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1. Save Wisconsin's Family Farms

Wisconsin has always been a dairy state and we have always taken pride in that. Lately more and more companies have opened mega farms with hundreds of cows and they are putting the small local farmers out of business. These mega farms are receiving benefits from the state, while the small farmers get nothing. Big milk buyers have been dropping small family farms and only buying from the large operations instead. Wisconsin's local farmers are being forced to sell their cattle, homes, and farms due to our government helping the large corporations instead of helping the little man. These large corporations hire immigrants to work at low wages and keep their cattle locked in the barn 24/7. Wouldn't you rather be getting your dairy products from a grass fed animal that isnt being locked up for its whole life? Please sign our petition to show support in ending the benefits for the large corporations and putting our Wisconsin family farms first again.

2. Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon to join Idaho

The portions of Washington State and Oregon east of the Cascade mountains have irreconcilable differences with their western counterparts, but have much in common with Idaho. Farmers in eastern WA & OR struggle under unreasonable laws created by urban lawmakers on the states' west sides who do not understand agriculture.

State-level politicians from the east sides of the states return the favor by wreaking havoc on political decisions important to the west sides, blocking for example funds for the repair of deadly dangerous earthquake-damaged infrastructure.

Dividing Washington State and Oregon down along the middle of the Cascade mountain range, and moving the eastern portions of both states to Idaho, would allow farmers in those areas to become more productive under more sympathetic and understanding political leadership, while allowing political leadership on the west sides to make decisions for the west unimpeded by obstructionists exacting revenge.

This change would affect about 1.5 million residents in Eastern Washington and about half a million in Eastern Oregon. It would more than double the population of Idaho to about 3.6 million. Washington and Oregon would be left with about 5.6 million and 3.5 million.

Regarding the effect of this change on presidential electoral politics, it would move (probably) 2 of Washington State's 12 electoral votes to Idaho (raising Idaho's votes from 4 to 6) while Oregon retained it's 7 electoral votes. That net change of 4 electoral votes would not have been enough to swing any presidential election since at least 1888 when Washington became a state. In the case of the 2000 election, by far the closest during those years, it would have made George W. Bush's electoral win slightly less narrow than it was. We still would have had the 2000 Florida battle over hanging chads etc., as Florida's far larger number of electoral votes would have rendered these 4 votes moot. The likelihood that these 4 votes will ever swing an election is slim.

Washington State cities Spokane, Yakima, Spokane Valley, and Kennewick, and Bend in Oregon, would be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th largest cities of the enlarged Idaho, nudging Idaho's Nampa, Meridian, and Idaho Falls to 5th, 6th, and 9th place.

Idaho's capitol, Boise, would remain the largest city at about 220,000, and the Boise metropolitan area would remain the largest at about 680,000. Spokane would be a close second at about 209,000 and 557,000, and Yakima would be third-largest with about 91,000 and 249,000.

The enlarged Idaho would still have fewer people than the Seattle metropolitan area, which is about 3,734,000. The city of Seattle is about 609,000.

The enlarged idaho would be 187,724 square miles, making it the 3rd-largest state after Alaska and Texas, nudging California to 4th place (it would be about 14.7% larger than California). It would be the 28th most populous state. It would remain the 7th-lowest state in population density, after Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, and New Mexico.

Washington would jump to from 24th to 16th-highest state in population density, dispacing Indiana. Oregon would jump from 39th to 23rd, dispacing Louisiana.

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3. Save the Remaining Wolves of the Profanity Peak Pack

Wolves are predators who must eat at least some meat in order to survive. Their natural prey - elk, deer, rabbits and other wild animals - have been killed and scared away by humans, sometimes leaving them with little choice but to prey on cattle, sheep and other domesticated animals in order to survive. Despite this, however, the wolves of the Profanity Peak pack have been given the death penalty for preying on farm animals.

Some of these wolves have already been killed. The remaining wolves are in danger of being killed.

Farmers want to protect their domesticated animals, but humane alternatives to killing wolves exist, such as fladry. Fladry was used as part of a traditional wolf hunting method, and it is as if wolves have learned to associate its presence with members of their species being killed. As wolves often tend to avoid areas surrounded with fladry, it is used to protect domesticated farm animals.

I believe that ranchers are required to employ riders to protect their animals before lethal control will be used against wolves. However, I still feel that other humane alternatives should be used be used instead of lethal control of these wolves.

These wolves do not deserve to be killed just for acting on their instincts and hunting in order to survive. Please politely urge the farmers/ranchers to consider using fladry to ward off wolves instead of killing these poor animals...

4. Save Piasa Rd Railroad

The railroad is wanting to shut down the Piasa railroad crossing for the high speed train.

This will slow the rescue teams getting to emergencies as well as slowing down morning and evening commutes for the locals.

Also, this will make all the local farmers travel along highway 267 instead of taking back roads, which will slow down traffic as well as making for a more dangerous situation for the farmers.

5. Save Our Farmers

More than half of Australia is in drought and our farmers are really doing it tough but the Federal, State and Territory governments are not doing anything to help our farmers.

Our Federal Government had a report done by HLG. This group recommends that ‘a natural disaster’ be defined as follows:
A natural disaster is a serious disruption to a community or region caused by the impact of a naturally occurring rapid onset event that threatens or causes death, injury or damage to property or the environment and which requires significant and coordinated multi-agency and community response. Such serious disruption can be caused by any one, or a combination, of the following natural hazards: bushfire; earthquake; flood; storm; cyclone; storm surge; landslide; tsunami; meteorite strike; or tornadoes.

Yet for some reason drought is not considered to be a natural disaster.

Please sign this petition to help out farmers who are in drought stricken areas and to prevent banks from foreclosing on these properties when the rain does come and the land becomes valuable again.

6. Georgia Farmers Market Association

The growth of farmers markets throughout Georgia has been explosive. In 2003 there were 9 recorded markets in the state. In 2014, we estimate that there are close to 180. The growth of farmers markets has been a good thing for farmers, consumers and the communities that these markets serve.

With growth, however, comes growing pains. The laws and regulations regarding food safety are undergoing a sea change right now. The upcoming food safety bill will present farmers market managers with a lot of new regulations. Many municipalities are looking at zoning laws in light of the growth of markets. Market managers will need to understand these changes and adapt to them in their markets.

For several years, an effort has been made to create a statewide farmers association. To date, we have not been able to secure the funding necessary to make this a reality.

This organization will:

1-Provide market managers with education and technical assistance to help them run better markets in accordance with upcoming laws.

2-Help people looking to start farmers markets with information on how to set them up

3-Create statewide marketing campaigns about all of the wonderful markets in the state

4-Educate consumers about the markets in their area and the farmers who serve them

We are going to attempt to secure funding for this much needed organization again from some state and federal funding sources. Please help us by signing this petition indicating your support for the Georgia Farmers Market Association and the potential work it can do.


Petisyen dilancarkan untuk mengumpulkan sokongan dan tandantangan seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk membela nasib para petani terutama pengusaha tanaman padi yang menghadapi masalah pemasaran dan pengeluaran.

8. Review health benefits of underutilized medicinal plants growing invasively across Ontario

Invasive plants have been deemed to negatively impact our environment and food system. They can thrive in unprecedented numbers, threatening crop yields, food security, native plant populations and biodiversity. As a response, biological and chemical controls are often employed, which compromise the health of our soil, our food, and our bodies.

Many of the same invasive plants have important medicinal and nutritional applications. With enough interest, we can help mobilize their usage instead, offering a more eco-friendly strategy for controlling and managing invasive species across Ontario.

9. We want fair-trade products introduced to schools in Coventry

We want to do a fair-trade petition to get fair trade products introduced into schools around Coventry to help the farmers and producers making these products get the fair amount of money they deserve.

10. Stop Farmer Genocides

Every week there are newspaper reports of farmers being brutually attacked and murdered at the hands of ruthless savages. The attacks are becoming more and more violent in nature. Jail sentences have no meaning to these killers.

However considering reinstating the death penalty will have more effect on those who kill for money, weapons and vehicles. In the last week at least four farmers throughout South Africa have fallen prey to such killers and the time has come for these murders and attacks to stop.

11. Re-introduce tariffs to protect Riverina citrus and ban Brazilian concentrate imports

Riverina Citrus is in crisis. Fruit rots on the ground as the market is flooded by cheap Brazilian concentrates. Not only are these concentrates processed using poisonous products they have destroyed our local market because of their cheap price and over availability.

We would like to see tariffs re-introduced to protect Riverina citrus and the banning of the use of Brazilian concentrates to help have our industry from ruin.

12. Demand an Independent Review of the Australian Dairy Industry

Australian Dairy farming is an industry of national significance, embedded as the backbone of many communities in regional areas.

Farming people have provided a rich heritage of hard working Australians, a legacy that remains integral to the tapestry of our modern culture. Dairy farming is an essential component of the Australian economy, generating $4billion through the farm gate in 2011/12, and creating employment for an estimated 50,000 people on farms, in manufacturing and other directly related industries. (Dairy Australia Annual Report 2011/12)

13. National Boycott of Coles & Woolworths July 2012

Media release 16th July 2012
The National Boycott and Rally in support of local food producers

From the 20th of July 2012 thousands of Australians will stand together and boycott “Coles and Woolworths” on the 21st, Awareness rallies will be held all over the country, to demand not only a fair go for our farmers and growers but just as importantly honest labelling to empower the people’s ability to also support “Australian made” across the board.

The duopoly of Coles/Woolies has become so powerful with some 80% of the grocery market, their thirst to increase their share is having an adverse affect on our struggling producers and in fact the price of our weekly shopping bills.

This action is not about trying to undermine big business; it is about securing our fresh food future, jobs for our children, ensuring the protection of the farm and to demand the accountability that should accompany any Australian business that has such a huge slice of the pie.

“100 billion dollars in profits removes any excuse they may think they have to undermine and ride rough shot over hard working local farmers and producers”.

Imported food does not meet the standards of our local produce and destroys jobs and our food security at all levels.

While our families on the land struggle to make ends meet on a meagre 5 cents in every dollar that is spent over the counter of these huge grocery outlets, it is simply un-Australian that they would dare demand these hard working families fund a pricing war between them, out of their inadequate 5 cents.
Making matters even worse, is the fact that dirty tactics have become part and parcel in some negotiations between producer and these grocery giants, which has resulted in the closure of so many farms and growers already.

Demanding a fair go to secure the future of fresh produce and the ability for consumers to make an informed choice at the checkout, should be supported by any Australian business, begging the big question, why isn’t it?

I highly suggest all Australians take the time to research for themselves this very import issue, and stand in support of our children’s future and a fair go.

Mark Aldridge

14. Audit The RSPCA

For many years the RSPCA has been a voice for animals and hundreds of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly under its banner to save and re-home orphaned domestic pets and horses.

In recent years the organization has spent massive amounts of money on anti-farmer propaganda and other politically motivated activities that take away from the RSPCA's core mission.

The RSPCA is still accepting donations from the community and state government that are given on the basis that they will be spent on caring for orphaned domestic pets and not political lobbying.

15. Save the animals of Devon

I am writing about the proposals to build a new town called Cranbrook near where I live. If you do this, millions of animals, birds, insects and even people will lose their homes and livelihoods. I know that it is now far too late to stop the building, but it is not too late to reduce the plans to half the size. This is the flood plains that you are about to build on so your building work will only be destroyed if there is a flood, which there is a high risk of.

This is supposedly to reduce homelessness and to increase the number of people employed, but it will actually destroy more employment by destroying the farmers’ land and the forest where the forest rangers work. If we do need more business jobs, old buildings can be reconstructed and reused wherever possible. As for the homeless issue, I feel that the right way to deal with this would be to reuse old homes wherever possible and to reduce household costs.

Haven’t you ever taken the time to observe and try to understand the beautiful wildlife that live there? The wonders of nature should teach you why it is so important that you reduce the planned area to around half its size. Trees are vital for our survival as they produce life-giving oxygen as well as providing a home to the unique British wildlife.

Unless you at least reduce the planned area, you will never be forgiven by the environmentalists. There may be protests outside the Council houses, letters of hate and disgust, and maybe even economic boycotts of this county. I will not support the Council in any way until you reduce the plans and unless you do so, I for one will never forgive you".

This was how my letter to the Devon County Council read. Unless I get enough signatures here, beautiful innocent wild animals will die.

16. Reduce damage to wildlife in Devon

Picture a beautiful scene of nature and fields providing a home to millions of animals and birds. Imagine that this is also a home and livelihood for farmers and provides jobs for many other people too. There is such a place near where I live and now the Council wish to build a town here called Cranbrook.

Unless I get enough signatures here, they will be building to their original plans, and destroying the homes, jobs and livelihoods of both wildlife and people with bulldozers. While it is far too late to stop the building altogether, it is not too late for the Council to reduce their plans to build here. This would also be dangerous since they plan to build homes and other buildings there on the flood plains.

They say that this is necessary to reduce homelessness and to create jobs, but this is untrue because homelessness can be reduced by turning suitable old buildings into houses and work buildings, as well as reducing the housing costs. How would you like to be a wild animal and have your home destroyed for "economic reasons"?

17. Break up the FDA

The FDA was originally founded during a time when consumable products were not always what they seemed. During that time, before big pharmaceutics or large farms were even dreamed of, the two combined- food and drugs- was not an issue. Now, it is.

Food and drugs are two completely separate things. One is a necessity for life and the other is for health and improvement of the human body. These two things being one means less control over either part and more power to the heads of this entity. It cannot keep itself straight for all the grand amounts of information that must be kept straight. It has shown its loss of potency and power the last decade as it passed fatal drugs for us to consume and allows new breeds of plants to be promoted with little prior inspection.

It has become the lap dog of big seed companies such as Monsanto (search for bills H.R. 875, H.R. 2741, and H.R. 759) and large pharmacological companies (look up Posicor and Lipitor for more). They also spend our money trying to ban natural foods and supplements while letting unnatural drugs continue to harm and kill.
Please read and sign this petition. Our food (as it comes to us), our agriculture (the way our food is grown and produced), our medical and surgical devices (from a new scapula design to a new form of radiation treatment), and drugs should be treated as separate and unique processes and should, therefore, each have their own bureaucracy.

18. The Faces of Our Food Supply

There are approximately 400,000 children and youth working in agriculture in the U.S. The majority of these are foreign-born and without parents, access to health care, and suffer regular food scarcity.

These children and youth lack access to a regular, stable residence to obtain an education.

These children and youth fear the loss of temporary shelter and food, and therefore do not frequently report labor abuses.

19. Saskatchewan "Day of the Honey Bee"

Honey Bee populations all over the world are mysteriously dying and scientists do not understand why. There are many theories ranging from microbes, pesticides, genetically modified crops, to cell phones, to mites, to radiation not to mention water and air pollution. Why are so few concerned by this??

Bees are responsible for the production of a large majority of our food crops. WE EAT VEGGIES BECAUSE OF BEES!!!

Albert Einstein predicted that if something eliminated bees from our planet, mankind would soon perish.
We need to raise awareness of this problem - WHY ARE THE BEES DYING? The Honey Bee feeds the entire world and The Honey Bee is in trouble. All over the world they are dying from unknown causes (Colony Collapse Disorder). There are many theories but we just don't know. Some sources suggest that up to 70 percent of the food crops are pollinated by Honey Bees!!

If the honey bee Dies, There will be BILLIONS more starving people!

I propose that the City of Saskatoon and the people therein recognize May 29, 2010 as the first annual day of the Honey Bee to help raise awareness of CCD.

20. Coles and Woolworths stop destroying Aussie companies and Aussie farmers

Coles and Woolworths do not want to support Australian companies.


Coles and Woolworths are using deceptive conduct against Australians by forcing 100% Aussie owned companies off the shelves which keep grocery prices low so they and all the foreign owned companies operating on their shelves can import dangerous products from overseas.

These overseas products are loaded with a huge markup to make the most money possible for their shareholders.The Australian product price is raised to keep the customer buying foreign which is cheaper for the supermarkets bottom line while at the same time destroying all Australian companies.





Do you notice the destruction caused by foreign owned companies who do not buy from Aussie farmers.They are responsible for the high grocery prices because they destroy 100% Aussie owned companies which keep grocery prices low because they buy local.

Every purchase of a 100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED product keeps money in AUSTRALIA for AUSTRALIANS.

Every purchase of a FOREIGN OWNED product destroys Aussie companies and jobs and sends the profits OVERSEAS to FOREIGN CORPORATE OWNERS.

21. New Combined Downtown Davenport Community Farmers' Market

Two existing farmers markets current operate on down town levee area of Davenport, Iowa.

RiverCity Farmers Market, operates on the westside of the parking lot, which is headed by Luann Cedillo and a board of three others.

Mississippi Valley Growers Association, operating on the eastside of said parking lot, wich is headed by Jane Weber and a board of seven others that is self-perpetuated.

Neither of these markets allow their vendors to vote on issues that affect them or to even be at meetings that pertain to them.

Vendors are only notified of any said rules of change until board feel it necessary to let them know.

22. Make Global Trade Fair - time to be fair to poor countries!

Millions of impoverished farmers are being exploited on a daily basis by major coffee roasting companies. These companies pay minimum prices for coffee beans grown yet post large profits annually. This petition is asking the major coffee roasters to Make Trade Fair by paying the coffee farmers more for their coffee beans so they can afford to support their families, send their children to school and receive adequate health care.

23. Reduce Speed Limit on Buckshoal Road (SR 601)

Buckshoal Road is a rural country road that starts at it's intersection with Highway 58, in Halifax County, and ends at Arron's Creek where it crosses the county line into Mecklenburg County. This road has had a history of suto accidents, some resulting in death. Speed seems to be the major factor in all the acidents that have occurred on the Road. Many people use this road to attend church, or communte to work. Farmers use this road extensively, child play near this road daily. Bicyclists and horesback riders also use this road. We the undersigned formally request that speed limit be restricted and enforced to 35 miles an hour on the complete route of the road. This is a safe speed for this dangerous and winding road.

24. A Call to Action: HALT CPF Use by the Tobacco Industry, it kills 150,000 Americans each year!

The American Computer Scientists Association has discovered that ALL Tobacco grown in cheap "Calcium Phosphate Based Fertilizers" (CPFs), which were adopted for Tobacco fertilization in use since the late-1940's, contain sufficient radioactive Polonium 210 isotope in them to be the agent responsible for the nearly 100% tumor (benign and malignant) rate found among almost all smokers, leading to the vast majority of Smoking-related Lung Cancer that occurs in later life. The rise of Smoker's Lung Cancer in the 50's, 60's and after mirrors the usage of CPFs by the Tobacco Farmers.

A glitch in the human bio-physiology allows Nicotine in Cigarettes to promote these cancers by blocking "apoptosis" and "apopto-genesis": that normally removes damaged tissue, replacing it, but in the Lungs of Cigarette Smokers and Passive Smoke victims it is inhibited by Nicotine. Over 1.5 million people die every year of cigarette smoking related Lung Cancer globally, 150,000 IN AMERICA ALONE. Lung Cancer is a slow, painfully traumatic disease that results in death.

To HALT the progression of Lung Cancer from smoking, the Tobacco Farmers and Tobacco Industry must REPLACE CPFs and use only Safe Fertilizers in growing Tobacco, and CLEAN up the polluted lands of the Growers...

25. Halt Tobacco-related Lung Cancer! End the Use of Polonium 210 bearing Fertilizer: Calcium Phosphate!

The American Computer Scientists Association has discovered that ALL Tobacco grown in cheap "Calcium Phosphate Based Fertilizers" (CPFs), which were adopted for Tobacco fertilization in use since the late-1940's, contain sufficient radioactive Polonium 210 isotope in them to be the agent responsible for the nearly 100% tumor (benign and malignant) rate found among almost all smokers, leading to the vast majority of Smoking-related Lung Cancer that occurs in later life. The rise of Smoker's Lung Cancer in the 50's, 60's and after mirrors the usage of CPFs by the Tobacco Farmers.

A glitch in the human bio-physiology allows Nicotine in Cigarettes to promote these cancers by blocking "apoptosis" and "apopto-genesis": that normally removes damaged tissue, replacing it, but in the Lungs of Cigarette Smokers and Passive Smoke victims it is inhibited by Nicotine. Over 1.5 million people die every year of cigarette smoking related Lung Cancer globally, 150,000 IN AMERICA ALONE. Lung Cancer is a slow, painfully traumatic disease that results in death.

To HALT the progression of Lung Cancer from smoking, the Tobacco Farmers and Tobacco Industry must REPLACE CPFs and use only Safe Fertilizers in growing Tobacco, and CLEAN up the polluted lands of the Growers...

26. Demand release of José judged for non-violent action of destroying transgenic rice plants

In the audience of appeal held in Montpellier, France, on November 22 and 23, 2001, the prosecutor pronounced very harsh punishments (prison sentences) against 3 French farmers judged for having neutralized, in June 1999 with Indian farmers, plantations of transgenic rice plants in a greenhouse of the CIRAD (Centre International de Recherche en Agriculture pour le Développement International Research Centre for Agriculture). The objective of this action was to seek public debate on a research program on transgenic rice.

The plants of rice were to be transplanted in Camargue, a nature reserve of world interest. The tests were designed to measure the productivity of a genetically manipulated variety of BT rice which produces its own systemic insecticide against the pyrale, and contains as gene marker a gene resistant to antibiotics. By destroying these rice plantations the Indian and French farmers wanted to protest against genetic manipulation of plants which put in danger their culture and their way of life.

For that demonstration of non-violent action, the prosecutor imposed 8 months of imprisonment against José Bové and a less harsh punishment for Dominique Soullier, Confederation paysanne's chairman for this French department. The court will make its final decision judgment on December 20, 2001.

But what is really being judged here?
For a number of years, seed and agribusiness transnationals have been trying to control the world market of seeds by using manipulated transgenic seeds to achieve this goal. The possibility of patenting discoveries on genes, the most elementary constituents of life, opens possibilities of realizing huge profits. These technologies strengthen farmers' dependence on the transnationals' inputs (seeds and pesticides). For these firms any delay in the distribution of their transgenic seeds is equal to financial loss. Thus any popular movement or any Farmers' Union that tries to prevent them from enslaving the world has to be destroyed or marginalized.

Greed and power ignore borders. French companies, just like other international firms, participate to this new 'golden seeds' rush. They lobby French scientific institutions to concentrate their work in genetic engineering while claiming that France should not delay its participation in this GMO commercial war.

Sad argument! If in France, like almost everywhere in the world, farmers and citizens fight against GMO, it is not a question of anti-patriotism or obscurantism. The problem is that this technology :

- allows the seed and agribusiness transnationals, thanks to patents on life, to deprive farmers of their ancestral right to plant their own seeds. Patents transform peasants in 'bio-pirates' if they plant GMO seeds without paying high royalties every year.
- is only a 'do-it-yourself' technology because honest researchers are still unable to explain scientifically the manipulation they are carrying out in their laboratories. They recognize that they do not master the result of their experiments and that they do not understand the complexity of genes interactions (for the moment it is only about a blind bombardment of genes on the chromosomes of reproductive cells whose result is totally unpredictable);
- has potentially irreversible hazards. It endangers biodiversity, animal and human health. For the moment there is terrible lacks of independent evaluation of the damages GMOs can cause to the environment. Those surveys are not carried out mainly because they are too long and too expensive, and because nobody seems willing to pay for them !
- is rejected massively by consumers when they are informed about its potential dangers on biodiversity and human health;
- whose short and medium-term economic interest for farmers both from rich and poor countries has yet to be demonstrated;
- will not contribute to solve malnutrition and reduce famine in the world which are not the result of a global shortage of food but rather of an unequal and unjust social and political system of distribution.

This hostility toward GMOs is a message addressed to politicians and researchers: public research and public money should not be invested to support private interests and make quick financial profits. On the contrary, public search should increase common knowledge, freely accessible to any scientist, and prevent technological risks.

Is French justice going to put in prison activists who contributed by their actions of passive resistance to alert politicians, citizens and researchers on the dangers of the GMO?

Justice is supposed to be administered in the name of the people. Supporting the actions of the Confederation Paysanne's activists, two of them being José Bové and Dominique Soullier, the signatories of this text ask that the activists who contributed to alert politicians and open public debate on the potential risks of GMOs not be punished for their action. We are opposed to the imposition of a prison sentence aimed at repressing this international movement against biotechnologies. Referring to the recent decisions of British courts for similar acts of GMO's neutralization, we ask that the court order the release of these activists on December 20 of this year.

I agree to sign the text to "Demand of release for the farmers charged for the non violent action of June, 1999 in the greenhouses of the CIRAD "