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1. Repair Hwy 37 Between Calhoun & Fort Depost

The Highway between Calhoun and Fort Deposit is in a state of disrepair and has been this way for too long. The main highway is about to collapse and is about to overtake the detour. Our children rides the buses over this highway two time everyday to get to and from school. We are afraid that someone will be hurt or killed if something is not done to fix it as soon as possible.

Putting gravel on it at this point will not help, it would be like putting a bandaid on a broken arm. This piece of this hughway needs to be repaired and we will not accept anything less.

2. Aisleyne's highlights

July 18, 2006

Big brother have been continually bias towards nikki and showed Aisleyne in an unfair light, we want to see Aisleyne treated fairly in highlights show, big brother's little brother, big brother big mouth and big bother big brain.

After all we the public watch live feed and know what really happend but people who only watch highlights are seeing Aisleyne in an unfair description and the presenters of Big brother always seem to be putting Aisleyne down for the way she speaks etc, we want fair footage.

3. Get a refund cause HMC lied to us

November 01, 2005

Two weeks before October 31, 2005, Hazel McCallion School informed their students of an activity day on Halloween Day. These activities included a dance, a film room, a games room, and study hall (for everyone else).

On the forms that were sent home, the school stated that they had hired a DJ from Z103.5 to come to the dance, therefore it cost $5.00. Everyone thought that Z103.5 was a good choice for the school to hire, as they play a mix of different genres of music, and went ahead and paid $5.00 to attend.

Anyways, the day of the dance came, and when all the students entered the gym, there was the DJ up at the front playing some kind of hip-hop music with a bass louder than 100 000 pipe bands. Then, finally the DJ announced that he was from Flow 93.5, not from Z103.5, he was from the hip-hop and R & B station. Not very many people would have gone if they knew that only 2 decent rock songs would be played, and 3 slow songs while the rest of the dance was filled with hip-hop music that gave us headaches.

My proposal is that the students that wouldn't have gone to this dance get a refund of $2.50 for putting up with "noise" for so long.

4. Stop Dollar General’s Sprawl

Dollar General has a new business plan, infest into smaller cities and overwhelm them with a Dollar General store on every corner of the city. About 3 or 4 stores within 4 square miles is average.

That's not "progress" that's over flooding the market. Not to mention they are putting the stores up in residential neighborhoods.

They are buying up small lots in residential neighborhoods and rezoning the lot commercial if necessary. Then they are building about 8 - 9,000 square foot buildings infesting into neighborhoods.

This petition is to tell Dollar General that we don't want your stores in rural residential neighborhoods! Put them in retail strip malls where they belong! One is being fought in Medina, OH where the dumpsters are about 30 feet form residents bedroom windows and retail/commercial traffic will now be coming in and out of this small residential establishment.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Dollar General! This kind of business practice will guarantee your companies failure long-term.

They sneak into town quickly and quietly and before you know it one morning you wake up to construction equipment out your bedroom window. Watch out, your neighborhood could be NEXT! They are on the move putting up 700+ stores a year.

5. Stop Insurance Companies From Putting Profits Ahead Of People

Every year insurance companies routinely deny plan participants from receiving lifesaving treatments, medications, and procedures. We pay our monthly premiums, choose doctors based on plan coverage, meet deductibles, and complete all the paperwork insurance companies require. We do this believing that our insurance will be there in a crisis.

However, too often the one person who makes the decision at the insurance company disregards the medical evidence and denies us treatment. Please help us by coming together to stop insurance companies from putting profits ahead of people.

6. Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Testing cosmetics on animals for the benefit of humans is cruel and inhumane. There is no excuse for putting beauty products such as foot scrub into an animals' eye to watch them squirm in agony of the burning chemicals.

It is also wrong to smear liquid make-up onto a cat's shiney coat and wait for it to cake on, just to see if it will be an all-day wear make-up.

I don't think you would like to spend your entire day locked in a cage, then taken out to have chemicals in or on you, and then left in your cage to suffer in pain. I am here to petition against the testing of human-used products on animals.

I hope you agree with what I have to say on this matter and sign this petition.

7. New ordinances for union county in New Albany Ms.

To have a law passed in the county that will stop people for putting trailer parks in neighborhoods where there are homes and a law to say how many trailers can be put on an acre lot w/o Septic tanks.

8. Nonpoint for Ozzfest

Nonpoint is a kick-ass band, they bring energy, creativity, and life to their music, aside from putting on one hell of a live show. As the summer creaps closer, i have started to look at this year's ozzfest. I for one would love to see nonpoint on ozzfest.

9. Drag Strip/Speedway In The GTA

Hey All,

I recently went to a local police meeting on May 22nd 2002. They were discussing the amount of street racing that happens in the GTA. They say that in the GTA area alone there is about 20,000 modified cars (this number does not include the amount of the older hot rods of the earlier decades). The persons that attended this meeting owned at least 1 if not svereal modified cars.

When all the talking was done the officers and the people talked about certain issues and 1 of theses issues was concerning a local dragway/speedway.

We all came to the conclusion that the government is not really gonna consider sponsoring such a thing so here I am bringing all of this forward to all of the people. I am hoping that this petition will spark really well. Who know's maybe some things can happen like someone actually putting up a speedway.

Also one more quick note. The GTA holds some of the biggest car shows in North America. As an Import Street enthusiast I would love to see all of these cars show their stuff but I would rather see it done in a smart way Boys/Girls.

So stay off the streets if your gonna decide to race cuz all your doing is putting people's lives at risk. Your's and the people surrounding that local area. Thank You For Your Time.

10. Petiton to make Ms Judy Knox Carter principal of dodge school

This petion is to let the board of education know that the parents are tired of them putting prinipals over our children and they are not doing what they are supposed to when they get there. We think that judy knox carter will be the best person for dodge, she has proven that she can manage and that she will work as hard as possible to get dodgeschool off probation.