#Human Rights
Alexandra Patsalides

200 million girls and women are touched by female genital mutilation (FMG) worldwide, resulting in sexual, mental and obstetric complications such as neonatalmortality.

World leaders have promised to end FGM but in fact we know that FGM antecedes over 2000 years; for some countries, it is performed supposedly in the name of cultures and religions.

22 of the 28 countries in Africa where FGM is diffused have legislation prohibiting FGM, but the laws are infringed and and the culprits unpunished.

Chad, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan have no law, therefore FGM is accomplished legally. Somalia is unsteady in that its constitution forbids FGM, but it has no law interdicting the operation. Except Sierra Leone, these countries have either drafted legislation or stated their plan to implement legislation enforcing fines going from $5 to $3,600 and prison sentences extending from two months to 20 years. This is not what we can expect as punishment for this crime.
Furthermore, FGM is more executed by medical professionals than traditional excisers, notably in Egypt, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria and Sudan. Only Guinea and Kenya outlaw medicalized FGM .

Although mainly centred in 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East, it is also employed in some countries in Asia and Latin America, and among immigrant populations in Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, as reported by the United Nations. FGM is present in 92 countries around the world and 51 countries have laws.

We, the undersigned called to Governments, parliaments, politicians: local, state, federal, national, EU, UN;
Political parties, presidents, prime ministers, senators, ambassadors to :

* aid to stop violations of the system of laws on female genital mutilation, that the rules are obeyed;
* to enact appropriate rules and regulations in countries that do not have any;
* above all to assist to promote the end to this ritual which leads to the death of women, children, and newborns, or the degradation of women.

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