energy policy. The secrecy of those contacts - which the White House refuses to divulge - is the subject of a US Supreme Court lawsuit.” - Halliburton Unscathed by Overcharge Flap


In October of 2004, Bunnatine Greenhouse called the Halliburton Middle East contracts into question…

“… Greenhouse said that when the Pentagon awarded Halliburton a five-year $7 billion contract, it pressured her to withdraw her objections, actions which she claimed were unprecedented in her experience.

“… the Army gave the no-bid contracts to Halliburton's subsidiary KBR for political reasons. Greenhouse charged that contracts were approved over her reservations, some of which were handwritten on the original contracts, and extensions of contracts were awarded because underlings signed them in collusion with senior officials without her knowledge.

“Greenhouse claimed the Army… violated ‘the integrity of the federal contracting program as it relates to a major defense contractor’. ‘Employees of the U.S. government have taken improper action that favored KBR's interests,’ Greenhouse wrote. ‘This conduct has violated specific regulations and calls into question the independence’ of the contracting process.” - Halliburton Contracts Illegal - But Bush Busts The Whistleblower

8. Help Resurrect LA FEMME NIKITA

La Femme Nikita was an exceptional espionage/spy drama that premiered on the USA cable network from January 1997 to March 2001. It was adapted for television by Joel Surnow from the original French film of the same title and ran for five consecutive seasons. During that time, it was the highest rated drama on cable television, and it went on to become a cult classic with viewers around the world.

As a weekly serial drama, La Femme Nikita was original and ahead of its time. The unique, innovative style of the show influenced numerous other television series and movies that followed. Revolving around complex moral and ethical dilemmas, it was intelligent, sophisticated, and darkly beautiful. For many, the fascination and genius of La Femme Nikita was its dark tone of modern minimalism and its unprecedented style of character development.

The program was of such outstanding caliber that there has never been another like it...before or since. La Femme Nikita has been profoundly missed and has left a void that no other program has filled. Thousands of individuals identified with the show on a deeply personal level and felt it became a part of their lives. On a global level, people passionately love it and have remained dedicated life-long fans.

Following a campaign in the summer of 2000 to save the series from cancellation, the devoted audience was given the gift of eight additional episodes. However, fans of this riveting and darkly engrossing drama were left with an unsatisfactory open-ending. Many viewers of the show felt they were denied closure and will never feel like complete resolution has been achieved until Michael and Nikita are reunited.

After seven years absence, the fans feel the return of La Femme Nikita would reward them for their loyalty and faithfulness, update them on the lives of the characters, and provide a positive and cathartic closure to a much beloved story.

9. Bring Back Digimon

This petition has been set up to bring back the original series of digimon onto television.

It was a massive success back in the 90s and i know many people that want to see it back on TV.

The new series, to be fair is not that good, and most of the digimon series were put onto sky. Bring back digimon.

10. A tribute to the classics

My petition pertains to a charitable event that could be held by the AFI and would involve celebrities duplicating famous and beautiful pictures of other celebrities from what is dubbed as the "golden age" of hollywood. And a golden age it was.

Movies were original and the plots were meaningful and moving, and hollywood was filled with a glamour and elegance, in the movies and people, that could never be duplicated. But it can be emulated, and beautifully I might add, by the celebrities of the day that owe their career to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburne, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, and Ingrid Bergman to name a few.

And I know some of you might be thinking "Why buy a remake when I could get the original?" The same reason they remake movies. To familiarize younger audiences with classics in a way they can relate, with actors and actresses they can relate to, or at least are familiar with. Not to mention the fun in seeing which legend your favorite celebrity resembles, and the charitable cause the proceeds go to.

And I'm sure the celebs would have fun paying homage to the ones those they admire and inspired them.

11. Opposition to amendment to Clarington Zoning By-Law

It has come to our attention that Prestonvale Heights has completed an application with the municipality of Clarington to change the original site plan.

The development of twelve townhouse units where originally planned to front onto Meadowglade Road. However, Prestonvale Heights has completed an application to change the original plans so that the townhomes front onto Beckett Crescent.

12. Bring It Back: Guerlain's ORIGINAL Teint Dore liquid

Guerlain's wonderful Teint Dore original liquid in a bottle was, as I understand it, first introduced around the time of World War Two. Since its conception, it has had a faithful and loyal following by many customers around the globe who treasured it.

In 2006, this fabulous product was discontinued and whilst another lovely Teint Dore product was introduced, in the hearts of many original Teint Dore users, it is simply not as glorious as the much loved original.

The new formulation simply paled by comparison to the scent, colour and texture of the original Teint Dore.

The scent of the original was a classic rose fragrance, which has been lost with susbequent formulations.

Rather than the fine 'nectar' of the original liquid, other (so-called Teint Dore) products lacked the beautiful pink/bronze of the original.

It was indeed the unique pink-tone of the original that made it stand out so dramatically and spectacularly from the crowd.

13. Budget revision: West Meadow Hill Condo Association

July 21, 2006

West Meadow Hill Condo Association:

We are petitionong the current budget that was voted on in the annual meeting held on May 16, 2006.

We request a new meeting be held to review the budget as the original budget sent to unit owners was changed the night of the annual meeting and those not in attendance had given proxies based on the budget that was mailed.

14. Bring back the original Milo Bar

The original Nestlé Milo Bar which was simply Milo covered in chocolate was an Australian classic.

The new one just doesn't compare.

Nestlé: There are many people out there missing the original Milo Bar.

Please bring it back!


June 27, 2006






16. Bring back the original Crossroads

June 6, 2006

CROSSROADS the midlands tv motel soap refuses to die, started on ATV in 1964 it became a screen legend with meg richardson, diane hunter, benny hawkins and so many others.

CENTRAL tryed to distroy CROSSROADS in the 1980s and it was axed in 1988.

CROSSROADS returned in 2000 it was not the same so as we say we demand as fans the original CROSSROADS back as ATV made it not some joke like before so wake up itv and bring back this legend properly.

17. BRING BACK 80's Shows

May 24, 2006

We need to bring back the good times and happy times. They should create an 80s station and maybe even two. For the following shows:

Punky Bruister,
Facts of Life,
Night Rider,
My Two Dads,
Kate and Ally,
Double Dare
Kids Incorporated,
A Team
Different Stokes
Swans Crossing,
David the Knomb
the Little Prince,
Fraggle Rock,
Speed Racer,
original Strawberry Shortcake,
original Rainbow Bright,
original Care Bears,
Welcome to Pooh Corner,
Dumb Bos Circus,
original Get Along Gang
Fresh Prince
Growing Pains,
Whos the Boss,
Charles in Charge,
Out of this World
Magnum P.I.
original Inspector Gadget,
80s Mickey Mouse club,
Cagney and Lacy,
Spencer for hire,
Simon and Simon,
Murder She Wrote,
Perfect Strangers,
Reminton Steal,
the Equilizer,
original He-man
original She-ra
original Snorks
Knots Landing,
Head of the Class
Fun House
Cosby Show
Family Matters,
The Love Boat,
original Pound Puppies
the Electric Company

Some or all of these shows might still be on tv however they are all spread out and aren't on in all areas.

I feel that there should be a channel created possibly two so that only the 80s shows and cartoons could be seen and relived.

Back before television was depressing and before it was too real.

18. Return Original English Voice Actors to "My Neighbor Totoro"

March 26, 2006

A petition to The Walt Disney Company/Buena Vista Home Entertainment to return the original English voice actors to the DVD version.

In 1994, the Buena Vista Home Entertainment (a sub-division of The Walt Disney Company) released an English dubbed version of the highly popular 1988, "My Neighbor Totoro" from Studio Ghibli.

This movie has not been available for DVD until this year (2006). This DVD version has been highly anticipated by many families, japanese anime fans, and general public. However, it was never made known to the public that Disney changed the entire voice acting cast to instead cast bankable well-known names to the characters (i.e. Tim Daly, Dakota Fanning and her sister, Lea Salonga).

In fact, the even changed the voice to Totoro! The original voice acting was very well received (what IMDB calls the 'Troma' version, but the 'Troma' version was released through Buena Vista Home Entertainment) and many loved the dubbed version.

Why Disney presumed that they needed to change the actors is unclear as well as why the original voice actors have not voiced a complaint.

So this petition is to voice that complaint against Disney and to urge Disney to re-release the DVD with the original voice acting cast.

19. Put Original Strawberry Shortcake episodes/specials on DVD!

There is such a demand for eighties cartoons to come back in the form of merchandising products and dvds that people who do not own copy rights are making money off of reproducing product from the originals! I have fallen victim to an illegal reproduction scam since I was looking for the original Strawberry Shortcake TV episodes and specials on DVD!

Please get a complete Season 1 and 2 on DVD and include the specials within those compilations. Thank you!!!!

20. Bring Back the Original DNA by Bijan eau de parfum

Contact Bijan:
By Phone: (310) 273-6544
By Mail:
Attn: Fragrance Department
420 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This is a petition to bring back the original DNA by Bijan Eau De Parfum that was discontinued some time ago.

21. Get the Original Double Dare back on Nickelodeon

Nov 25, 2004

I have been a big fan of Double Dare for as long as I can remember. I don't have Nick GaS on my DirecTV package, in fact, Nick GaS, which carries all versions of Double Dare, isn't even on any of DirecTV's Total Choice packages!!

To anyone who really misses the gak flying and the slime spewing, sign here.

22. To vacate the alley at sec 33, block 16 of the original platt of Ontario

The petition to be considered is to vacate an ally way at said location. The ally borders the property of Todd and Christine Ferguson, Jeff Mobley and Basil Wallace. The ally runs east and west through the center of said block. This ally is now and has been unusable due to a pole barn built on property that Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson recently purchased.

Closing this ally was never an issue because all owners knew that it was unusable. Now we all would like to improve and modify our property, now it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

23. Make Nickelodeon Good Again!

Nickeldeon was once one of the best channels on television, the beggining of it's peak days began in the early 90's when it hosted such greats as Rugrats, Doug, and Rocco's Modern Life. Kablaam! was also OK, but mostly because of Action League Now, and a very good gameshow lineup. However, All of these shows were cancelled in the mid ninties, Doug continued on Disney following this, but it wasn't very good. In 1997, Rugrats was revived again, but it reeked on hard ice, and it has ever since then. However, after it's mid 90's 'Dark Years', Nick reedeemed itself by airing Hey Arnold, The Angry Beavers, and a new gameshow called Figure It Out, which kept reason for watching Nick. However, Nick also aired Oh Yeah Cartoons this year, which stunk, but that din't matter. Because in 1999, Nickeldeon would air it's greatest show yet, Spongebob Squarepants. Angry Beavers and Figure It Out were cancelled in 2000, but Nickelodeon would get even better in 2001 when it aired Fairly Oddparents and Invader ZIM. These two shows, as well as Hey Arnold and Spongebob, gave nick a best lineup it had had since the Early 90's. As well as being accompainied by Jimmy Nuetron and the then-great Chalkzone in 2002, Nickelodeon was the only channel I watched in quite some time.

But then Nick fell into another dark age.

In late 2003, Nickelodeon had a new president, her name is Cyma something, I don't know her full name, but I hate her with burning passion, it all started when Nickelodeon cancelled Invader ZIM, but the worst was yet to come, Nick also threatend to cancel Spongebob Squarepants, a descision still under debate, Hey Arnold stopped making new episodes in 2004, Chalkzone and Fairly Oddparents original Directors were forced off their shows by Nick, and they started to reek, and Nickelodeon now has morebad shows than ever, while these shows suffer, terrible s shows like All Grown Up, Rocket Power, Danny Phantom, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Corniel & Bernie, As Told By Ginger, and the long since jumped the shark Rugrats continue to thrive while these wonderful shows are cancelled, ending, and jumping the shark. We would like to save Nickelodeon from this terrible spree. Heres what we should do.

1. Save Spongebob Squarepants.

2. Bring Invader ZIM back from cancellation with new episodes.

3. Save Hey Arnold.

4. Give Fairly Oddparents and Chalkzone back to their original creators.

5. Cancel Rugrats.

6. Cancel All Grown Up.

7. Cancel Rocket Power.

8. Cancel Danny Phantom.

9. Cancel My Life As A Teenage Robot.

10. Cancel As Told By Ginger.

11. Revive Rocco's Modern Life With New Episodes.

12. Revive The Angry Beavers with new episodes.

13. Revive Figure It Out With New Episodes.

14. Bring Doug Back From Disney And Revive It With New Episodes.

15. Bring Back The Nicktoon Summer Beach House.

16. Bring Back Slimetime Live.

17. Get Rid Of Splat!.

18. Stop Glorification Of Teen Culture On Nickelodeon.

19. Bring Back Action League Now


That is all, if you agree with me on at least one of these ideas please sign this petition, it will make Nickelodeon what it was in the early 90's, late 90's, and up until now early 2000's again.

A great channel.

24. Bring Back old Nickelodeon Shows

Nickelodeon used to have tons of great shows that all ages could enjoy such as the original All That, the original Double Dare, the original Are You Afraid of the Dark, Pete & Pete, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Clarissa Explains it All, Figure It Out, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, You Can't Do That on Television, What Would You Do, Kenan & Kel.

They stopped making those shows in favor of shows that are suitable ONLY for younger audiences (age 5 and down). We want to get these shows back on the air as re-runs on a separate basic-cable channel, possibly called "RetroNick" or "Old School Nick."

25. Give Nickeldeon A Clue!

Recently, Nickeldeon has been making many stupid descisions. It really ticks me off how Nick decided to cancel their best and most popular show, Spongebob Squarepants, had they kept on they would make a fortune, but for reasons unknown they want to cancel it, in turn, Nicks other greats, such as Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, and Fairly Oddparents have dark futures ahead of them as well. These are the shows that are holding Nick together, but Nick just can' see that.

In the mean time, you probably have a question, if Nick isn't paying attention to it's good shows what is it paying attention to, Nick is paying attention to it's bad shows. Like heck-awful Rugrats! Oh my god, seasons 1-3 were great, but Nick had to get rid of the good writers and replace them with their cruddy writers, and the show became retarded! Now they are still showing new episodes after 10 stinking seasons! Haven't we had enough of those stupid little babies! As well, it even has a spinoff! All Grown Up, which nobody watches, but they act like it's their best show! Please, in fact, every show made by the Klasky-Csupo company EXCEPT The Wild Thronberry's reeks! As well, even Nickeldeons so-so shows, like Chalkzone, are beggining to become annoying. I would like Nick to change a few things.

1. Save Spongebob from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

2. Save Invader Zim from Cancellation and make new episdoes written by original writers

3. Save Hey Arnold from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

4. Extend Fairly Oddparents air time by a few more seasons and give the show back to Butch Hartman so he can make good new episodes instead of Nick's writers cruddy ones.

5.Cancel Rugrats and All Grown Up, and DO NOT even show reruns!

6. Cancel All other Klasky-Csupo Shows EXCEPT The Wild Thorberry's (which from what I here is already cancelled)

7. Chalkzone was only good in it's first season, please don't ruin it!

26. Nolans to reunite! Girl power!

To reunite the original line-up of the all singing and dancing eighties girl group the Nolans.

27. Bring back Voltron Cartoon Network

We want a new Voltron cartoon with anime style drawings based on the original series. Since the early to late 80's cartoons are making a coming back He-man,TMNT,Transformers It only seems a must to have one of the greatest ''Voltron'' come back also. It has given ideas to many of todays shows Power Rangers,Gundam and Neo Geniesis. It is now that we must take a stand and bring back GREAT cartoons. Cartoon Network please make this happan bring us an NEW Voltron.

28. Keep the original Transformers cartoon on Cartoonnetwork

I always wanted to see the original transformers cartoon. I think they could put it on cartoon network.

29. Preserve 2Pac's Songs

This petition is aimed at getting Amaru/Deathrow records among other owners of 2Pac's unreleased material to think about releasing songs in there original from instead of otherwise remixing them.

30. Foxbox - change back to Foxkids

Foxbox is boring and has by far the most terrible tv shows. Except for ultimate mucsle. I used to like that channel. With its old roster of shows including digimon and the original name Foxkids. I used to like before they changed it. But we can unite to change it back. Ill need all your help!Also for the website to be back to original with all those cool games.