Mainstream media

For years football has been the target of journalists with an obvious aim of putting the game down for the benefit of their own preferred sport of choice.

Now is the time we say enough is enough, we are Australians and deserve the same respect and treatment enjoyed by rival sports.

It is fair to criticise when based on FACT but when a clear anti football agenda exists and certain facts are ignored it shows blatant discrimination.

Firstly, rugby league and AFL journalists are in no position to comment on the world game. It should be left to those who are. The likes of Simon Hill, Michael Cockerill and others can comment from a position of truth and no hidden agendas.

We, the undersigned call on the nations mainstream media outlets to give football fair, honest and unbiased coverage.

Furthermore, the continued growth of football in Australia at all levels has not translated into increased exposure on free to air TV networks and print media outlets.

With the public interest in football at an all time high it is time the Australian media put bias aside and delivered the public the coverage it needs and deserves.

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