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1. Advocate for Educational Change in Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at Canadian post-secondary institutions are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, post-secondary institutions have been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so have failed to comply with how education is defined.

2. Academic Freedom for all Public School Students and Teachers in Florida

We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.

So how do you secure the benefits of recognizing Almighty God by denying his existence to children? How do we perfect our government that our framer Benjamin Franklin recognized Nations rise and fall by the continence of Almighty God?

How do we insure domestic tranquility when nearly 90% of Americans recognize a Creator God and every State Constitution acknowledges Almighty God? How do maintain public order with The Theory of Evolution as the only truth that recognizes no Creator and therefore promotes and endorses the Religion of Atheism.

Finally how do guarantee Equal Civil and Political Rights to all by not allowing the Academic Freedom of Teacher and Students to discuss our Intelligent Design and our Theory of Creation?

Academic Freedom is the only way to stop brainwashing the impressionable minds of children that there is no God of Creation. The State of Florida Public Education cannot show hostility towards those who believe in Almighty God over those who do not believe thus preferring the religion of Atheism and Human Secularism with our Tax Dollars.

We must present the most update scientific discoveries and allow the Academic Debate of the Theory of Creation, Intelligent Design, Biologos, and the Theory of Evolution in Science Classroom in discussions between Student and Teacher to cultivate critical thinking.

3. Review the Academic Structure for ELEC3400

The academic tools and resources for ELEC3400, Signal Processing, have been poorly designed. Lectures are very easily understood and thus, makes the module seem easy. As for tutorials, insufficient relevant questions were given for practice and no answers were provided either. This makes us unaware of what we are doing is correct or incorrect.

We do believe that tutorials are the most critical part of any module as it is from there we can understand the concepts better, practice questions and prepare ourselves for the Final Exam. But it hasn't been this way so far. Tutorials have been largely a waste of time. Questions given for practise are not preparing us for the Final exam. Most of the students have failed the module due to the final exam. The questions asked are NOT RELEVANT to what was being taught in the module.

Solution : More tough questions to be given out for practice. Questions which meet the similar difficulty level asked during exams would provide better preparation and understanding of the module. Past Year exam samples to be given.

4. Save Meadows Upper Elementary School

Due to Avondale School District's financial crisis a Building Utilization Study was conducted in the fall of 2009. This study was charged with the analysis of current and projected student enrollment, anticipated per pupil funding, residence trends, demographics, school building utilization, and school configuration.

The recommendation proposed was to close one of the five elementary schools in the district. The result of which will maximize opportunities for student achievement to deliver the best instructional program possible within the Avondale School District.

5. Leeds College of Art should Pay Up

In 2004, the University & College Union signed a national agreement that produced a new improved pay scale for lecturers. Initially, only around one third of the colleges implemented this new pay deal, leading the union to take widespread industrial action in 2005 to improve this.

As a result, the great majority of colleges have implemented, or are in talks to implement, the improved pay scale. But around 60 colleges continue to refuse to do this. Leeds College of Art is one of them.

Our college has refused to put in place better pay for its staff. The college continues to secure LSC funding, but it has made a decision to pay staff less than colleagues at other colleges.

6. Equality of Opportunity in Education

The Minister of Education established a Post Primary review Body to bring forward recommendations on the future organization of schools. The Review Body Report, usually known as the Burns Report, was published in 2001 (Post Primary Review Body, 2001). Its main recommendations were that:

· The use of the 11+ transfer tests should cease and the system of academic selection in the transfer from primary to post-primary school should end.

· A system of formative assessment, through a Pupil Profile, should be established to provide real educational information to teachers, parents and pupils.

· Post primary schools should be organized into collaborative networks of diverse schools called Collegiates.

Equality must be at the heart of education. The reality is that academic selection for some means academic rejection for the majority of our children. It is a system, which is fundamentally unfair.

A system, which designates any 11-year-old child, "a failure" is fundamentally flawed and must be replaced.

7. Do not Withdraw Study Abroad Scholarships

Petition against immediate withdrawal of academic schoarships for language education majors studying abroad.

8. Implement a Diversity Requirement at UCLA Now!

As a UCLA student, I recognize the 17-year struggle by students on campus for the implementation of a Diversity Requirement at UCLA, which is the only UC lacking such a requirement. I support the implementation of a Diversity Requirement at UCLA, which would expose all students to the experiences of traditionally marginalized communities in the U.S. and around the world. I also affirm that diversity is an essential part of my education. Understanding the role of racism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, religious persecution, and other forms of oppression is of utmost relevance and importance if I am to learn, work and thrive in an increasingly multicultural society and world. I urge the Academic Senate to approve of the Diversity Requirement by the end of this academic school year 2003-2004.

9. Demand a Diversity Requirement at UCLA

The struggle for a Diversity Requirement at UCLA is over 16 years long. Every UC campus except UCLA has some form of a Diversity Requirement. A Diversity Requirement would help to address racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism - especially in a growingly diverse and global world.

10. South Asian Studies at UCLA

What must a region do to earn academic standing at a university? The region of South Asia, rich in history and culture and complicated in its development, is home to one out of every six people on the globe. Students at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) were thus stunned to find that there was no academic avenue to pursue a degree in the subject; not as a minor, a major, nor as graduate studies. They were furthermore dispirited by the absence of a South Asian Studies Center at UCLA, to coordinate the exchange of ideas between faculty and students.

As the South Asian Studies Task Force we turn to you, our friends in the community, for assistance. Your signature on this petition will show evidence for the demand for such a program at UCLA and at other universities across the nation. Your signature will also reflect the greater pursuit of ethnic studies for various groups. At the largest level, each signature will show support for student access to education.

We are confidant that our efforts can guide and support other groups as they pursue similar goals. Thus, a signature would help not only present and future UCLA students, but also any student wanting to make his/her voice heard in the educational process.

Thank you for your support and we welcome your comments.

South Asian Studies Task Force

11. Change conflicting policies between Religion and School at ESD

For those unfamiliar with the faith of Islam, one of the many traditions followed by believers of this faith is to grow the beard at fist length (from the chin), and to trim the hair around the upper lip and face. Several passages and sayings (Qu'rran, Hadith),
dictate this as divine law. Recently, a young man of Islamic faith reached the age at which it was deemed appropriate for him to carry out this expression faith. Knowing the school's policy of "no facial hair", he very considerately wrote a letter to several
members of the administration, asking for permission to grow his beard to fist length. He was turned down.

Some would argue that an Episcopalian school reserves the right to deny non-Christian forms of religious expression. However, ESD has chosen, of their own volition, to admit students of non-Christian faith to the school.

The following is a verbatim copy of the mission statement of the Episcopal School of Dallas, which appears on the first page of the 2000-01 edition of the ESD Student Handbook: "The Episcopal School of Dallas, a college preparatory school, is a spiritual community whose mission is to educate young people having A VARIETY OF BACKGROUNDS AND APTITUDES [my emphasis]. The school is a co-educational, faith-centered environment, with a strong academic and extra-curricular program that ENCOURAGES STUDENTS TO DISCOVER THEIR FULL POTENTIAL SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, AND PHYSICALLY. [my emphasis]"

By printing the above text on the first page of the student handbook, ESD has professed to encourage students of different faiths to attend their school, and to strengthen their relationship with God. We see forms of religious expression around us every day at school.

To allow Christians and Jews to express their faith using the previously mentioned religious symbols, while restricting Muslims from growing a beard, ESD has restricted members of a particular faith the freedom to express themselves in ways similar to those
that their Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters do.

Furthermore, by publishing the aforementioned mission statement, while at the same time denying a student his own ways of "discover [himself]spiritually", The Episcopal School of Dallas has shown it's true diversity... or lack thereof. Please sign this
petition to support this Muslim student in his fight for religious expression in a "diverse" school.