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Bundaberg Regional Council

Farmers across every sector of the industry in Bundaberg region have been hit with crippling rates rises of up to 235% in Bundaberg Regional Council's 2020 Budget. Of the 1,796 farming properties in Bundaberg Local Government Area (LGA), just 0.9% - or 16 – have escaped being hit with these massive increases.

Attacking our farmers - who put food and drink on our tables and are a major pillar of our local economy and provider of local jobs - with this massive, and unprecedented, rates rise is devastating.

All sectors across Bundaberg's farming industry are already struggling under the weight of drought, COVID and a rising tide of costly and time-consuming unwarranted red tape. Our farmers are quite literally being pushed off the land.

The citizens of Bundaberg region call on Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) to reverse its decision to impose council rates rises of up to 235% on the region's farming industry. This community demands that BRC rescind the motion that passed the 2020 Budget and then recast the Budget so that ALL ratepayers do not see an increase any greater than CPI (Consumer Price Index).

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