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1. Bring back Jillian Jensen to live shows on X-Factor

Jillian Jensen was eliminated from the competition en route to the lives shows on Fox's TV show X-Factor.

She is a very talented singer, sings with passion, but most importantly, had the courage to stand on stage and go for her dreams even though she was severely bullied in middle school and high school.

Jillian deserves to advance to the live shows based on her passion and courage alone, never mind the fact that she has a unique voice and pours her heart into every word that she sings.

This wouldn’t be unprecedented on X-Factor as last year Simon Cowell, the producer and judge on X-Factor, brought back Melanie Amaro to the live shows and she ended up winning the overall competition.

Here is a link to one of her songs (she played the background music as well):

Update: Hey Jillian Jensen fans! You can do 3 MORE things right now in addition to signing this petition to help bring Jillian back! Join the Cause, sign the petition and invite your friends! Thanks so much.

2. Hank JR induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Hank Williams Jr is the Pete Rose of getting into country music's hall of fame. He is the most deserving singer/songwriter not in yet. He should have been in decades ago. He is labeled an outlaw and his political views are blinding the association's vision of his true talents.

He is more deserving than half of the already inducted. I need your help to show the association that he belongs. It is not right or fair to the music world and all his fans. He has been in the business since the 50's law starting out very young after his father passed. Do this for me and all his fans. Look at his music not his views.

Vote Hank Williams Jr. Thank you and God bless.

3. Taylor Swift Retire Marathon!

Word the paragraph below to find out what this is for!

4. Save Sirius Kidstuff

Sirius Radio and XM Radio have recently merged and Channel 116 Kidstuff recently became something very different.

Prior to November 12th, Kidstuff was a wonderfully educational and highly entertaining channel for preschool aged children. Now, when you turn it on there is a lot of talk, comedians (that are certainly not geared for a preschooler), and rap songs and such that are not for preschoolers at all.

5. HANSON should release 'UNRELEASED SONGS'

Hanson has been around for more than a decade now, and during those years only so many songs have been released on their albums.

They have plenty of unreleased songs that have leaked onto the internet, and many fans are in search of all of these missing gems that are all but easy to find.

I truly believe that if Hanson released these songs it would benefit them, as well as please their fans.

I would love to support the band by purchasing these songs, but they are not available to be purchased.

In short, this petition is asking 'Hanson' to release those awesome unreleased tunes!

**P.S. this is not part of the petition, but I also believe that the re-release of the demo cd's 'boomerang' and 'mmmbop' would ALSO be awesome. **

6. Save the whales now

Whales are beautiful things with there songs and smooth wave making, and the love of how happy they look out in the oceans.

You love the things that they do around you and you just want to be able so swim with them just so you know how they live, and so do I.

7. cassie should be dropped from bad boy

Cassie cannot sing or dance she lip sync on trl and her performance was horrible.

It is not fair that struggeling singers who sing way better then cassie dont have deals.

And in a radio interview with cassie a dj asked her to sing and she said no the dj asked why and she said because she was scared. Cassie is a singer thats what she is suppose to do SING!.

Cassie performed on 106 and park on augest 8th 2006 and she sang horrible. When she records her songs in the studio her voice is inhanced by a machine....therefore CASSIE CAN'T SING.

8. Let Shayne Ward Shine

July 17, 2006

Congratulations to Shayne for having the highest new chart entry for Stand by Me… at No. 14.

We know that is an achievement, but we also know that Shayne will be disappointed, and so are we. He is an absolutely amazing singer but the songs do not get enough people excited enough to go out and buy the singles. It also means, disappointingly, that the millions of people who voted for him on X Factor are deserting him. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

On the X Factor, his best performance, (except for If You Not the One, which we all agree was amazing) were all up-tempo: Cry me a River, Take your Mama, the Darkness.

We remember him preparing for Cry me a River on Xtra Factor …and Ben on camera saying, "did anyone know that Shayne had those moves?" Everyone was excited by it…he could sing…he could dance.. He looked amazing…so WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

On the X Factor tour he wowed us with his performances, especially of Take Your Mama. He was the Shayne we had come to know and love from the X Factor: dynamic, sexy, hugely charismatic. But this isn't getting across now, WHY NOT?

Then No Promises got to No. 2, most likely on the back of his X Factor success and X Factor tour performance. Three months later, SBM, is released and virtually receives no airplay. The fact that it reached No. 14 with no airplay is absolutely amazing… evidence of Shayne's loyal fanbase.

The problem is not with Shayne- he's singing is awesome, but as Simon once said, you are filling a Ferrari with diesel! The songs have to be simply outstanding to expose him to a wider non X Factor audience, a fact that you have seemed to miss entirely.

You seem to think that Shayne's audience is only interested in ballads. Do you know who Shayne's audience is? Because we are not all adolescents, or female.

Look at the other music threads on this forum. Has anyone at Sony done that, to see what appeals to Shayne fans? Although Shayne's young fans are very important and have an important part to play in his success, his fanbase is much broader than that..and yet we all want something different!

9. New Songs On Musicmatch

April 4, 2006

Musicmatch Jukebox is a great place on the computer to listen to music, but sometimes the selection gets a little limited.

Some bands have little or no songs available for On-Demand and songs for those bands need to be added. Some of the bands include Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, AC/DC, Fuck, Stat Quo, Spider Loc, Village People, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donots, Jawbreaker, Reel 2 Real, Pixies, Husker Du, Radiohead, and probably lots more.

10. Suzanne Vega for R&R Hall of Fame

January 10, 2006

Suzanne Vega is enormously respected and popular in Europe and is also admired and respected by many in the USA.

She has had "hit" songs, but has focused on writing and performing songs that are not so much commercial as they are artistic and philosophical reflections on every day...sort of the serious "Seinfeld" of music.

She has also generously, yet very quietly, helped in various causes including the environment...she's a Tom Waits with a little bit less of a rough edge...her following is very devoted.

She also has a much better singing voice that she has been given credit for, and this remark is coming from the former fiance of Karen Carpenter who sure could sing

11. Get a refund cause HMC lied to us

November 01, 2005

Two weeks before October 31, 2005, Hazel McCallion School informed their students of an activity day on Halloween Day. These activities included a dance, a film room, a games room, and study hall (for everyone else).

On the forms that were sent home, the school stated that they had hired a DJ from Z103.5 to come to the dance, therefore it cost $5.00. Everyone thought that Z103.5 was a good choice for the school to hire, as they play a mix of different genres of music, and went ahead and paid $5.00 to attend.

Anyways, the day of the dance came, and when all the students entered the gym, there was the DJ up at the front playing some kind of hip-hop music with a bass louder than 100 000 pipe bands. Then, finally the DJ announced that he was from Flow 93.5, not from Z103.5, he was from the hip-hop and R & B station. Not very many people would have gone if they knew that only 2 decent rock songs would be played, and 3 slow songs while the rest of the dance was filled with hip-hop music that gave us headaches.

My proposal is that the students that wouldn't have gone to this dance get a refund of $2.50 for putting up with "noise" for so long.

12. Stop Yoko Ban Of "YESTERDAY"

A Petition to stop the Ban of Beatle Songs written By Sir Paul McCartney By Yoko Ono.

13. Re-Release Evanescence CD Orgin!!

In 2000, the band Evanescence produced an album called Orgin. Only few copies were made and barely anyone had heard of the band. Copies are no longer available and many GREAT songs were on that CD.

Nowadays everyone has heard of Evanescence and their hit songs 'Bring me to life', 'Going Under', 'Everybody's fool', and 'My Immortal'. If you like the band and their songs please sign this petition.

14. Rock music to be played on Scarlet FM

This is a petition to get Rock Music to be played on the Radio station Scarlet FM.

By rock music I dont mean only rock songs that have been released by the likes of Funeral for a Friend, Lost Prophets, The White Stripes and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I mean bands/artists which dont usually release songs, for example Korn, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc.

15. Abolish Rap At RJHS Prom

Rap is pretty much impossible to dance to, all people ever do at our dances is grind and the administration considers this "inappropriate" for some reason, so really, there is nothing left to do except stand around and be bored. In addition to this, rap is just noise - it's garbage, it is a pointless genre that will most likely fade away in the next decade anyway.

What we need at prom is music which can actually be danced to, and enjoyed by everyone. All in all, if we play stuff the people actually LIKE, there may even be an increase in turnout to future dances.

THE FOLLOWING IS A REPLY TO THE FIRST MESSAGE POSTED BY "Sum Dude": (All you damned hypocrits at my school who say rap sucks and should be abolished at dances yet retract your statements after I actually do something about it better read this!)

Man, first off, you're obviously treading into waters you don't know about here - "ROCK is just a whole of loud noise mixed with inaudible and non-sensical lyrics." - first off, the "ROCK" you are thinking of is called METAL, don't confuse your genres, and the METAL you are talking about here is Black/Death/Thrash Metal, and even Hair Metal, which I am all big fans of, but if you aren't thats fine by me, everyone is entitled to his opinion. And some ROCK, is actually quite soft an coherent, such as Air Supply (not that I am a big fan I just use them as an example). Anyway, who said anything about ROCK on this petition? The image which states "Rock On" may imply something like this, but doesn't necessarily come out and say "rock needs to be played at prom" Maybe I, the author of this petition, was thinking techno should be played, or maybe a slow song here and there seeing as it IS a formal dance w/ a date. Or maybe the music I was implying was disco? Surely disco can be danced to - Studio 54 did quite well for itself. What about 80's retro such as Bananarama? Maybe that was they type of music the author was thinking, that is a danceable music. How about 80's pop music such as Michael Jackson or Wang Chung? Those two artists are completely danceable. What did the generations before us dance to? I'll tell you - all of the above except for rap, a relatively new genre. The 20's saw the jazz scene emerge, the 30's saw the era of big band which lasted through the 40's, the 50's saw the rise of not only ROCK N' ROLL, but also do-wop, which was big through the mid 60's, until the british invasion which lasted into the early 70's, which still had people dancing to it - yes British Invasion bads are ROCK, and I don't find The Beatles or the Rolling Stones to be loud noise or to have non-sensical lyrics. Now don't get me wrong, some songs are just plain stupid, but some do actually have deep meanings masked under all the "loud noise", as you say. After the British Invasion came along a fresh new sound, which I do enjoy although it is sometimes refered to as "the rap of the 70's" - disco, many rockers of the time hated it, just as we hate rap of today, but disco actually had a beat, it could be danced to, and the lyrics were not violent and degrating, sure they were non-sensical, but they were sure fun to dance to, unlike rap, which people can only grind to, and as stated in the petition history is "outlawed" at my school. After the death of disco in the early 80's, retro, such as the sound of Bananarama came about, which was played and danced to in clubs throughout the country; as well as the heavy pop influence of this age, such as Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. Pop even made it's way into mixing with ROCK to become Hair Metal, which also was danced to time and time agian whether it be at live show or dance hall. I am in full agreement that Hair Metal band's lyrics don't always have the deepest meaning, but their songs known as POWER BALLADS, often times DID have a deeper meaning than the usual "get laid and drunk tonight" lyiric style.

After a well-known grunge band hit it big in the 1991 with their album Nevermind and thei most famous song of all-time "Smells Like Teen Spirit", youth all over the country were finding another form of dance called SLAM DANCING, most commonly known as moshing. As violent as this may seem, it is a valid form of dance and is practiced at Punk and Metal shows all over the globe, as well as at school dances. Also at this time in the early 90's a hybrid sound emerged which sounded like disco, but mixed with rap emerged. The most well-known example of this is C&C Music Factorie's "Gonna Make You Sweat", which swept night clubs by storm, as well as the classic old school rap song done by MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This". I myself hate rap with a passion, but these two songs actually did have beats by which one could dance.

The rap of today is stricly grind-worthy and should be contained to the night clubs of today, and not a school dance where grinding is "forbidden". Having said this, I believe that it is not necessary to play rap OR rock at the prom of RJHS, the other forms of dance music are most acceptable. P.S. -rap sucks, ROCK owns (*_*) m/

16. Abolish DJVortekkx's songs

It has been known to me that DJVortekkx has publicly harassed one of DJ JON DA FONZ's songs thus embarrasing him and all of his congenerates. Furthermore, it's been brought to humanity's attention that this single person can cause the Fifth Holocaust the Bible describes,thus causing the end of the world. DJ JON DA FONZ doesn't want DJVortekkx to insult him, as he is the ruler of a new world order.

17. Preserve 2Pac's Songs

This petition is aimed at getting Amaru/Deathrow records among other owners of 2Pac's unreleased material to think about releasing songs in there original from instead of otherwise remixing them.


Okay, so kids bop, that stupid cd that they sell to little kids where other kids are singing the other peoples' songs, well I want to stop it! It ruins these songs! For 1, neither my friends nor I want to listen to these songs after kids bop does them because we can't take the songs seriously anymore. 2) my friends and I are teens and we are the biggest buyers of this music kids bop is doing so when we stop listening to this music those artists whose songs kids bop is doing are losing money! thats not fair to them! 3) even these little kids don't want to listen to this stuff! my 6 year old cousin and her friends scream when their moms put kids bop on because they hate it!!! so sign this petition and maybe we can finally stop kids bop!

19. Save "RENT" the musical

This is asking mirimax to not make "rent" into a movie until they have found a script that leaves the main songs and the meaning of the show intact!

20. .75 for 4 songs on DDRMAX2 at VCC Arcade

Sign this petition if you would like .75 for 4 songs on DDRMAX2 at the VCC Arcade.


We, the alternative-rock fans of Chicago, IL and other metropolitan areas, have become greatly disappointed with our alternative-format stations. I started listening to WZZN-FM, a Chicago alternative station last year. Why? Because it wasn't a pop station so I figured it would play a wide variety of songs in a night set. Recently I have noticed that the stations excessively play the songs that are making it big on the charts, or the "hot" songs, which we are all getting sick of. For example, I once heard "By The Way", by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3 times between 10 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. That's the same song 3 times in about 5 1/2 hours. And frankly, my fellow music fans and I are getting really f---in' sick of it. We propose that a limit should be set on the number of times a certain song is played per day, more attention is paid to independent, unsigned artists, and that a wider variety is put into the nightly playlists.

22. Pop Disaster Tour- Blink Play Josie

Blink 182's current set list consists of anthem 2, rock show, dumpweed, going away to college, happy holidays you bastard, what's my age again?, don't leave me, first date, please take me home, carousel, stay together for the kids, dysentery gary, adam's song, all the small things, when you fucked,grandpa, what went wrong?, reckless abandon, and dammit. "Josie" is a much more popular song then a lot of those songs, and all of those songs pretty much come from the two most recent CDs, so Blink 182 should replace a less popular song or just add on "Josie".



24. Lead The Way

By now you should have listened to the available audio clips of Mariah's two new, amazing ballads - Lead The Way and Never Too Far - which will feature on her upcoming album/soundtrack, Glitter.

As you might know, Mariah is having a hard time deciding which of these two great songs should be her second single.

This petition is to give the vote to Lead The Way. Not that Never Too Far isn't astounding in it's own right, but if you also feel that Lead The Way would be more successful on radio and commercially all around the world, then we need your signature on this petition.

Once enough signatures have been collected, they will be passed on to Mariah Carey and Virgin Records.

Mariah Buzz.

25. Keep Napster Alive

Napster is a place where ppl can d/l songs and it is good as we can get an idea of what songs we like and if we do like a band etc we can go and buy their album instead of buying the album and hating it.