Commission on Presidential Debates
United States of America

Americans demand that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) lower the level of nationwide support required to participate in “leading candidate” debates. The current number is 15%, we insist that it be lowered to 5%.

• People across the nation seek a wider variety of political options, especially when it comes the the President of the United States of America.
• Third party presidential candidates always have the odds stacked against them. Their message is smothered by the sheer weight of their competitors’ financial power.
• Lowering the prerequisites to participate in the CPD debates of the general election will help even out the playing field, and open the door for more qualified and innovative candidates that are not held back by the two establishment parties.

We demand that the CPD lower the requirements for participation in their
privately organized presidential debates from 15% national support to 5%. This will give those not backed by big business and special interest groups a fighting chance to help create a better America. In signing this petition, you are advocating for a more fair political playing field, and helping the people fight against political corruption!

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