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1. Stop British Terrorism

How many more deaths must we suffer from at the hands of brainwashed terrorists ? When will action be taken instead of simply brushing it under the carpet. We need boots on ground. Not dropping bombs killing innocent people. Send in troops. Specially trained armed forces. Ask for volunteers. I know i would sign up and take a trip out to help. ITS TIME TO TAKE ACTION. for the futre of our children. Put an end to ISIS cowards....

2. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


3. Save our rail services

CrossCountry Trains have announced that they plan to slash rail services from the North to South Devon to just one direct service a day with no direct return service.

We, the undersigned, believe this will further isolate an already poorly served area and cause economic damage to Torbay and South Devon.

The plan will damage tourism and threaten economic investment.

Cutting train services to Birmingham and Manchester will disconnect Torbay from these vital economic growth areas.

4. Louis Van Gaal out!

The spark, the passion, the sheer joy appears to have dissipated from the players, the coaches and a lot of supporters.

We barely recognize the majestic team we know and love, who were winners of games and competitions, our heroes.

5. Save the Boozebulance and the Drink Doctor

We are a small compliant running for 10 years and a single complain in 10 years is going to close us. When other companies are flouting the law and selling illegal substances.

Booze Manchester, Dial a drink, booze doctor (name stolen from us) are all owned by Adam Thompson who is in prison for attempted murder, this is a massive breach of his personal licence, however the company still trades.

I have a little marketing that was both funny and loosely based on the old english term 'what's your medicine' adapted by Damian Hurst in the famous Pharmacy bar and the ASA want us to change everything.

Dr Pepper, Rug Doctor, Food Doctor and Drain Doctor are established companies which are for some reason exempt from this clause.

We never state, suggest or promote the fact of alcohol having ANY therapeutic qualities and unlike the 'Guinness is good for you' campaign of the past we state its not good for you and 'in moderation', not serving MANY we believe have a problem with alcohol or are clearly too drunk when we go to deliver.

6. Arriva 19/19A Service To Re-Revise timetable ******** Altrincham - Manchester Airport

Arriva have decided to issue a new timetable for this route that operates Altrincham to Manchester Airport. However this is not viable to airport workers or school children, as the company have changed all times as well as introducing a new 19A service that stops in Sale Town Centre.......

This affects people who work at Wythenshawe Hospital and Manchester Airport, not forgetting the school children from Sale High and more.

7. Protect the Gay Village, Manchester

The internationally famous 'Gay Village' in Manchester is facing many difficulties as an area and its legacy is under threat.

Respondents are encouraged to sign this petition and state their concerns about the famous 'gay area' and to suggest the support that they believe it needs.

Supporting this petition is to request support from leaders and organizations that can help the LGBTQ community evolve and overcome difficulties faced within this area.

The infamous headline in Manchester Evening News in April 2013 prophesied the death of the Gay Village 'within five years', was made. Yet this ongoing struggle has been years in the making and is a sign of a long term lack of investment or strategy.

Notably there has been an absence of an online consultation of LGBTQ residents of Manchester, despite these requests for a think tank and inclusive public dialogue

Signing this petition is to agree that somehow LGBTQ is disempowered in being self-defining and changes for the safety and evolution of the Gay Village are needed to protect its future.

In signing the petition also add your areas of concern and your voice to what the Village needs to become.

Your primary concerns might include:

• The overall demise and decline of the area which concerns you for the Gay Villages future
• The lack of investment into the Gay Village, despite it being an area that needs support, funding and consideration of improving the area with Heritage and Arts and Culture funding and representation
• The failure of the Pride model to put reasonable or fair investment back into the Gay Village, recent years 'donations' to charity barely exceeding 5%
• A desire to see more ‘alternatives’ to a drinking culture in terms of possible community space, arts centre, museum, performance space, market, encouraging community and activities, markets and support for small businesses
• The licensing concerns of takeaways, irresponsible bar and door policies, taxis and the restrictions put upon bars wishing to individuate their businesses
• Concerns of safety and crime within the Village, though a challenge for the whole city centre, consideration of safety is needed to prevent hate crimes, becoming the victim of crime, to make a realistic and 'safe' drug policy, to keep all people safe and reduce the exploitation of homeless, sex workers and vulnerable people
• Poor Leadership and evidenced strategies from an individual in the Council's LGBT Lead, e.g. after the EMRO debate and its procedural homophobia
• Wasteland and unoccupied buildings that could be of cultural benefit. Business rents that exclude pioneering enterprise and penalize business and free enterprise
• An absence of a Community Model for business and improving the Village
• Representation needs to be enhanced to be inclusive of the many voices of the LGBTQ and community projects and premises that are used to benefit the Village and are unrelated to alcohol

For those who wish to go into detail please share this online questionnaire designed to gather more detail upon LGBTQ Manchester's opinions in the absence of such official research -

8. Sack CEO Ed Woodward

The worst transfer window in Manchester United's history came to an end with only Maroune Fellaini joining the champions from Everton in a deal of around 27.5 million pounds.

In the most importamt summer for the Red Devils in past 26 years, without Sir Alex Ferguson - United should have made the statement to the footballing world by signing a marquee player to prove that there will be business as usual even without the great man in charge.

But what we saw in the last couple of months was an embarassing window and humiliation as day by day United kept losing their top transfer targets. From Cesc Fabregas to Ander Hererra, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Garaeth Bale, United were left red-faced. David Moyes had the funds and ambition to bolster his squad, but the word within the football industry was that United's new so-called CEO Ed Woodward was learning the hard way that buying players was a different ball game to selling shirt space and sponsorship deals to companies.

Let's start with the Fellaini deal. A month ago Fellaini had a 23-million-pound release clause which could have been easily met. But at that time United were interested in Fabregas, who was never interested in moving from his childhoold club Barcelona, but it did not stop Woodward from making three ridiculous below-par deals for a classy midfielder. Fast forward to August 31, if we did not think Fellaini was worth 23 million pounds in early August, why is he suddenly worth 4.5 million pounds more a month later? Absolutely shocking!

Despite the club's reputation at stake and having funds available to get big players, Woodward was clueless throughout the summer. The first target was Barcelona's Thiago Alcantara who ended up signing for Bayern Munich for 22 million pounds. Thiago was almost certain to join the club but Woodword could not close the deal and the player opted for Bayern Munich instead of United. Then it was the embarassing chase of Fabregas. Without even talking to his agent and player himself, United continued to bid for him and the saga only stopped when Fabregas himself told that he is not interested in leaving Barcelona. This chase was unlike United of the past. Under Ferguson and then CEO David Gill, United always had talks with the player and his agent and only then they took forward the case. Another disaster!

Then comes the biggest shock of all. According to reports, Mesut Ozil was offered to United but Red Devils rejected it, and Arsenal were able to complete the signing. Read that again. United rejected the chance to sign Ozil - the player that would have made United favourite for the title without a shadow of doubt. But what beats all is the Anders Herrera story.

Ander Herrera had a buyout clause of 30.5 million pounds, and with the transfer window to end within a few hours, everyone would have expected that the club wil pay the clause and deal will be sealed before 2300 BST. But no, United did not feel that the player was this expensive. Well, if you don't think you can pay the buyout clause, then why bid and waste time. Everyone knows Athletic Bilbao will never take a penny less than what is quoted but somehow United thought they can pull this off, but at the end of the day, they even reportedly sent their representatives to La Liga headqarters to get the deal done but were not prepared to pay the full asking price. United were the one who were left embarassed, once again.

United's approach to this transfer window showed Woodward's arrogance and also proved that he is not the right man for the job. At the time when Real Madrid have brought Bale for 100 million euros and the likes of Edison Cavani, Gonzalo Higuain and Ozil have made big-money moves, United should think about changing their transfer policy if they want to compete for trophies or they can see their downfall like Arsenal or Liverpool in the past decade or two. They have to sack Woodward from the position of CEO and it should be Sir Alex who should be made in charge of handling the transfers at United.

9. Charter Service for the rest of Coffee County Manchester TN

The Northern part of coffee county has limited number of choices for tv services, Internet service, and phone service.

These are limited to directv or dish network and thier partners. After living 3/4 of a mile to where service has ended for charter.

10. Investigate GNC Service Charges

We ask that the council investigate these disproportionate service charges and the cost of being under GNC management.

We also petition against perceived inadequacies in customer services, communication with residents, failures in being receptive to repairs, maintenance and improvements.

We wish for support from the Councillors, MPs and Manchester City Council to address these serious concerns as appropriate and seek solutions and support for residents facing another service charge increase in these times of austerity. Please refer now to bullet points below about various examples of concerns.

Whichever GNC Managed building you live in, please do give examples of your experiences of GNC management.

PLEASE NOTE: You can hide your name and be anonymous, though you are officially signing this petition with your address and full postcode.

Service Charge:
• Long terms discontents with Northern Counties and now Guinness Northern Counties, stemming back to the nineties and records of their accounts.
• Service charges increases occurring without consultation across several years far beyond what is reasonable
• Unjustifiable service charge as one of the highest in Manchester City Centre and in comparison poor service, development, poor communal areas and provisions to justify this cost especially in comparison to firms managed by Managing Agents getting far greater value

Customer Services:
• Concerns about transparency and communication with residents
• Failure to respond in timely manner to complaints and a sense of not being taken seriously for a very long time in GNC’s premises

Repairs, Security & Improvements:
• Unjustifiably expensive contactors and paying far more than is reasonable (e.g. comparing neighbouring properties like Venice Court cleaning of windows of three blocks to ours, the cleaning costs, repairs to doors, carpets etc. being extraordinarily costly)
• Concerns about security and being untruthful to residents (e.g. about CCTV ‘dummy’)
• The nature of how repairs are communicated
• Denial of problems and the lack of reparation sought and concerns of internal structures
• The ‘non improvement’ clause used to justify inaction in necessary repairs to the or to utilize funds for improvements to the buildings

11. Save the Manchester IOH Pool

Ok Facebook Friends, and especially Manchester Alumni: I am posting this cause I plan on acting on this and need your help.

The Town of Manchester now has proposed to close the I.O.H. Pool at the High School because it costs them $55,000/year to operate.Link to article-

The current yearly budget is $169.4 million dollars-which is like saying your child cannot have an ice cream cone once a week because we are trying to cut back.

The IOH pool is primarily used for teaching special needs children and adults how to swim or interact with water. In high school I volunteered as an instructor to teach basic swimming skills to special needs individuals. I could see the joy first hand from the parents and children that this experience offered to them. For such a small price that joy seems invaluable to me.

Please sign this petition that I will present at the town hearing this Thursday, March 14, 2013.

Thank you.

12. Save Rileys Snooker in Manchester


Rileys 'THE authentic' sports bar faces a battle to keep YOUR club here on Deansgate.

The club is enormously valued and Rileys began life in this city more than 130 years ago, please do not let such an important sport and name leave Manchester.

13. Lets get the Phoenix Boys to do a naked Calendar (calendar girl style)

Just for fun lets see how many people/ladies signatures we can get and maybe get them to actually do a naked calendar - proceeds to the Foundation!!

14. Bring GTA 5 to Manchester

GTA has been in a global phenomenom for since 1997, it has featured locations based on New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Not to mention smaller locations such as Chinatown, New Jersey and London in 1969.

The time has come to inject some international flavour to the series by bringing it to the United Kingdom and more importantly Manchester.

15. Make it harder for rich businessmen to take over football clubs

I am making this petition to persuade the FA to make it more difficult for wealthy businessmen to take over clubs and give them an unfair advantage.

A good example of this was the takeover of English club Manchester City FC by Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan in September 2008. The club have become a top club in the world signing some of the most skilled players in the game, such as Robinho, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli and Samir Nasri.

Manchester City FC do not have a history of great success, whereas clubs such as Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal do. But Man City were just taken over and suddenly become one of the best teams.

Aston Villa used to be one of the most successful teams, winning the league, FA Cup and other competitions, but now they are less successful and normally slipping into the top half.

Please sign to stop football teams getting unfair advantages by takeover by rich businessmen and the signing of quality players.

16. Against Compulsory UK Airport Body Scanners

The idea of having to either use the body scanner or be denied travel is against human rights.

Passengers, especially children, should have the right to have an opt-out system like some American airports do. To chose between the full body scanner, or a pat-down or a strip-search in serious cases.

This is basic human rights.

17. Love Levenshulme, Hate the Cuts

Local campaigners for Save Levenshulme Pool are also angry at the level of cuts imposed upon Manchester.

Many services and jobs are under threat. This petition is to express our concerns about the cuts in the area.

18. Save George and Nobby's medals are setting up this petition to Manchester United Football Club, its players and employees, and the English Football Association to alert them to the already public situation of the families of former players Nobby Stiles and George Best.

Both players represented United with distinction yet both players medals and other mementoes are due to be sold at auction due to the families hitting financial difficulties. Nobby Stiles collection will be sold at Convery Auctions in Edinburgh on October 27th and George Bests at Bonham’s auction house in Chester on October 20th.

19. Washington Needs Sandy Lambert - Literacy Facilitator

Ms. Sandy Lambert – Literacy Facilitator to our school for 8 years, has been reassigned to fill a newly created position at Central Office.

My understanding is that Ms. Lambert will be allowed to dedicate 20% of her time to Washington but that no other facilitator(s) are slated to replace her. This means that Washington will be the only Title 1 School in the district without a full time Literacy Facilitator. Ms. Lambert, one individual, is THE driving force behind a three page long list of programs/services that our students and families currently receive. She is involved in almost every literacy related activity, service or program in our school.

These programs are vital to the success of our students and are crucial to engaging the families in our community. Most of these programs/services WILL NOT HAPPEN WHEN SHE IS GONE. Her drive, commitment and devotion to our school is a priceless resource and we can not allow the BOE or Central Office to remove her from our school.

20. Review Manchester United And Chelsea "Offside Goal" (April 3rd)

The Football Match Between Manchester United And Chelsea is a big big match all the time but this season with just points in between the top 2, it counts more than ever that a referee or a linesman is accurate and fair.

Chelsea player Drogba scored a goal from which was clearly a off-side position and the linesman Simon Beck was clearly able to see this, and he has been penalised by being demoted to Championship duty.

But Why should a team also be penalised?
Manchester United in this case.

The Goal was offside and it should not count.

21. COMITATO PROMOTORE PETIZIONE Collegamento Aereo Manchester - Palermo

Gli intervenuti,con votazione unanime,hanno deciso di costituire un Comitato promotore petizione collegamento aereo Manchester – Palermo che avra’ il compito di attivarsi nel proporre a tutti i nostri corregionali e connazionali del nord della Gran Bretagna ed a qualsiasi altra persona che sia interessata,di firmare una petizione che sara’ recapitata agli organi istituzionali della regione Siciliana.

22. Contro la chiusura del Consolato d'Italia a Manchester - a cura del Comites di Manchester

Nella riunione del 12 giugno 2009 il Comitato ha deciso il lancio di una petizione contro la chiusura del Consolato d'Italia a Manchester. Il testo della petizione e' riportato di seguito.

23. Upper Space needs a new home!!!

Upper Space was started by the Arts07 award winning Sketch City in 2007. Built over the last year and a half in an old warehouse in the cultural heart of Manchester, Upper Space is home to the region's first street art gallery space, a cafe, an event space and alternative clothing boutique.

Adopting Manchester's world renowned D.I.Y. approach to innovation and the arts, Sketch City and Marbella Cafe were joined by over 30 volunteers who gave their time and skills over the course of 6 months for the creation of a new, exciting social and artistic hub in the heart of the northern quarter of Manchester. Seeing the potential of the space and the shared ethos of the people involved, a Community Interest Company was formed that brought together Sketch City, Marbella Creative Industries and the Silverwood shop to create the Upper Space Collective. A proper grass roots venture.

Opening in February 2008, the Upper Space took the city by storm and soon developed a reputation for cutting edge events, gallery shows and promoting inclusivity to the arts across the spectrum. Having helped launch the careers of some of the regions most exciting, contemporary up and coming street artists, our aim is to promote the visual arts and the social within the city centre of Manchester and further afield.

Upper Space employees arrived to work on the 3rd of December to find the doors to the building chained and padlocked, the dispute, between the owners of the building and Sunshine Studios has resulted in Upper Space being given the options of paying 50% more rent or closing. With no forewarning being given at all to the events of the morning, Upper Space has been temporarily occupied by members of the collective until we can remove the artists work and our possessions from the building and relocate to a new premises.

24. Remove The Butty Bar

The 'Butty Bar +' was subject to a compulsory purchase order some 5 years (approx 2003). As such it was purchased by the North West Regional Development Agency, with the understanding that it would be demolished shortly afterwards.

The intention of this was to remove the building and use the space it occupies to create something environmentally enriching and more in keeping with the area.

Ancoats is an area of huge investment, and one of Conservation. Despite this the 'Butty Bar +' is still standing to this date with no plans for demolition or improvements on the table. The building is now in an ever failing state of repair and the car-park is generally full of litter etc.

The aim of this petition is to show the NWrDA that local residents consider this building to be a detraction from the conservation area that is Ancoats, and that definitive action needs to be taken to demolish the building and replace with something appropriate.

In the short term we also propose that the NWrDA tidy up the building and its surrounding land.


An NWDA spokesperson said May 2009:
Hello Phill,

I've made enquiries about the building on Pickford Street. My colleagues in New East Manchester's have updated me on the proposals for this building.

You are no doubt already aware that the building is in the Ancoats conservation area. A policy is in place that prevents demolition of buildings until a future use for the site has been identified and the resources necessary have been secured. Recently however NWDA drew up a list of a number of building it felt warranted demolition even if a permanent future use has not been identified. The former sandwich shop on Pickford Street was one of these and the case for it's demolition has been accepted. In fact it was the only one on the list that was. The short-term intention will be to demolish the building, and tarmac over and secure with drop down bollards and boundary treatment. This will significantly reduce the level and range of antisocial behaviour and other activity you referred to in your email.

NWDA are to submit a planning application to Manchester City Council's Planning Department soon. Residents in the immediate area should receive notice of this, providing more details. It is estimated that, subject to planning approval, the start on site for demolition will be in around 6 months time.

Furthermore Christine Pulford, the Street Environment Manager has made a visit to the site this morning and requested that both NWDA (owners of the former sandwich shop) and Braemar (your managing agent) take action to clear of the litter she found on both sites. Christine will continue to monitor sites in and around Ancoats and report/request clean up as and when identified. Residents reporting issues however will assist her in this task. I would like to thank you therefore for bringing this to my attention.

I hope you are happy with the contents in this email.

Philip Bradley
Principal Regeneration Officer and
Ancoats & Clayton and Miles Platting & Newton Heath Ward Co-ordinator
New East Manchester
187, Grey Mare Lane
M11 3ND

How do you feel about this being turned into commercial use land for another building?

25. Eliminate the congestion charge in Manchester

I am petitioning against the congestion charges in manchester, this is ridiculous as the price of petrol and diesel is already climbing and the cost of living has increased unfortunately our wages have not increased to pay for these stupid charges.

This is also ridiculous for the people whom live within the Manchester area.

Stop Congestion Charges!!

26. Keep The Crypt Metal

On 15th February 2008, The Crypt launched a weekly metal night. Housed within The Spinner's Arms, in Hadfield, Derbyshire, it was a unique venue.

Although tiny, it rapidly established a solid reputation, with both bands and music lovers. Bands loved playing there and people enjoyed the chance to see bands from all over the UK, for free.

Although a critical success, The Crypt was never given the chance to become a commercial one. After only 3 months, the decision was made to stop the metal gigs.

This decision was made by the pub's financial backers, on economic grounds. As a non-ticketted venue, The Crypt was funded by the bar takings, and wasn't taking enough money on Friday nights to justify the expense.

It is quite likely that, instead of metal gigs, The Crypt will now be used mainly as a "clubland" disco, as this has lower overheads and is potentially more profitable.

It is our belief that there is enough support to make The Crypt an economically viable metal venue, and we are asking for as many people as possible to help us prove that.

27. Big Screens In Manchester For The Champions League Final

The petition is for the right for all Manchester United fans to watch the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final on big screens in Manchester. As of today the Manchester City Council has said there will be no screens up on the 21st May for us fans. This is all because of a small minority of Glasgow Rangers fans who started a riot in Manchester on the 14th May 2008 for the UEFA Cup Final.

Their reason for doing this is because one of the many screens across the city stopped working. This is no excuse for violence but it is also no excuse for the council to punish the people of its own city. Do the council actually think that on May 21st if the screen fails again that the people of its own city will trash it?

Please sign this petition to get the council to put up the screens for us. It is reported that thousands of fans from all over England and Ireland are coming to Manchester for the final but now have nowhere to watch it. All pubs are charging to get in and have sold out of tickets so many people are going to be left disappointed and are going to struggle to find somewhere to see the match.

The people of Manchester are being punished for something people from another country have done to our city. Big screens are being put up in London for Chelsea fans who are going to enjoy a great atmosphere with fellow supporters, whereas in Manchester they're doing nothing other than leaving fans with nowhere to watch the game.

This is part of the statement concerning Manchester United fans the council made after the riots in Manchester following the UEFA Cup Final.

"We're going to have to disappoint a lot of Manchester United fans and we're sorry to disappoint them," said council leader Sir Richard Leese.

"But our view, the council and the police, is that it would be unacceptable to city centre residents, businesses and other users of the city centre to have big screens next week after what happened last night."

28. Get Hornet Internet in Manchester Student Village North

Fed up with the internet in MSV? Think you've paid too much for something that barely works? Then sign this petition to get Hornet Internet in the student village!

Since moving into MSV last year in September 2007 I regrettably signed up for the deluxe package of a 2mb connection for a whopping £250. Firstly this is an outrage to charge so much for us students to pay. It’s even more frustrating that you don't always get the full bandwidth speed. Downloading or streaming anything is a joke as it takes bloody ages. I for one ain’t gonna take it no more so I’ve created this petition to get Hornet to supply the internet here in MSV.

On average I can download around 50 kb/s which is 5 times slower than what I should be getting (~250kb/s). I can only imagine what people on the lower package (512kps) are experiencing.

Hornet Internet is so much better in terms of that its cheaper (Private Halls that Hornet provides for charge around £100), faster (10mb connection to each room) and more importantly is more badass than CableCom.

If anyone lived in Halls where Hornet is provided will know that it’s the fastest thing ever and it was so good downloading at 1mb/s.

In conclusion please help me by supporting this petition and I will get into contact with MSV management to see if we can get into some kind of agreement.

Thank You

29. Return 96.2 the Revolution to its former glory

On it's website 96.2 The Revolution states that it is:

"A radio station that covers all of Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside and Greater Manchester. That's a potential audience of almost half a million people."

It has marketed itself as a station that:

"Only plays good records - not the commercial dribble you may hear on other stations."

Listeners have enjoyed good quality indie, rock, punk and alternative music and the station has championed unsigned local bands that have since secured record contracts. Many of the DJ's that have presented shows on the station have an excellent broad knowledge of music spanning decades, upto and including new artists - local and international. Some of the DJ's are famous acclaimed local musicians.

Recent listener figures show a large drop to only 19000 listeners in December 2007. Details taken from RAJAR figures and can be viewed in full at

There is no publically available information to explain the drop in listener figures.

Over recent months the stations response to this situation appears to have been to dramatically reduce the number of presenters/DJs and more recently to introduce commercial artists onto the playlists which is exactly what the station still markets itself as not playing.

As a listener to 96.2 The Revolution I became increasingly frustrated with these changes and considered switching to another station or simply playing my own music. I concluded that I should channel my frustration into creating a 'myspace' page to express my frustration and to provide a forum for other listeners that may feel the same way. (Please see website link above.)

The page was created on Friday 18th January and three days later it had 400 'friends'. Even more unexpected than the popularity of the page was the number of people that took time to add their own thoughts and frustrations in the form of 'comments.' To date after less than two weeks the page has had over 1600 hits and is approaching 600 'friends'.

All of the people that have commented on this page except one person have expressed their frustration with these recent changes and many have stated that they will no longer listen to the station if it doesn't return to it's old music policy. Within the comments on this page and the two forums around this topic (links are available on the page) a number of people have expressed the opinion that the station does not market itself properly and that it's could target more appropriate advertisers.

These listeners feel that the station should reverse the recent changes, restore the station's past music policy and rare branding, and market is's unique selling point appropriately. They also feel that the station needs to reconsider how it sells to advertisers.

Unfortunately a number of these listeners, myself included, report that when they have written to the station manager to express their concerns they have had no response. This is the reason for this petition - to notify the owners of the station about the feelings and concerns of the listeners.

30. Petition to save queerupnorth from Arts Council cuts

queerupnorth is Europe's leading queer festival - a Manchester institution, the first of its kind in the UK and Europe, and an internationally known producer of queer arts.

Arts Council England proposes to stop funding queerupnorth from April 2008. This would lead to the cancellation of the 2008 festival, the end of our unique programme of work with young people and schools, and an end to our sixteen year history as the most adventurous and creative queer arts & cultural producer in the UK.

If Arts Council England ends its funding, queerupnorth will have to close. If you would like to help us prevent that, please add your name to the petition below.