Queer Kid Stuff is a YouTube channel in which Lyndsay Amer is teaching children with a target audience of ages three to seven years old, all about sexuality. She says that being gay is perfectly fine and even cool. She also teaches them about being transgender and encouraging children to be whatever gender they want. In one video she puts fifth grade sex education in terms a toddler would understand which is something most parents don't want their children to learn until they take the official sex Ed class. Parents could have no clue as to what their children are watching on YouTube and then out of nowhere, be hammered down by questions about sex. This behavior is unacceptable. Children should grow into their sexuality naturally instead of having it shoved down their throats. When this petition is complete, Queer Kid Stuff along with her personal channel just simply called Lindsay Amer, will be shit down.

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The Get rid of Queer Kid Stuff and Lindsay Amer petition to Youtube was written by Avery Hefty and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.