Manchester Student Village North - Lower Chatham St
United Kingdom

Fed up with the internet in MSV? Think you've paid too much for something that barely works? Then sign this petition to get Hornet Internet in the student village!

Since moving into MSV last year in September 2007 I regrettably signed up for the deluxe package of a 2mb connection for a whopping £250. Firstly this is an outrage to charge so much for us students to pay. It’s even more frustrating that you don't always get the full bandwidth speed. Downloading or streaming anything is a joke as it takes bloody ages. I for one ain’t gonna take it no more so I’ve created this petition to get Hornet to supply the internet here in MSV.

On average I can download around 50 kb/s which is 5 times slower than what I should be getting (~250kb/s). I can only imagine what people on the lower package (512kps) are experiencing.

Hornet Internet is so much better in terms of that its cheaper (Private Halls that Hornet provides for charge around £100), faster (10mb connection to each room) and more importantly is more badass than CableCom.

If anyone lived in Halls where Hornet is provided will know that it’s the fastest thing ever and it was so good downloading at 1mb/s.

In conclusion please help me by supporting this petition and I will get into contact with MSV management to see if we can get into some kind of agreement.

Thank You


Tired of waiting ages for your downloads to finish? Annoyed that your web pages don’t load fast enough?

Then sign this petition!!!

With enough signatures we can provoke MSV to consider switching their internet provider.

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