November 01, 2005

Two weeks before October 31, 2005, Hazel McCallion School informed their students of an activity day on Halloween Day. These activities included a dance, a film room, a games room, and study hall (for everyone else).

On the forms that were sent home, the school stated that they had hired a DJ from Z103.5 to come to the dance, therefore it cost $5.00. Everyone thought that Z103.5 was a good choice for the school to hire, as they play a mix of different genres of music, and went ahead and paid $5.00 to attend.

Anyways, the day of the dance came, and when all the students entered the gym, there was the DJ up at the front playing some kind of hip-hop music with a bass louder than 100 000 pipe bands. Then, finally the DJ announced that he was from Flow 93.5, not from Z103.5, he was from the hip-hop and R & B station. Not very many people would have gone if they knew that only 2 decent rock songs would be played, and 3 slow songs while the rest of the dance was filled with hip-hop music that gave us headaches.

My proposal is that the students that wouldn't have gone to this dance get a refund of $2.50 for putting up with "noise" for so long.

Sign this petition if you are a student at HMC and would like to recieve a refund for putting up with hip-hop music at our halloween dance, and having our own school lie to us.

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