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Family Court Legislators, Senators, Congressman
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In family court, decisions made by judges and commissioners who are trying to get thru as many court cases as possible are not necessarily in the best interest of all parties, but most importantly is the innocent children.

Often times these children are ripped away from fit and loving parents who are capable of providing for them and having relationships with them simply because other individuals, or agencies have not taken all dynamics into consideration.

Children deserve to have a voice and be heard. It would greatly improve the likelihood of children having more normal and stable lives if they were to have an advocate from the beginning of any court proceeding that could adversely affect their lives. This is especially important in cases of drug/alcohol use, abuse/neglect, mental health issues and/or abandonment.

No Child should have to be separated from a fit and loving parent capable of providing for them, but divorce is a reality and children are not a commodity that can be "split in half". Children deserve to have as much normalcy in their lives as possible and deserve to have someone advocate for them their wants and desires. Children should not be discounted simply because of their age or any challenges they may face (special needs children are often discounted because of their challenges)

Immediate appointment of a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) or Guardian Ad Litem, who could look at the facts from the standpoint of what is in the child(ren's) best interest, as well as their wants and desires (which is often a huge part of their best interest) without the bias of either party, would greatly help each child who is affected by court decisions.

It is well documented that children who has a situation of unstable family dynamics, often turn to a life of crime,drugs, alcohol, and/or risky sexually active lifestyles to replace what they are not getting at home.

Let's invest some time and money into our children now to keep them out of those lifestyles and keep our society a better place for us all.


Dear Members of the Family Court Systems of America:

We, the undersigned, strongly support the idea of immediate appointment of either Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) or Guardian Ad Litems to any children who are subject to family court matters.

Often times, judges are in such a hurry, that they don't hear all the facts, while it would be a strain in the beginning, think of the children who would be better served by the court system to have it take longer to decide the family dynamics, instead of that child having their situation decided quickly, only to have that child turn to crime and drugs because they are ripped from one parent or another.

We strongly urge all politicians to seriously consider reform of the Family Court System so that innocent children are able to maintain relationships with fit and loving parents and extended family members, and fewer children would turn to lives of crime/gangs or drugs/alcohol. Let us give each child a voice, so they then have a choice, for a better future.

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