#Animal Rights
North Carolina and South Carolina House of Representatives
United States of America

I am starting this petition to end restrictions on pitbulls in the Carolinas. I grew up in South Carolina and now reside in North Carolina and these restrictions have been a terrible thing to try to get through. I have had multiple pitbulls and they have all been amazing dogs. I've always been a firm believer in "It's All How You Raise Them". My dog Athena has been with me since she was ten weeks old, she is now eight years old and I have never had a negative experience with her or any of my other pitbulls. My dog has always been right by my side no matter what I've been through. She has been there for all the highs and lows of my life. It breaks my heart that I can't have her here with me because of these breed restrictions. She stays at my mama's house in the country so she's happy but it's still very upsetting that I can't have her here because of these laws. These places just see the word pitbull and automatically assume that these dogs will only causes trouble and harm people. This isn't true. My dog has been around newborns, toddlers, teenagers, adults and the elderly. She has treated them all the same. Athena will just run or walk up and want to play and get her belly rubbed. This isn't just with my dog, I've seen alot of pitbulls react to people in this way. Yes the breed was created to be herders and hunters but they were once used to watch familie's children as well. The earned the nickname "The Nanny Dog" based off of how protective and nurturing they were to children. It's really sad that the bad people who choose to neglecte their responsibility have created such a terrible reputation for these amazing dogs. Pitbulls aren't evil, they aren't dangerous. They have feelings just like humans. They want the same love and affection that we want. Help me give them the love, respect, affection, and appreciation that they deserve.

We, the undersigned, call on the North Carolina and South Carolina House of Representatives to end restrictions on pitbulls.

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