#Public Safety
Ontario Provincial Police G20

There have been many times when the O.P.P has called for tow trucks to assist in situations where there is danger to the public due to a traffic hazard, whether it be broken down vehicle or an accident.

During those times, the Tow Truck Drivers are depended upon to remove any vehicles off the road to a safe location so the safety of the public is the first to be taken into consideration.

To get the drivers that drink and drive off the road before any casualties are caused, these individuals (Tow Truck Drivers) dedicate themselves to help the police find the impaired drivers and make our highways safe for the rest of the public.

The O.P.P. will be encrypting their systems starting in June 2010. By doing so, they will be blacking out any media and tow truck drivers amongst many to listen to the scanners.

The prospect of a blackout is causing anxiety to those who routinely monitor police, fire and ambulance calls, including media outlets and independent tow-truck drivers. For suddenly stranded motorists, it may mean a longer wait for a tow – and for drivers stuck behind a stalled vehicle or an accident, a longer backup.

This will not only cause a hazard to public safety but also, will hurt more than a thousand families who's livelihoods are dependent on the money generated from these tow trucks. Media and tow trucks don't do the public harm, they are there to help the public.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Do not encrypt the systems for the OPP as it will do more damage than good. Let our Tow Truck Industry make the money and help keep the public safe at the same time.

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