Parents, Politician’s and Teachers
United Kingdom

The Minister of Education established a Post Primary review Body to bring forward recommendations on the future organization of schools. The Review Body Report, usually known as the Burns Report, was published in 2001 (Post Primary Review Body, 2001). Its main recommendations were that:

· The use of the 11+ transfer tests should cease and the system of academic selection in the transfer from primary to post-primary school should end.

· A system of formative assessment, through a Pupil Profile, should be established to provide real educational information to teachers, parents and pupils.

· Post primary schools should be organized into collaborative networks of diverse schools called Collegiates.

Equality must be at the heart of education. The reality is that academic selection for some means academic rejection for the majority of our children. It is a system, which is fundamentally unfair.

A system, which designates any 11-year-old child, "a failure" is fundamentally flawed and must be replaced.

We the Undersigned ask that the Local Assembly remove the burden of labelling our children at the age 11 as failures.

We call on all our elected representatives to end Academic selection: to put children before institutions and put in place a system of targeted funding for schools.

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