#National Affairs
Theresa May
United Kingdom

The riots starting in London and across the UK are due to opportunistic criminals who are an embarrassment to our country. Innocent citizens are paying the price, homes are being burnt down and livelihoods lost. We have a history of criticising our own police who in turn are afraid to use the necessary force required in these critical situations.

The police are putting their lives at risk and are not receiving the recognition or support they deserve. The media are quick to publicise negative stories about the police but this is not what the majority of the population feel. Most of the public are supportive of the police and this is the opportunity to be heard.

This aim of this petition is to show the government and police that they have our FULL support to use whatever measures necessary to keep order in this country.

We, the undersigned, support the government and police force to use whatever means necessary to keep order in the UK.

This includes imposing curfews, closing down social networks, using water cannon and plastic bullets if necessary.

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