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Symbolism has never found more takers…As one of the world’s most influential people, Modi, has become the Prime Minister of one of the world’s most powerful, developing countries, India, the feminists have been waiting with bated breath, to know how successful have they been in their struggle. While I don't doubt the nobility in ruling party’s intent, I am forced to question… How has it been addressing the vulgar gender bias in fields which have been historically dominated by the XY?

I am a victim of that very gender bias albeit in a different arena.

At an age when most teenagers dream of leading the 'in' life, I spend my time thinking about how to get sponsorship to play football. Yes, football for me is synonymous with life. Correction… Football for me IS life!

Why is it that it’s the 21st century and we boast of parity, but it’s the same old stale wine in a brand new bottle; all on paper, all in words, but none visible to the naked eye? All aware in our hearts, both, the baby and the brutal.

Why are male sportsmen always looked up to? There are Messi and Ronaldo who are XY, but no one thinks of Carli Lloyd or Alex Morgan, who are XX, when looking up to football idols?

Professional coaching is very expensive, the tournaments are expensive too. They are usually far away and not easily accessible. I’m an aspiring footballer, and the extent that I have to go to, to be able to play football, is woeful when compared to my male counterparts.

We aren't given much of time, attention or resources and it's way past time that we made amendments.

It’s sad how, even though the fact that gender equality falls very low on FIFA’s priorities list, was thrust into spotlight last year when the Womens’ World Cup (which was played on ARTIFICIAL TURF!) was held, the progress level remains stale. The ongoing inequalities in mens’ and womens’ football, which is very visible when the resources invested and the sponsorships are compared, are quite factually affecting the performance of even the most brilliant of the players.

TRUSTS need to be set up to promote the game for the women. Generous resources need to be invested. The Devil wears not Prada, but suit and tie, and thinks of miserable and audacious ways of turning this beautiful game into dirty business and politics.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” I dream to play, a dream that doesn’t allow me to sleep. And when I realize this vision of mine, it’s not going to be my fate or my destiny; it’s going to be pure hard work… But is this “hard work” enough? I’ll go to bed early, do my drills regularly, gym and swim every day without fail, give up on all the other leisurely dealings in my life, i.e., give up on a teenagers’ social paradise and other forms of entertainment. But is it still enough in today’s world where it’s the contacts that matter along with your sweet wallet candy. Who will take me in? Where will I go for tryouts? Who will invest in me – time, faith and money? MONEY. How am I EVER going to be able to afford all of it? Going abroad, paying for football, and not to forget, my tuition too (literacy can change this world!).

The previous generation couldn't fulfill its dreams owing to gender bias. This generation receives a fair trial, if not a fair chance.

I have entered several tournaments, local, national and international, and have been told that I've got the potential and the passion and have several accolades.

A not-so-big amount of AED 10,000 per annum, EVERY PENNY HELPS.

To the potential investors (can be the government, AIFF, the common man, ANYONE) : please invest in women's football, please invest in me.

Contact details :- tanya.lalwani999@gmail.com

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